Eat at taipei offers a variety of classic Taiwanese street snacks such as Vermicelli with Oysters & Pig's Intestines, Tainan "Coffin" Toast, and Taiwanese Spicy Braised Beef Noodles. The restaurant's Bento Sets & Set Meals offer diners a variety of popular Taiwanese delicacies one compact and affordable package. continue reading
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Snacks Set Menu available from 1500 to 1700 daily
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11:30 - 22:00
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Pork Free
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Signature Dishes
Vermicelli with Oysters and Pig's Intestines Taiwanese Spicy Braised Beef Noodles. Noodle Soup with Minced Pork
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For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/03/eat-at-taipei.htmlPrices, I would say is not cheap in comparison with other stalls like Shilin and food court stalls. But the taste here is different from what we have tasted, and clipping in with bringing the popular dishes available various night markets of Taipei, makes the prices a little more worthy.We had the nourishing soup, Taichung Night Market Ginger Duck Soup (台中中华夜市姜母鴨湯 - $6.90). As obvious as its name, Taichung Night Market is sure to have this nourishing soup if you are in Taipei and craving for it without searching high and low all over.Taiwanese Street Snack, Shilin Night Market Vermicelli with Oyster & Pig’s Intestine (士林夜市大肠蚵仔面线 - $9.90). For those who had tried before in Singapore, most would be either just the pig intestine or oyster with the vermicelli only. I always head to Ah Zhong Mian Xian in Taipei because it serves Pig's Intestine Vermicelli!Another popular snack in Taipei and also in Singapore, Keelung Night Market Oyster Omelette (基隆庙口夜市蚵仔煎 - $9.90). While this is also a popular delicacy in Singapore, it is different in cooking style. Singapore served the omelette in more like a scrambled type, but Eat at Taipei served the omelette like a pizza-style.One of the popular Taiwanese Stir-Fried Snacks, Poached Savoury Chicken (鹽水雞 - $16.90). We had both of the choice of selections, one in Mala Spicy Sauce and another in Spring Onion Sauce. This dish is served cold on the tender chicken meat, and although I'm really a person who can take in a lot of spices, Mala Spicy version is more to my liking. I love the subtle taste of sourness and spiciness combination, and it opens up my appetite to grab for a few more pieces.One of the Taiwanese must-have for rice, Nantou Taiwanese–style Braised Minced Pork Rice (南投卤肉飯 - $10.50). The kind of Braised Minced Pork Rice in my perspective is a bowl of rice, with half an egg and whelm with lots of braised minced pork. Eat at Taipei added in additional ingredients such as floss and shrooms. Overall was great, but I would still prefer my bowl of rice to be drenched with the braised mince meat, indulging in the sweet gravy!‘Jiu Fen’ Taro Balls (九份芋圓 - $5.00) is a bowl of hot dessert. I would prefer to describe it as warm as there is no need to wait for it cool down, and you can literally drink from the bowl. It taste like a typical red/green bean soup, sufficient of sweetness and chewy colored taro balls.Another bowl of dessert, but this time a cold one, and is also the recommended dessert, Special Mango Snow Ice (香甜牛奶芒果雪花冰 - $8.90). Definitely a must-have for mango lovers. It's a big bowl of shaved ice, and Eat at Taipei besides being generous with the ice, they also dished in a lot of mango sauce, extremely sweet mango chunks, and squishy mango "roes"?For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/03/eat-at-taipei.html continue reading
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Level2 2014-11-24
If you like Taiwanese street foods and their snacks, you may not want to miss Taiwanese rice and noodles located here!  Personally I have been to Taiwan and tried some foods and snacks, the taste was awesome! Now, I could conveniently tried the Taiwanese foods here!Milk Snow Ice with Assorted Fresh fruits - $8.90It tasted like ice cream. However, it melted in your tongue, and it tasted sweet!Special Mango Snow Ice - $8.90I would recommend this for the ones who loves sweetness. I like Mango, but it's a bit more sweeter.Taiwanese style fried rice - $10.50I love this fried rice. It has the similar taste at Taiwan Shilin Night Market. Awesome!Nantou Taiwanese braised minced pork rice - $10.50This, too, has a aroma taste of Taiwan Shilin Night Market food. Especially the braised pork, it is super delicious and yummy! continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-23
Lunch settled simply at Eat @ Taipei today - the branch at Chinatown Point. I have been to this Taiwanese restaurant at least thrice before - its exterior flanked by colorful neon-lit tiles announcing its presence boldly.The interior is dimly lit but spacious, and the service staff strive to provide amicable service. The food here is not fantastic overall, though there are a couple of items worth a shot or two.I had the Herbal (Dang Gui) Duck Soup Vermicelli (SGD$10.50), more commonly known as "mee sua". The soup looked thick but the taste of the "dang gui" herb was rather weak, or maybe I am used to having the homecooked one thicker / richer in flavor. The duck was rather tender, but disappointingly the "mee sua" literally "bee hoon", coarse and thick.Next, the Coffin Toast (SGD$10.50) with seafood soup - prawns, squids, etc. I'd say that the ingredients were rather generous, and the toast was rather crispy. The creamy soup was light in taste - lacking in the sweetness of the seafood it encompasses, but delightful enough.We shared a Crispy Fried Chicken Chop (SGD$8.90) - that was not crispy or tender at all. Texture and flavor was rather lackluster - to be frank, a piece of $4.90 fried chicken chop from those local Shilin stalls at shopping mall basements taste better.For full review and more photographs, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/11/lunch-at-eat-taipei-restaurant.html continue reading
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A great place for snacking and main meal taking, authentic Taiwanese street food was sold here. Unique concept of the restaurant was impressive, the space was not too big and quite packed in fact. We did not have to wait long to be seated, service was prompt although it seemed a bit short-handed. After settled down, we started to browse Menu.I ordered a bubble tea and signature Taiwan delight. Fatty ratio on pork was just nice, soft tender without any greasy feeling. Infused with much savoury fragrant gravy, egg and meat was deliciously filled my whole mouth. Coupled with pipping hot rice, this dish was simple and straightforward. Spring onions and veggies put on top to add some crunchiness, they matched with each other. Don’t worry about the price, it was rather affordable. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-27
Was initially quite looking forward to this Taipei cafe when I heard of the opening in Chinatown Point and was excited to give it a try. As there are near to none taiwan food cafes in Singapore that is nice and authentic or at least near the taste, so I was hoping this one will prove to be the first. But, I was to be greatly disappointed! The food was nowhere like the taiwan counterpart and even worse than other cafes that I tried before.The spring onion pancake was a huge disappointment. It tasted like those frozen roti prata from supermarkets, I am really appalled as to why this can be called a spring onion pancake. It is not even near the taste of the most average spring onion pancake in Taipei. Of course, I know I cannot compare with those that I have eaten in Taipei, for it is always different when these food enter the overseas market, to cater to the local market. But still, it could have been better!Next up was another major disappointment... oyster omelette with bean sprouts and spring onions, this is the first time I ever seen something like that that calls itself a oyster omelette! Speechless!The crispy fried chicken chop was so so too, but acceptable. It is just like any normal fried chicken. Till now, I guess I have to lower my expectations for this cafe. If I want to be fussy, this too cannot make it.Lastly, the dessert Jiufen Taro Ball was worst!! Diluted and with a small amount of ingredients, I can't even taste any taro taste in the dessert! In conclusion, I think only the bubble milk tea passes the test!! I admit my expectations of my favourite taiwan food is high, but I feel this cafe does not even serve the basic standard of taiwan food. Such substandard "taiwan" food at not that cheap prices...; for those who have ate at this cafe, but have not been to Taiwan before, not to worry... these same food in Taiwan definitely does not taste like this! continue reading
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