Eat at Taipei offers a variety of classic Taiwanese street snacks such as Vermicelli with Oysters & Pig's Intestines, Tainan "Coffin" Toast, and Taiwanese Spicy Braised Beef Noodles. The restaurant's Bento Sets & Set Meals offer diners a variety of popular Taiwanese delicacies one compact and affordable package. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Vermicelli with Oysters and Pig's Intestines Taiwanese Spicy Braised Beef Noodles Noodle Soup with Minced Pork
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Level3 2015-05-10
Recalled the two not so satisfying dining experience at both their Chinatown Point and this JCube outlet a couple of years back. Returning again at the request of my dining partners who wanted to check this place out.Here comes the food for our dinner.Iced Yuzu Green Tea 冻柚子绿茶 (S$4.50)A refreshing and yet not too sweet drink.Iced Lychee Tea 冻荔枝花茶 (S$4.50)Didn't expect it to come in this colour. The taste is quite good with lychee fruit in it.Azuki with Milk Ice-Blended 红豆牛奶沙冰 (S$5.50)Azuki was soft but couldn't really taste the milk. Would have been better if the milk taste is a little stronger.Taiwanese-style Fried Rice 台式炒饭 (S$10.50)A rather tasty dish. The disappointment is that the rice is too soggy.Taichung Night Market Vermicelli in 'Dang Gui' Herbal Duck Soup 台中中华夜市当归鸭肉面线 (S$10.50)Very strong 'dang gui' and herbal taste making the soup flavourful and with the tender duck meat, this is one of the better dish tonight. The soup is a tad oily though.Tainan Vermicelli in Sesame Oil Chicken Soup 台南麻油鸡面线 (S$10.50)Well, this is really too oily probably due to the sesame oil. Chicken was tender but the vermicelli wasn't the soft type that my dining partner prefers. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-13
For people who wish they were in Taiwan should head to Eat @ Taipei for some Taiwanese cuisine and vibe.The restaurant at Jcube boost some pretty decent decor with wooden chairs and oriental lightings. Their tables are also decorated with a map of the Taipei metro system.Anyway when you are having Taiwanese food, its only right if one orders milk tea! Its quite interesting that the milk tea is served in a plastic cup, unlike the usual glasses or mugs restaurants use. Exudes the Taiwan street feel. I always think of crispy chicken when Taiwan comes to mind. The chicken is o-k. But could have been more flavorful in my opinion.Had the Fried Fish Fillet with Egg and Tomato bento set. They didn't offer much choices for the bento so i ended up getting that though its with tomato sauce. Still it's still quite palatable. Though quite expensive if you compare it with their other items.The food and drinks are okay~, but doesn't really warrant a second visit unless i am really craving for some TW food and this is the nearest restaurant. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-16
Although I've never been to Taiwan before, I always have a thing for Taiwan food, especially their local street snacks! Eat at Taipei is able to settle my cravings issues! The restaurant is located right next to the ice-skating rink at JCube and it's a lovely place to chill with some friends and relax. I've been looking out for places that sell coffin toast in Singapore and this is the main reason why I've visited this place! So I've gotten the Tainan Coffin Toast ($9.90) which is their signature dish. The bread is first cut and hollowed then fried, then filled with really savoury fillings of seafood chowder alike. The consistency of the filling was creamy and yummy but it could be improved with more flavours. The bread was perfect and not too oily for my liking. The Milk Tea ($3.50) was awesome! The pearls are really chewy and the blend was of a good ratio. My buddy who went along with me ordered the Oyster Omelette ($8.50), which is quite expensive compared to what we can get at local hawker stalls or food courts. Because of the price, we were expecting something more but it turned out a disappointment. It tasted fishy and very corn-starchy and also a little way too greasy. Definitely not something I'd recommend. Brushing disappointments aside, I went ahead and placed a dessert order. I've gotten the Passion Fruit Shaved Ice ($7.90). I've had many shaved ice desserts around the country and never had anything like this for a long while! The shaved ice was smoothly presented with colorful cheerful syrups and passion fruits mixed. The caviar-like pearls that came with it really gave some good exciting burst of flavours. A must try! I would even pay a few more dollars for this. The restaurant also offers other variety of popular Taiwanese snack offerings including bentos and soups and more. They have a really nice website too. Overall, I would definitely return again to try out more! continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-24
Passed by this restaurant which is next to the ice skating rink. Sometimes quite packed during lunch time but at 4+ there is no queue, so decided to try it. Ordered the sesame oil chicken vermicelli. The soup is very oily and seems like the entire vermicelli is soaked in OIL. The soup or OIL is served luke-warm with some sides which doesn't taste good either. It is too greasy and i couldn't finish it. The mango ice was slightly better with generous amount of mango flesh and jelly. Well at least this mango dessert was used to wash down the greasy chicken vermicelli. continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-21
Never been to Taiwan before, yet heard alot about the variety of Taiwan street snacks and how good they are from friends who always go to Taiwan for hols And hence, we went to dine at 吃在台北 (yes I know, those from Taiwan is still better, but this is Singapore). Besides our main - which was noodles, we ordered 3 other sides - fried chicken cutlet, oyster omelette and the coffin bread. I was very intrigued by the coffin bread - first time seeing and eating it. Very unique taste. Didn't like the oyster because it had a rather fishy taste. The chicken cutlet was good! continue reading
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