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Level4 2020-09-28
https://www.umakemehungry.com/2020/09/fish-soup.htmlWe came across this Teochew Fish Soup stall while searching in the vicinity for simple food after running our errands. The queue lining in from of the stall surprised us even though it was around 5 sharp in the evening. Without further ado, we joined the queue without thinking much about taking a look at other stalls around.We ordered the Red Grouper Fish Soup and I'm kind of alarmed by the plainness from the taste of the soup. The taste of the soup was indeed very simple, bland and without too much of sweet flavourings that we often get from fish soup stall. However, there was a little hint of sole fish taste from the soup. Red Grouper fish was fresh and cooked together with beancurd skin and bitter gourdMinced Meat Fish Soup is an additional item on top of their menu printed on the signboard. I must agree that their fish soup is clear, simple and straight forward with standard ingredients like tofu, vegetables, sliced fish and minced pork meat.The thickness of the cut from the sliced fish is relatively thick and acceptable. With the minced meat added to the soup, I find that the soup is a little more robust than the Red Grouper Fish Soup. I learnt that it was a crowd-pleaser perhaps due to the simplicity in the preparation of the Teochew fish soup. Instead of loading soup with MSG, they have chosen a healthier and natural way for consumers by offering a natural taste from the fish.  The freshness and quality of the fish are of no doubt, its definitely worth the money paid for and that has explained the length of the queue.https://www.umakemehungry.com/2020/09/fish-soup.html continue reading
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Level4 2011-09-26
This stall sells teochew fish porridge and use batang fish.Teochew porridge are different from Hong Kong porridge as it is like rice boiled for a little while in soup therefore the grains are still big like in rice.The batang fish here are very fresh and they sliced it on display with ice so you can see that the fish meat is very shinny and fresh and that's the reason i tried as normally i don't like to eat batang fish but only when i can see that it is very fresh.The porridge is very tasty as it's cooked in rich stocks with tomatoes and ginger slices.They also sell fish otak which is nice but too spicy for me. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)