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Level4 2014-11-18
Remember my previous post on Movember (Read post here), about growing a moustache during the month of November to create awareness in support of Men's health issues? I've found a cafe that fully endorse this good cause!Flee Away Cafe was on my Instagram and I checked my instagram account, @chewyjas hourly (Oops, later my boss think I'm not working) daily so I am sort of curious about their Le Char Kuey which is their specialty.Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/fleeawaycafe On that fateful day, I saw how the staff were promoting on Movember with the props and felt that it might be a good opportunity to give them a visit.There are plenty of these kind of moustache props to play around with and they've also got different designs. Took so much photos even before I start ordering. The bf looking sad. I used a different moustache design on him but he look so sad. I see already also feel sad. Must be too hungry! Stopped selfie-ing and let's see what to order. A very simple one page menu where the food and desserts are all in. No need to headache over what to eat.Le Char Kuey explained! Basically it's the replace of a French Baguette with dough fritter. Very creative right? Le is derived from French and Char Kuey is simply the fried You Tiao in Chinese.Le Char Kuey with Dry Laksa ($15.50). This is marked with chef recommendation. The good thing about eating this dish is that I need not worry about any laksa gravy staining on my nice top! The taste of laksa is not even being compromise and they really put in every ingredients you will find in a real bowl of laksa. Definitely a must-order dish. Thumbs up for the creativity and innovation. Salmon with Capers, Onions and Cream Cheese ($15.50). After eating the one filled with dry laksa, this tend to be more of a safe option. Nothing much to be raved about. Still good though.Irish Cream Mud Pie ($9.50). This is based on the chef's recommendation sign again. Yummy dessert after the meal. It's made of chocolate ice cream with a bit of irish cream liquor and topped with white and dark chocolate flakes. It's yummy but I felt that the price is a bit too high for desserts.The bf feeling happier after eating! The whole cafe gives me a very cozy and happy feeling. Every inch of this little cafe is well decorated with old school items.This sewing machine belongs to my grandma's generation! After eating, you can also shop at their "retail corner". You might just get to find that nostalgic toys that you've been looking high and low for. Maps for tourists are well stashed. Before we left the cafe, found this two cinema seats that were different from the rest overlooking the small road outside. I guess it's great to sometime slow down, take a break and enjoy.Total damage was $40.50 for this meal. This cafe don't charge GST or Service Charges. continue reading
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Bought a groupon voucher $25 for $50 cash voucher at Flee Away cafe. A very interesting concept of cafe meet shop! We are welcomed with a retro storefront, and stepped into a vibrant and well decorated interior. Colors used are loud and bright and they have pretty loads of old school items. It’s a place to reminisce your childhood times!I could say alot of effort is channeled to the decoration of the overall cafe outlook. Every inch of the cafe is well decorated even at the ceiling! Ceiling fan connected with fluffy white clouds. Look, there’s a gigantic orange plane hanging down the ceiling too with small little parachutes!Mirror frames filled with toys or figurines that you have at least come across once or familiarize with during your child hood days!The menu is filled with asian fusion style and involves a good rendition of various local delights. Their signature main dish is Le Char Kuey – with le derive from french and the whole main idea of the dish is simply ‘the baguette’ with fillings. Otherwise Char Kuey is commonly known to us as ‘You tiao’ in chinese. Choices of fillings ranges from asian style to western style such as – all day breakfast filling, chicken bak kwa with crushed crackers, salmon with capers, onions & cream cheese, chicken curry, coleslaw etc! You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice. Other than Le Char Kuey, they have a couple of soup, small bites, salad, pasta and desserts. Also, they have quite an extensive menu for beverages. A variety of coffee, tea, can drinks and milkshakes. Their milkshakes includes flavors varying from fruity to chocolatey to caffeine-y to some other creative creations.Chicken & Turkey Bacon Cream Based ($12.50): Unlike the usual cream based, this version is more of stir fry with cream sauce, rich and aromatic but dont feel gelard after eating unlike some of the cream based pasta.Le Char Kuey with Dry Laksa – Special fillings ($15.50): Awesome dish served with some greens and baked tortilla chips! Toasted char kuey filled with generous servings of dry laksa! And i’m not kidding, it really resemble that of a real dry laksa with eggs, beansprout, tau pok, fishcakes, noodles, all the ingredients you expect to find in a traditional laksa, you’ll find it here in your char kuey too! A piquant and delicious dish!Irish Cream Mud Pie ($7.50): Another worth raving dessert after the meal. Creamy dark chocolate ice cream with tinge of irish cream liquor. Topped with white and dark chocolates flakes to give it the extra crunch.Overall a very satisfying and tantalizing meal experience! Drop by http://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2014/11/06/flee-away-cafe/ for the full review with pics continue reading
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The Sweet Potato Salad kicked off the night, a healthy and refreshing dish drizzled with vinaigrette dressing.The Tau Kwa Salad is a more creative version with crispily toasted tofu nestled among the vegetables.After seeing the third dish, I felt glad that this cafe is indeed quite different from the run-of-the-mill cafes that mushroomed overnight across the island. They had their distinctive edge and differentiate themselves with the interior design and the menu too. Beef Hash Pie Tee is an extension of the Nonya dish Kueh Pie Tee, but with chopped up beef meat marinated in savoury fashion. I didn't pair it with the little pastry shells because it didn't look like there was enough to go around (just being polite on first encounter with the others, with more familiar friends I'll take it with no qualms). The beef was a little dry, possibly because it was prepared well ahead of time and lost its moisture already. Nevertheless, the taste itself was delicious.Le Char Kuey with Dry Laksa takes the crown and is extremely recommended. I would dare say I haven't had such a good sandwich in a cafe before - they always run into issues like dryness/too hard/tasteless/uninteresting/uninspired. This sandwich that Flee Away Cafe does is definitely interesting and gave my tastebuds a little jolt to life. There were springy noodles inside with a hint of spiciness and the familiar laksa taste! I think they will do very well cooking the real thing itself too.This received mixed reviews from my table, some liked it but I found it a little strange. It's meaty crisps that were a little soggy. Thumbs up for the creativity and courage, but taste-wise it's "not very mainstream".Their Waffle with Gula Melaka Pudding is another out-of-the-world creation. The waffle was not exactly the sort with a crispy exterior and fluffy batter, but more had a thoroughly soft and semi-soggy texture, though not in a bad way. The little sago ball cluster on the waffle was slightly weird but hey, don't we keep digging for sago in many desserts like bobo chacha or mango pomelo sago? Now we have all of them grouped together for convenience. It's a little crafty to use coconut milk and gula melaka syrup because in this part of the world, desserts like these rule... even if the presentation seemed rather random. I don't really know what to make out of this, except I polished the plate off. #DessertFanHereThe more popular and mainstream dessert is this: Irish Cream Mud Pie, also the one I will recommend as a safe choice. This mud pie is actually ice-cream cake in disguise, and sprinkled with chocolate flakes and sauce... who can resist? I know I can't.So - the verdict on Flee Away Cafe? I think it definitely makes for a unique cafe hopping experience that doesn't involve the typical bicycle-naked-lightbulbs-eggs-benedict kind of combination, and keeps conversations alive with so many things to look at! Food-wise, go with the Le Char Kuey with Dry Laksa and Irish Cream Mud Pie, and the awesome experience is yours to keep. continue reading
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Level2 2014-08-10
Thank you OpenRice, Nikon Singapore and Flee Away Cafe for hosting the food tasting session for OpenSnap winners and other bloggers on 5th August 2014.When I first received email notification from OpenRice, I have to confess I was intrigued. What a unique name! Why Flee Away and where is this place? I've never heard of this cafe before.When I arrived at the cafe, my questions were answered!Flee Away Cafe brings back a lot of nostalgia and childhood memories - from the store decoration, the toys, the tables and chairs setup, the food and the friendly staff. Though they are not your usual modern and sleek cafe, it brings certain carefree charm and warmth. I felt very relaxed and comfortable dining here.I found out that Flee Away Cafe was just opened in June 2014 and it is located at 70 Dunlop Street. I parked my car at the nearby shopping mall (The Verge) and within a short walking distance, I found this unique cafe along the vibrant colored Dunlop Street.Besides food, Flee Away Cafe sells very interesting toys or collectible items. For example, I bought this miniature classic Volkswagen Vintage Bus for SGD16. It was the last piece left and I took it happily as I'm a great fans of classic Volkswagen vehicles.As I was so engrossed in looking around inside the cafe, I neglected the timing and I managed to try 3 only food as listed below. Opps, Sorry!Le Char Kuey with ColeslawThis is their signature dish. The owner, Lynn, is kind enough to explain to me why she labelled this dish as Le Char Kuey. She said, imagine this dish like a huge dough fritter or "you tiao" stuffed with local delights such as laksa, bak kwa, coleslaw, etc. She wanted to create something unique in Singapore. Fantastics! I think she did it! I simply love the one stuffed with coleslaw fillings, which is fresh, light and extremely tasty. I will still want to order this dish again for my next visit.Irish Cream Mud PieMy interpretation of this type of mud pie can best be described as chocolate and coffee ice cream swirled together. A dessert chef and friend told me that to achieve a balanced taste for this type of mud pie, you need to ensure not to have too much chocolate to overpower the palate. Hence, the Irish coffee component plays an important role to balance everything out. This mud pie is slightly too sweet for my taste bud. However, the pie is worthy if you are a coffee and chocolate ice cream lover. I have to praise the lovely presentation though with the layout and random chocolate drips on the serving plate.Waffle with Gula Melaka PuddingThe waffle was very crispy even though it was quite thick. The sago or tapioca pudding with Gula Melaka syrup is just nice and not too sweet. In fact, it reminded me of my Penang trip many years ago and their famous Gula Melaka Chendol dessert. Yummy, you can't just get enough of this comfort food.Lastly, as my review title suggests, give this Cafe a shot if you wish to flee away from your troubles and enjoy a happy meal. Thank you. continue reading
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Level4 2014-08-06
When I heard about Flee Away Cafe, a cafe with a flee market within, somehow the first image that popped into mind was a large, dim cafe with a tiny flee bazaar within, literally. Hence why when we reached the cafe itself and noticed its pretty, clean-cut and bright interior, it surprised me a little.There were shelves of interesting items on sale though, and tables converted from old-fashioned sewing machines. I guess it is not the first cafe that has a shopfront selling stuffs on display, because I'd patronised a couple with similar concept before too. It makes for dining and shopping at one stop, so convenient!The Le Char Kuey with Chicken Curry fillings (SGD$12.50) was served - together with sides of salad and chips). It was basically dough fritters that could be replaced with Tortilla Wraps, for the more health conscious. There were strips of chicken meat and tiny cubes of potato, in a spicy curry sauce - rather delicious, like eating a crispy dough stick curry puff.The Beau tried the Le Char Kuey with Dried Laksa fillings (SGD$15.50) - served with chips and side salad - another crispy delight with laksa bee hoon within, and some rectangles of dried beancurd (tau pok). It was rather tasty, resplendent with the strong flavor of another local delight.For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/08/brunch-at-flee-away-cafe.html continue reading
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