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Fosters Steakhouse provides a casual dining ambience in which patrons can savour mouth-watering steaks and great renditions of English classics. Their menu teems with surprises – there is something for everyone. Although steak items make up the sizeable majority, the concept offers a variety of chicken, ribs, seafood and pasta dishes. continue reading
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Carpetbag Steak Chicken ala Kiev Fillet Fantastique
Review (9)
Full Fosters review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/02/fosters.htmlIt's a testament to the fantastic quality of Fosters that they've survived in the constantly evolving and highly competitive food and beverage environment of Singapore for nearly 3 decades. Fosters Restaurant, also known as Fosters Steakhouse Restaurant or Fosters English Rose Cafe, has not only kept up with the times, but may still have a thing or two to school their competitors in the British English cuisine arena.Ambience at Fosters is like a step back into merry olde England. Styled in the tradition of great British English pubs, with dark wooden furniture, cozy layout, and mood lighting, Fosters also has ye olde suit of knight's armour fronting their interior. The outdoor alfresco dining area has lush greenery and a mini fountain providing atmosphere. Perfect for relaxing, and slow conversations over hot meals.Service at Fosters is excellent... if you're served by the senior staff. They are knowledgable, professional, and friendly, able to offer sound advice on menu items, and treat diners as old friends. On the flip side, the younger staff aren't much for conversation, and I had a rather unpleasant experience with an incredulous and awkward reply from one of them. Generally though, service at Fosters Restaurant / Fosters Steakhouse Restaurant / Fosters English Rose Cafe befits service at high-end fine dining establishments, albeit without the premium price tag.Prices at Fosters are rather wallet friendly, ranging from SGD $15 - $50 per dish. Specialising in traditional British English pub grub, Fosters is also a pretty good steakhouse, offering a variety of quality cuts of beef. Dishes are rustic with generous portions, high quality and very tasty, though their belief in scratch preparation means you'll have to wait awhile for your order to be ready. Dining at Fosters is like savouring fine wine, make sure you're not in a hurry. continue reading
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My close friend had been urging me to visit Fosters because he said the scones there are really one of the better ones out there. So on a leisure weekend afternoon, I walked in to this cafe in a quiet little corner of Holland V and was asked if I had made a reservation. I found out that as the place is not big, there are limited seats, so reservations are strongly encouraged. As I didn't make a reservation beforehand, they asked if I mind if I were to give up the table after 1 hour. I am fine with the arrangement so was seated at a cosy little corner with an armed couch. They lined e mock-fireplace w plush toys n it made the place look real cosy. Even with the hot-blazing sun outside, sitting in this dimly lit corner just feels so quaint. This corner double-up as a stage for a live-band at night. There is also an outdoor seating area adorned with hanging & climbing plants, which is a calming sight from inside-looking-out.I ordered the Hi-tea set that includes sandwiches & scones. I suspect the sandwiches were really there to contrast the excellence of the scones. The sandwiches are extremely dry & the white bread has a v rough texture, could do with more substance on the ingredients. Heard later on that we could ask to replace the sandwiches with a scone instead. Do so, you won't regret having one more of those heavenly scones. The scones are unforgettable. With devonshire n butter cream to go along..mm..mmm~They have an all day Happy Hour drink list, 2 drinks for $15. I went for the Affogato w/Bailey's, goes very well with my scones.I finally decided to come back with friends for dinner, so I reserved a table for dinner the same day. We all had a wonderful time and satisfying dinner. continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-15
First look at the soup and you will be thinking shark fin soup? But, this shark fin looking like soup does not contain a single bit of shark fin. This is actually crab meat and chicken soup. This is like a fusion between the Chinese and the Western culture. The texture of the soup is sticky and feels like the traditional Chinese shark fin soup. The taste is not bad and it goes really well with pepper.Lobster here at Foster is really well cooked and delicious. The lobster comes with scallop and mash potato, brinjar, carrots and brocolli. The lobster is a little small in size but the taste is really fantastic as the lobster is fresh and when accompanied with the pumkin sauce, it is just heavenly. The scallops are also perfectly cooked and is fresh hence the dish is really good.The mention of salad and some people may go EWW! But the salad at Foster is really good and the leaves are fresh. Love the slightly sour dressing and the addition of pine nuts and pomelo to the salad. This creates a different texture and flavour to the mundane salad. The smoked salmon is also really thick and delicious with the salad leaves. Baby tomatoes and lettuce are found in the salad too. This plate of vegetables are great if you are considering eating light.Well known as a steak house, Foster definitely has not failed to live up to its name. The steak served here is well cooked according to your specification of how well done you want the beef to be. The portion size is quite good and would surely fill your stomach. The steak comes with roasted vegetables and a yorkshire pudding which is really nice with the sauce from the beef.This decadent chocolate cake is really chocolate-ty and the biscuit base at the bottim of the cake adds a crunch to the cake. This chocolate mouse cake is really AWESOME and would leave and chocolate lover happy and delighted. This chocolate cake is really addictive and paired together with the vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberry and blueberry, this dessert is a nice way to complete the meal. The steak at Foster is also really good and the steak is done perfectly by the chef. continue reading
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Level1 2012-10-08
Tucked away in the corner of Holland is Foster - The English Rose Cafe. Met my best girls there last Sunday for our weekend lunch date! This is one of my favourite places to hang with my friends because of the cozy ambience. Diners can choose to inside the restaurant with the a/c on or dine al fresco outside on the cafe. The cafe has a quaint, comforting feel with kitschy knick nacks like soft toys and even some plush arm chairs for patrons to dine and relax in. At night, the tables are decorated with tiny tealight candles giving the cafe a very pretty glow!I ordered a caesar salad with extra smoked salmon while my friend ordered a chicken pie. We also ordered another basket of fries. The waiters and waitresses were very prompt and attentive in serving us as well! The food arrived within ten to fifteen minutes after we'd ordered. My Caesar Salad was fresh topped with crotons, boiled eggs, bacon and cheese. It was a refreshing and savoury blend. My friend's chicken pie was also very delicious without being too peppery (As some chicken pies can be) and the fries were well-salted and crunchy. For those of y'all who enjoy the occasional Happy Hour drink, you will be pleased to know that as long as Fosters is open, so is Happy Hour! Drinks are $15 for 2. There is a long list to choose from Lychee Martinis and Mojitos. Dare-devils can try the flaming B52 which is literally on fire. All in all, Fosters is a very quaint cafe with a lovely ambience and good food and service -- an English Rose indeed Good: Ambience, service, foodBad: A bit on the pricier sideExpect to spend : $20-35 (per person)Would you go again? YES continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-23
For pictures and full review. pls visit:http://madamechewy.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/fosters-an-english-rose-cafe/My friend insisted that I should visit Fosters to try their scones as they are heavenly. So off we went to Holland Village.Ordered the set lunch which was really value for money. Cost about $18-20 per pax. The set lunch included a fixed soup and dessert and a selection of main courses.The scones are better than TWG and Ritz Carlton Chihuly LongueThe café is packed on weekends, reservation recommended continue reading
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