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Review (3)
Level1 2015-12-21
I've been wanting to try Follia for a while now and I finally got to try it last week when I took half day leave from work. I used to take up a telemarketing job at that area when I was younger and all they have is pretty much pizza, thai food and coffee shop. I walked past Follia few months back and got really excited because wow, an italian restaurant at industrial area??! Okay I'm not exactly telling the truth. I actually got excited because I saw the menu displayed outside their shop and spotted mega affordable lunch set #oops #singaporean Can you blame me? Char Grilled Sirloin Steak + soup of the day + a drink at $19.90?!!!! Sorry I'm sold. This was the soup of the day and it was cream based with mega huge yummy clams. I am not a fan of anything related to cream but Vivien loved it.You know how a lot of times you ordered your steak in medium and it comes in medium rare or medium done and it is never just right? Follia actually grasped the doneness of steak just the way we like it so we were really impressed. Oven Baked Fillet of Sea Bass + soup of the day + a drink at $17.90. Where do you find such a deal, really? I honestly feel that this restaurant is so underrated considering their food is actually reasonably good and affordable. So go, pop by during lunch and indulge yourself in a satisfying meal without spending a fortune.Blog: helloitsfaye.blogspot.sg continue reading
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Level1 2015-12-10
This underrated restaurant located at Clover Way, Marymount deserves a mention. Just an uphill 5 mins walk from Marymount MRT, there's a quaint restaurant that serves good italian food at a reasonable price. Their weekday set lunches are extremely affordable! From pasta sets starting from about $8 to promotions on Saturday where they have 2 beers and a pizza for about $20!We dropped by yesterday, on a Saturday afternoon at about 4:30pm. Haha i know, not exactly dinnertime but anyway, the boss gave us a warm welcome and we were seated quickly. After a long time of browsing through their menu (thanks to my indecisiveness), we (finally) ordered Linguine Frutti di Mare ($18.90) - seafood pasta with a tomato base. The pasta has a very genuine seafood taste and the tomato sauce does not overwhelm it. The linguine was cooked to al dente. Absolutely dislike how some other places claim to serve "seafood pasta" but just throw in a couple of tiny prawns and a few small clams, Follia's serving of seafood pasta has generous servings of prawns, mussels, clams and fish. Also had Sirloin Steak alla Griglia ($19.90), it was served with frittata di pasta, rocket salad, tomato & black pepper sauce. We requested the doneness to be medium rare but came to almost well done. Despite that, the steak tasted absolutely tender with the taste of char grilled goodness. For dessert, I highly recommend the panna cota! Blog: http://ofreveries.blogspot.com continue reading
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Level4 2015-06-22
See my full reviews 7 photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/06/22/excellent-italian-food-follia-on-20jun2015/.daughter arranged a father’s day dinner at follia on 20.6.2015.^^ this the 3rd father’s day. wife arranged a 2pax father’s day lunch at kuriya diningearlier, and then a family father’s day dinner at valentino, as wife & youngest daughter were away during father’s day. we started with pane pizza all’ aglio, just S$4.80. it was good as any pizza minus the toppings.the lobster bisque was good, flavourful, and came with mussels, clams, prawn & flower crab. most important the bisque tasted great!flower crab had no meat, the ingredients looked good, but not really important. i was curious that 2 reviewers – one said dislike the mussels the other said they had a bad taste. the mussels were ok for me though. the special crayfish squid ink risotto was very good. really like the flavours of the risotto with good shellfish stock, smooth & creamy. the proprietor told us later though it was butter & no cream. it was especially good with the tomato sauce for the crayfish mixed into the risotto. there were 2 halves crayfish & 2 large prawns.S$35 not really overly expensive for the dish. however i don’t really need to pay for crayfish. i can do my own very well bought from chinatown, at times just S$12/kg. the squidink pasta dish on their menu is good enough for me.^^ i liked the frutti di mare a lot too. it was really an excellent flavoured tomato sauce. the ingredients were also very good. i will definitely take this again. we arrived at 7pm & the place was empty. but by 8pm, it was full left 1 table. a simple but pleasant place & a very friendly proprietor who took photos with us later. i ordered the osso bucco alla milanese as it was the only dish featured on their homepage. & i was not disappointed. it was the same saffron osso bucco dish i had at a riverside restaurant along milan’s navigli district, just as good! the osso bucco was very well done, fork tender, tasty & not sinewy. braised meats are never my favourites though, nothing to do with the dish itself. & the saffron risotto was excellent, and very nice garlic toast too. i do very good pastas (like squid-ink spaghetti and lobster angel hair pasta) & also an excellent seafood risotto myself, but the pastas & risottos here were really good i will come back for more. continue reading
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