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Fish Mart SAKURAYA has a wide range of Japanese foods such as fresh sashimi and yummy hand-made sushi. continue reading
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I went to the Sakuraya restaurant at Anchor Point for lunch. The restaurant has expanded, renovated and is packed. I ordered raw salmon don and kaisen seafood salad. The raw salmon don arrived first and the raw salmon was stale.Next the seafood salad arrived. Each mouthful of seafood salad was like eating a spoonful of salt. I called the manager and told him the raw salmon was stale but that's okay because I am an incredibly not fussy eater. The seafood salad was way too salty and was inedible.The manager apologised and replied this: The salmon is from the sashimi section of the Sakuraya fish mart occupying the same premises. He suggested I ask that the sauce for the seafood salad is separated the next time so it wouldn't be so salty.I requested that he send the seafood salad back to the kitchen or at least tasted the seafood salad since it was mostly untouched. I hoped he would be able to come to a conclusion that there was something completely wrong with the seafood salad. The manager ignored my request. From his reply, he implied that the raw salmon which came with the salmon don was the freshest available since it came from the fish mart. In which case I strongly discourage anyone from patronising the Sakuraya fish mart because the sashimi is stale.From his dismissal and laughter about the plate of salt masquerading as a seafood salad, he implied that the salad was meant to taste like nothing but salt. I'd like everyone to note that you should ask for the sauce to be separated if you order the seafood salad unless you're trying to induce high blood pressure in your fellow diner/enemy so that he/she would suffer a stroke/heart attack. I doubt the salad will be anymore edible with the sauce separated though.Lastly, tap water is chargeable at $1 a cup. The wet towel is also chargeable. I would never ever dine at Sakuraya again. continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-30
The first time I tried clam miso soup.. i mz say... its pretty addictive..Sweet and so fragrant.. n... NOT FISHY unlike most miso soup.We tried the soft shell crab roll (cz I only eat cooked food), rather meaty crab (GOOD) but.. I could taste the mayonaise in the roll.. don't really like thatThe service staff here is also very attentive and quick to recommend you some of the cuts by the cooler A nice cosy homely ambience.. nice place to have decent jap food.. the other dishes here are also as good and rather authentic i guess judging by the no. of Japanese here. Its quiet bustling here, so not for a quiet dine out. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-05
Was craving for sashimi and this is my go-to place when I want to have loads of fresh sashimi! For those who have not heard of Sakuraya Fish Mart, this is a pretty casual restaurant offering yummy Japanese dishes, sushi etc, but what makes them different is their sashimi. Instead of ordering a plate from the menu, you have to go to the cold storage area where they place all their fresh sashimi, from salmon to tako (octopus) to swordfish to uni (sea urchin) and hotate (scallops) etc. You pick the piece that you want (e.g. some salmon slabs are 162g, 174g or 186g and you just see how big a piece you want), pass it to the staff and they'll slice it up and serve it to your table. This only means that you get more sashimi at a cheaper price!! My bf and I shared the salmon & tako sashimi & braised eel in egg soup, and each of us had the rice set ($4). The rice set consisted of rice, miso soup & an appetizer. Miso soup had a decent amount of tofu cubes and seaweed, and the appetizer that day was a cold dish of radish cubes, kelp and sliced carrots. The appetizer was very small but the vegetables had absorbed all the sauce and was very flavourful.Salmon $15 & Tako $8 SashimiThickness of the sashimi was sliced just right and both were fresh. Don't have much to say about this except YUM!! Braised Eel in Egg Soup $12The portion for this was more than enough for 2 persons. It was not soup per se but basically pieces of braised eel cooked in egg. The egg was not cooked fully hence the texture was really nice and soft. The doneness of the egg was perfect! The egg soup was sweet and savoury, which goes really well with rice. In fact, it's one of those dishes that makes you want to eat more rice!It's not my first time here and I'll definitely be going back again and again! continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-28
This restaurant offers set lunches at very reasonable price, all within the range of $10-$20. I remembered they used to be a little dearer. Not that I have any complaint. I like the ambiance of the restaurant, very authenic Japanese. There was a wall size picture of Mt Fuji, very scenic. This appetiser was very nice. If I guessed correctly the chewy meat inside was some type of shellfish.My hubby ordered this tempura soba.This is the Salmon set that I ordered. I thought the plate used to hold the salmon was a little mismatch. They should have used something a little more Japanese. But this didn't affect the taste though. I like the potato salad, very smooth and tasty. The rice was the Japanese type, short fat grain. Hmm... Yummy. I think it only cost $12. Our total bill was only $28+. Good value for money. continue reading
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Level3 2011-11-15
Came here with friend I had a set consisting of cucumber & seaweed salad, mini zaru soba, 3 huge pieces of tempura fish, few pieces of tempura green peppers, miso soup, huge slices of 3 different kinds of sashimi, grilled teriyaki cod, rice & a jelly dessert. for so many item it cost less than $40 & i shared with my best friend generous slices of fish on disproportionately small cubes of rice. Apart from their very sizeable potions,. Each individual item of my set was delicious in its own right.It’s a bit expensive, but when you consider how filling it actually is, it’s actually good value for money& also service is really super goodThey even gave us some mussel for freeOverall i rate 8/0 continue reading
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