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Fu Ming Cooked Food is famed for both its white and black carrot cake, personally steamed and fried by the stall owner. continue reading
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Level2 2014-11-28
Bought black carrot cake on a weekday night. Queue was reasonable. Had to wait for about 10 minutes. The portion is relatively smaller than other places for the same price of $4. A little too oily in my opinion.Service was good. The place was not crowded and seats were available as it was past peak hours. Overall, the carrot cake tastes average and is overpriced. Not worth the trip unless you happen to be nearby.  continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-01
For more reviews, visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2014/04/fu-ming-cooked-food.html85 Redhill Food Centre is one of my favourites hawker Center One. Convinced by the media adverts under his signboards and the certificates awarded to them, I dedcided to tried their carrot cake. Revealing the curiosity in me, I had ordered both the black and white version on a plate.While most of the hawkers have their carrot cake bought from the factories, Fu Ming had theirs made and steamed by themselves which stands up among the rest.Chai Tow Kway (Carrot Cake) were cut into large chunks unlike those we saw in most food courts, the sizes are almost the same and consistent. Portion ranges from $2 - $4 with the choice of black or white.As a whole, the steamed radish cake was significantly softer and spongy than the usual ones. The stark difference is perhaps the cripsy char that is attached to the pieces of Kway which striked a good balance of the softness nature. The black version of carrot cake was coated with sweet black sauce, even after having them, they were not cloying at all while the white version has its own traits, it was wrapped up with egg, lending additional sweet flavours to the plain steamed cake!Just being homemade, they had already won my vote, not to mention that they have won quite a number of awards and starring in the media. continue reading
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Located near redhill market, there is a big food centre that is busy from morning till evening. Beside the drunken uncles you can see in the evening, there are also a lot of food choices here. One of them is this carrot cake that is at the end corner of the middle section.Operated by a chinese couple, they are mainly selling carrot cake in either black or white. On top of that, they are also selling chinese dumpling at $1 each. However the carrot cakes are the highlights of this store. Usually for stall selling fried carrot cake, they are only selling 1 type of carrot cake, wither the white or the black and rarely do they excel in both. However carrot cake here are flavourful and unique in their own way. I like the fact that the carrot cakes here are soft and for the black one, you can distintively taste the sweetness from the black sweet sauce yet it's not too overwhelming and the taste is just right.For the white carrot cake, there is a lot cai poh( preserved radish) in it. Together with lots of garlic, it was fragrant and a simple affair that could be enjoyed by all.Overall, this is one of the stall that sell very good fried carrot cakes, do try it if you pass by redhill next time. =) continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-13
Fu Ming Cooked Food sells traditional carrot cake (both black and white) just like the old-timers like -it supposedly has the authentic taste of old times. They also sell bakzhang at amazingly cheap prices of $1 (I kid you not, these are normal-sized glutinous rice dumplings with ample filling!!)The Bak Zhang is really tasty -there is chestnut in the filling (which is a nice touch), as well as braised meat. We were pleasantly surprised by how it was really fragrant and tasty -and how the ratio of rice to filling was just nice. We would recommend that you heat it up before eating though, because the rice is reaaaallly sticky and when eaten cold there's a slight difference to the whole texture of it. At only $1 it's a real steal!!Personally, this carrot cake isn't what I would go back to eat. I understand fully that this is the 'old-timer' taste that everyone's raving about but perhaps it's just not my generation to appreciate this particular flavour. While the dark sauce had a complex, sweet flavour to it, the chunks of carrot cake were large, oily squares that barely had enough egg to coat them ): I enjoy carrot cake with a good amount of egg in it, and I appreciate when the carrot cake is held together nicely. This one proved to be isolated, oily (dark sauce coated nevertheless!) squares though.This plate cost $3, but there is the $2.50 option if you wish for a slightly smaller portion. If you're searching for an authentic flavour of the old times, this may just hit the spot, but if your ideal carrot cake is eggy and well-held together in smaller squares, you may want to give this a pass and try their bakzhang instead. The bakzhang is a real gem find! continue reading
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