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FLOR Pâtisserie is a Japanese-styled patisserie serving authentic Japanese inspired French pastry, where you can choose to dine in or to take out. They take pride in using only the freshest and best quality ingredients in our pastries that have been sourced from overseas (Japan, Belgium, and France), and locally. continue reading
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Berry Berries Langue De Chat Marron Pie Napoleon Orange Rare Cheesecake
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When I blogged about Rive Gauche Patisserie earlier, one of my readers asked if I had tried Flor’s Napoleon as it would ‘blow me away’. I did try before. It was good but not good enough to win me over. Especially not when Rive Gauche’s Napoleon is still sitting on the top spot.Flor is a Portuguese word for flower and is pronounced as ‘fu-ro-ru’ in Japanese. My husband looked surprised when I told him that but I guess it’s probably easier for us to just call it ‘flor’ as in ‘flor-ida’.Quality of ingredients is the key element to creating decadent treats at Flor. Even a common ingredient like sugar is also sourced from Japan. According to the chef, Japanese sugar tastes more natural and thus results in better cakes.What I actually like about Flor’s confections is the extensive use of different fresh fruits with vibrant colours that make them look like little pretty pieces of art. It’s truly an art of Japanese cake making and it’s all about the presentation. Best of all, only natural ingredients are used so there’s no trace of any stabilising agent or preservative, not even baking powder.“The soft yet moist quality of FLOR’s cakes is achieved from the natural aeration of eggs being whipped to their full peak, the careful emulsification of melted butter though the expert folding action of the chefs’ hands, and the precise timing and temperature of baking in the oven. Scrumptious yet delightfully healthier pastries made entirely of natural ingredients are what customers can expect from FLOR.”Flor truly lives up to its name as its range of decadent cakes & pastries is like a myriad of colours, just like a flower garden. I couldn’t make up my mind on what to buy but I’m sure I’d get to try everything one day.Neatly packed in a pretty boxMy all time favourite French pastry is the classic Napoleon. I like the extra touch of strawberries and jelly on the top which makes it look pretty on the whole as compared to Rive Gauche’s which is just plain-looking.Unfortunately taste wise, the pastry is a bit overdone (hence darker in colour) so it has a very slight burnt taste to it. The texture was a bit flat for me because the middle sponge and pastry cream are too thick. It’d be nice to have another layer of pastry in between to give it that extra depth. The taste of the strawberry jam on top is too overpowering so the only flavour you get in your mouth with each bite is just jam.This is a slow baked cheese souffle with fresh cream & strawberries and crushed almond butter biscuits at the side. As per Flor’s signature baking style, this sponge is indeed moist and dense, unlike other sponges that are light and fluffy. I like the cream cheese flavour that is not too heavy. Overall, it is not overly sweet and doesn’t make me feel sickly. The only downside is that the blueberries are quite sour.My verdict? Flor’s pastries have this distinctive lightness in flavour that is different from typical heavy French pastries. While I appreciate that Flor doesn’t use baking powder or soda to create fluffy sponges, moist ones like theirs aren’t really my cup of tea when it comes to cakes. To each his own. You just have to try and see.For full review and pictures, please go to http://www.springtomorrow.com/2013/12/29/flor-patisserie-by-chef-yamashita-takashimaya-food-hall/ continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-14
This is my Birthday cake which bought by my bestie! Oh my god! The 1st bite of this cake, I'm totally in love with it!! Then my bestie introduced to this cake shop and I have just discovered a new dessert haunt. They got me the Berry Berries which is a soft sponge that is made traditionally without baking powder nor any chemical raising agent... It is filled with fresh strawberries and luscious cream topped with summer berries and fresh fruits, The flavours were well harmonized, the cake was very soft and moist. Worth a try, but not for everyday eating as they are a little pricey. continue reading
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Flor Patisserie is Japanese-styled patisserie that serves authentic Japanese-inspired French pastries by an experienced Japanese chef.I have read rave reviews about their cakes which are very light and fluffy. I was also impressed to read that they also have very strict standards and quality control for their cakes and each piece is freshly made everyday. With that in mind, I decided to check out the branch at Takashimaya when I made a trip to Kinokuniya last month. I actually had my mind set on trying the Mont Blanc and getting the Langue Du Chat cookies but unfortunately the selection was pretty much limited when I went. According to the salesgirl, it was the Christmas season so they were mostly selling their Christmas range of products. I was disappointed but the salesgirl was very friendly and helpful with my questions which made up for my disappointment. That, and also the fact that I managed to get the last piece of Earl Grey Choco... whew.Earl Grey Choco ($6.95)I have to agree, the cake roll at the base was really very soft and just so fluffy! The slightly crusty edges added a bit of crunchiness to the cake which I liked. The chocolate and Earl Grey taste was delicate but they worked well together. In addition, there was fresh banana in it which added a little extra to the flavour. I was also delighted to find crunchy chocolate bits in it for the added crunch! Despite the variety of ingredients that went into this cake alone, it felt surprisingly light, fresh, and even healthier compared to conventional cakes! Marron Pie ($4.50)At first, I thought the Marron Pie looked a tad greasy in its plastic packaging. But despite this, the pie was just so lovely! There was a buttery fragrance upon opening and the crust was very flakey and buttery as well. The inside was very soft with texture like a muffin and there were real chestnut pieces which I enjoyed! This pie was pretty sweet but not so cloyingly so, at least for me. Totally worth every cent and calories!I'm definitely a coverted fan of Flor Patissierie and I'd recommend giving their cakes and pastries like the Marron Pie a try. Apparently their confections and pastries are made entirely from natural ingredients without any artificial stabilizers, agents or preservatives such as baking powder. It's amazing how their cakes turn out so fresh and delicious! To ensure that you enjoy the high level of freshness and quality of each piece that the chef and outlets painstakingly strive to maintain everyday, it is recommended that you eat the cake on the same day of purchase. I was really disappointed at not being able to try their other items but I'll definitely go back again to try their other range of cakes and pastries! continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-09
One of my fav cake shop. At night before it closes for the day, there is this promotion where all the sliced cakes on display are sold at $10 for 2 pieces. This promotion does not include cheese tarts. Today I have got a Tiramisu cake and a mango pudding. Both taste smooth and creamy. Yummy. Although the mango pudding is a bit soft as if it is melting away. Maybe I should have kept in fridge to harden before eating. continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-21
Flor Patisserie has been my favourite cake shop some time back but with the recent mad popping of new cake shops, it has been filed quite far back under my 'to-eat' list of cake shops. However, a recent visit to Takashimaya made me once again purchase their cakes as the sweet-looking cakes are hard to resist. I have tried almost all of their cakes, so i went back for my favourite and their signatures- the Napoleon and Waguri Millefeuille, both containing the chef's signature puff pastry that i simply adore.With the red jam and juicy strawberry piled on top of the cake, the Napoleon will definitely rob many girl's heart just by the looks of it. It is one of my favourite as i love the complex layers it contain. From the botton up lies the crispy puff pastry, custard cream, light sponge cake, fresh cream with strawberries and finally another layer of puff pastry covered with jam and even more fresh strawberries. This mixture of layers allow the cake to have lots of texture and a very satisfying mouth feel.Next, the Waguri Millefeuille is similar to the Nepoleon cake, just that it is piped with french chestnut cream and topped with some sweetened chestnuts. If you are not a fan of strawberries, you can choose this to enjoy the chef's signature puff pastry.Do take note that this 2 cakes are best eaten on the day of purchase as if left overnight. the puff pastry will turn soggy and lose their crispy factor which will be a shame! continue reading
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