Arriving by Bus: #123/143/587/590/598, Bustop Name: Orchard Plaza, Bustop No.: 08137. Arriving by Train: Somerset MRT. Nearest Carpark: Orchard Central continue reading
Started in 2009 by the people behind Awfully Chocolate, Everything with Fries baked all breads from scratch and use only fresh meats and sauces in the burgers. Apart from burger classics and unique burgers, Everything with Fries also have a wide range of handmade desserts. continue reading
Opening Hours
Mon - Sun
11:30 - 15:00
18:00 - 22:30
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Signature Dishes
The One Egg Soup The Slider Wild NZ King Slider
Review (30)
Level2 2015-02-08
I was strolling inside Orchard Central when I found this fast food restaurant that was crowded with youngsters. I thought why not give it a try since it was loved by many people. Btw, Everything With Fries or EWF is a fast food restaurant that serves mostly burgers and fries. They also sell desserts but I wasn’t in the mood for something sweet. For my dinner, I decided on the EWF Super Burger (meal) ($11.90++) which was kind of mehhh. The bun was pillowy but I would like it better if it was a bit crispy. On the other hand, the meat was quite burnt so it was a little bit bitter. AND no, it wasn’t juicy at all. I was so grateful that I ordered the meal one as the Barbecue French Fries was lovely. It was seasoned greatly, crispy, and thinly cut. It was a decent finger food. While the burger was disappointing, I was satisfied with the Barbecue French Fries. Next time, I’m just going to order the French Fries.www.nonatukangmakan.com continue reading
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Everything With Fries has several outlets In singapore: orchard central, bugis and holland village. The menu at orchard central is different from the other two, it specialises more on burger sets (fries and drink) than main dishes. I ordered a Slider meal with garlic fries and ice lemon tea @$11.90. An ala carte burger is $8.90 and since an add on is additional $3, why not?  The slider burger consists of beef(minced beef), bacon, mushroom and cheese between two buns. The ingredients in it reminds me of Burger king swiss burger, perhaps due to the combination of all the ingredients. The burger looks more like a hot dog bun compared to the typical round buns. The burger is nice and they are quite generous with the fillings. However, it will be better if they included tomatos or lettuce in the burger. The garlic fries are nice but quite soggy which was quite disappointing, considering their fries should be their specialty.  continue reading
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Came here for the first time, for lunch just to try it out considering I LOVE everything about fries. And the name of the store has FRIES in it so....Anywho, got the Slider with garlic fries. 5 stars for the fries, 2 stars for the burger. The bacon was dry, thanks goodness for the small dash of cheese and sparse mushrooms otherwise I would've chucked the whole thing into the bin (after I finished off the fries of course).The pork katsu... don't order it. Its dry... so just don't. The sour cream and onion fries was okay, the garlic was better.On the other hand, the service was not... courteous. Won't say much about this because it would be apparent to pretty much anyone who frequent the store. But the cashier could use some basic courtesy classes. continue reading
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Level2 2014-06-25
Everything with Fries in Orchard Central is one place in Singapore where there is great fast food like nice burgers. I did not want to go there to eat at first when I looked at the restaurant as I did not prefer fast food. However, after a while, I thought that there was nothing wrong with having burgers and other stuff there. Also, I wanted to have a quick meal as it was getting late. The food at the fast food restaurant could be affordable too. Hence, I headed there to sample the things on offer.  When I stepped into the place, I thought of having only a burger initially. Then, I decided to have more than the burger. At Everything with Fries, anything can come with fries. The fries are special as they are available in different flavours everyday. To me, a burger alone is not enough for a fast food meal. Adding the fries is sufficient to complete such a meal. If that was not enough, I felt like getting a drink as well. A drink is optional but it goes well with the food in a meal. It can quench one's thirst before, while and after eating. I believed that I had a good chance to have the fries and the drink too given the budget I had. Hence, I ordered the set meal which also consists of a soft drink other than the burger and the fries as I thought this was the cheapest option for me. The burger and the fries are served on grease-resistant paper in a black food container. The paper is like the kind used in most fast food chains. Now, on to the burger. It was the tandoori chicken burger I had. The burger bun looks like either a muffin or it is made using cornmeal. Not only is it very crispy, it is also softer and chewier than those from fast food restaurants like KFC and McDonald's. The patty is a chicken fillet that looks like KFC's Roasta fillet. It is bigger and thicker than the Roasta fillet other than tender. The chicken is covered in a sauce that looks like curry in the way that it is orange and contains bits of chilies. It gives the burger a spicy flavour and tastes a bit sweet. The vegetables are fresh. The lettuce and the onions are crunchy. The tomatoes are soft and sweet. The onions not only are a bit sweet and spicy but give a burning sensation that can numb the taste buds as well. Next, the fries I had which are the garlic fries. The fries are very crispy and filling. They are coated with garlic powder which makes the fries look orange red. The powder adds a spicy taste to the fries. This makes the fries flavourful that they can be eaten on its own.Last but not least, the soft drink. I had the sparkling apple drink for the beverage of my meal. It is prepared on the spot by mixing soda water with apple juice drink. The drink is fizzy and refreshing. However, what is disappointing is that there is too much soda water in the drink, so the bitterness of the soda water masks the sweetness of the ready-to-drink apple juice. Hence, it tastes very bitter and a bit sweet. The restaurant has a shelf inside near the counter where people obtain disposable utensils from. This makes things like forks and knives more readily available. It is better than having to go to the counter to ask for utensils which can take a bit of trouble. continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-22
Burgers are coming back with a vengeance. These little stacks of a pseudo balanced meal remain enticing since the early days of McDonalds, but now there are more options. This little pink-and-white space at Everything with Fries offer some pretty good ones. The best part? When all the food joints at Orchard Central are full for the day or closing at nine-thirty, this place still takes orders all the way till ten.I know it looks pretty wrinkly and strange, but it tastes better than it looks. The bacon and patty was not greasy but crisp, and the burger bun was also in its own unique texture rather than the conventional bread. The sour cream fries tasted a semblance of Pringles' sour cream chips, but hey, I'm not complaining. That's my favourite flavour of Pringles!Wings! Super unglam when eating these - withfingers and throwing glamour to the wind - but that's how you enjoy these crispy yummy stuff, right? The golden-brown perfection and well-marinated juicy chicken meat... what more can I ask for? Except bigger and more wings, of course.Nutella Cake with vanilla ice-cream! The epitome of (gluttony) sin, really. Even I found it damn jelat about half-way into this cake. It is layered with thick Nutella goo and even the cake batter is super thick with just pure Nutella and dark chocolate. I cannot imagine how much calories are concentrated in here, but it sure isn't really worth it to eat it all your own. Please share the fats!Full review here: http://www.amiehu.com/2014/06/everything-with-fries-orchard-central.html continue reading
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