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Four Leaves is committed to providing innovative and quality bakery products to our customers, they constantly bring in Japanese technical advisors to create new products, and implement stringent quality control. Every product is handmade using only the freshest ingredients. continue reading
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Review (2)
Level4 2014-02-09
There are quite a number of bakeries located at Causeway Point, leaving consumers really spoilt for choices when it comes to bread varieties. I've tried several breads and cakes from all the bakeries here. One of them is Four Leaves, a long-established chain known for their consistently good quality breads and cakes. The Four Leaves branch at Causeway Point is not very big, so the selection of buns offered here can sometimes be a tad limited, at least on two or three times I've been here. But there are usually enough variety in this small but clean and neatly organized outlet to keep me happy!Belgian Waffle ($1.20​)There was a fresh batch of freshly baked waffles when I went so I took the chance to grab one. These waffles certainly taste good when they are just out from the waffles maker. Slightly sweet and crispy on the outside, it is really quite a pleasure to munch on! Recommended especially if you can get them freshly made!Custard Milk Bits ($1.80)These are like mini bread and are very soft and moist with a thin layer of custard in between. These little treats are just right especially if you want something light, although I'd recommend enjoying having these with a nice cup of hot chocolate! Yummy!An Pan ($1.20)I have tried the An Pan (Red Bean Bun) from several bakeries here such as BreadTalk and Mugiya and I personally prefer the one from Four Leaves. The bun is consistently soft and the red bean paste is just the right texture and not overly sweet. Out of the three bakeries, the taste of the An Pan at Four Leaves is the best for me and the portion of red bean paste is also the most plentiful (at least based on the ones I've tried).Coco Exotic ($3.80)The soft sponge cake is layered with light chocolate mousse with bits of crunchy hazelnut in it, topped with a layer of smooth chocolate ganache. Chocolatey and nutty but not too sweet is how I'd describe it. At $3.80, this is more affordable but just as equally tasty as the other cute cakes from bakeries like the Icing Room.Mini World (1 for $0.80, 3 for $2.20, or 5 for $3.30)Top: Brownie, Little Chocolate Danish, Little Double TwistBottom: Little Croissant (Ham & Cheese), Little Chicken HamFour Leaves also has a popular range known as "Mini World" which are basically mini breads. It costs $0.80 per piece for each mini bread but if you get 5 pieces, it is only $0.66 each, which is really quite value for money. There are a variety and a balanced mix of both sweet and savoury flavours like Little Chocolate Danish, Little Hawaiian Ham Pizza, and Little Potato Bacon Bun among others. The breads are quite tasty despite the small size and my personal favourites are mini croissant, brownie, chocolate danish and all the other mini chocolate buns and pastries like the oreo one. My only grouse is that not all flavours are available at all times. In general, I find their breads and cakes here lower priced and more affordable than those like BreadTalk. Four Leaves may not have fancy breads but they make up for it in taste and quality, which has remained consistent throughout the times I've been here. Admittedly though, one thing I would like to see is more new variety of flavours being introduced.I also find the staff here more courteous and approachable, and they are also quite helpful with queries. Look like Four Leaves will continue to remain as my favourite bakery at Causeway Point for time to come. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2012-06-09
I always go to Causeway Point for lunch and always get snacks like cake or bread from Four Leaves. My usual preference is their butter cake or banana cake if butter cake is sold out. I love the nice buttery smell of the butter cake and the smooth texture. It is a good snack to have with coffee. Their butter cake is one of the best in Singapore. It still tasted very good even if you keep it for breakfast the next morning. Recommended. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)