Frozen is bringing the taste of Korea to the very heart of Clementi and also to the hearts of the customers. continue reading
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11:00 - 22:00
Mon - Sun
11:00 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Elsa Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Flake Binsu
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Level3 2015-09-09
Let it Go ! Let it go – its Frozen song appears on the immediate result when you googled “Frozen “. Well, we are not going to talk about Princess Elsa or Snow Queen but it rather what it looks cool and nice with Korean Ice desserts.Frozen Café is a specialized in Korean Bingsu and Pastries.Notice that the logo design of its café name and it’s ambience hue of blue and white are something familiar we found on what was featured in Frozen Movie. In other words,Its café is inspired by Walt Disney Animation Movie of Frozen.I was a little bit of cold when entered its cafe, followedby the ambience, quite cold and quite perhaps that is what the café called as “Frozen”.Here is the menu. What they have ?* OLAF ( Fruit Castle )It represents the entire whole fruits that served with ice cream at the top and cube ice at the below of its fruit castle, probably it is used to keep the entire OLAF and fruits cooler.* ELSAA rough snow flake that with different choice of flavours* Pastry , Bread, and YoYo ( Yogurt ice cream )Are you melted with the Dessert and Pastry ? ! Elsa - Blueberry Cheesecake Ice FlakeLook at the Ice Cream, Is it a sad or happy expression ? Well, i couldn't define it because its Frozen and too cute ! In a price of $17.90, isn't it expensive? It came with a bowl of bingsu, topped with Blueberry cheesecake and milk ice cream. The ear on its ice cream is Coco Crunch.The shaved ice is rough but blueberry was flavoring. The proper way to eat it this is by crashing all the topping together and shown in their youtube displayed near the cashier.Honey Melon Olaf Fruit CastleThe Fruit Castle came in look like a Half Snowman till its belly. The shaved ice within the honey melon is harsh and its texture was not easy to melt. So, we have to use spoon to crush it to have a better taste on its Olaf instead of eating the lump of harsh ice. continue reading
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