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Well known for their Tuesday's Half Priced Waffles, Gelare cafe guarantees to deliver a smile to the face of every ice cream lover. The gelato can be folded into a cup Italian style or scooped into one of their freshly baked cones or served as a topping on a piping hot waffle, freshly baked on the spot. continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-28
We ordered the apple pie with a scoop of strawberry icecream. The apple serving in the pie is generous and the flaky crust just melts in the mouth. It it not too sweet and mushy. The apple pie is warm and nice and goes very well with the strawberry icecreamThe icecream's texture is fine, not too sweet and the milk taste is good. Some strawberry bits within and are a bit tiny. This costs around $10 but we think it is value for money. Will be back again. Service staff is friendly, but gotta wait quite a while for seats. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-22
Before the invention of Ice-cream in Biscuit Cone, it was fixed and matched with Waffle. In Gelare Café, there were always numerous tantalizing flavours available. Located at Causeway Point, I and my boyfriend enjoyed the premium quality of dessert. With absolutely no artificial flavourings, Ice-cream was produced by freshly ingredients. No too crowded for weekday, we were easily being seated. Atmosphere was relaxing, service was attentive.Delight in chilled, the feeling was just like sharing the blessing with boyfriend while giving alive for my taste buds. Texture was silky smooth and slightly crisp on Waffle, endlessly refreshing. Fluffy as I cut through inside Waffle, it went very well with creamy Ice-cream on top. The sweetness was okay without overpowering, little chewy and had great consistency. Drizzle of Chocolate Syrup was giving another surprise, it looked cool and taste even better. Price was steep I must say, approximately $16.00 for our dessert. Don’t hesitate so much, I put the price tag issue away. continue reading
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Gelare has a 50% discount promotion for their waffles every Tuesday so we decided to go on a Tuesday evening to try their waffles and ice cream. The cafe was small so the queue on a Tuesday was rather long but it moved decently fast enough and we didn't have to wait too long for a seat. The first items we ordered were naturally the waffles with ice cream! Chocolate Chip Waffles with Chocolate Overload and Swiss Chocolate Caramel Ice Cream with Chocolate Syrup and Whipped Cream ($11.10) :Waffles with Banana Walnut with Chocolate Syrup and no Whipped Cream ($7.60) :The waffles were crispy on the outside and quite spongy inside. But I thought it was a little light in taste; I've had better waffles elsewhere. The ice cream though, was very thick, sticky and chewy. Despite looking like vanilla ice cream, the banana walnut ice cream had a strong, sweet taste of banana and it also had real walnut bits in it which added crunch to the chewy ice cream. Both chocolate ice cream were quite milky and chocolate-y too but not as rich as I would have liked it. I was not too keen on the whipped cream though; I preferred having the waffles and ice cream without it.Chocolate Chewy Waffles ($3.90) :We got it just to compare between the two types of waffles. Ignore the ice cream on the chewy waffle as I moved it over from the other waffles to show the size difference. But if you want a scoop of ice cream to go with the chewy waffle, you can get it for $6.90, which is actually slightly better value for money. The chewy waffle was really dense and... chewy. I found it a tiny bit "wet" though, even the part untouched by the ice cream. Almond Brownie ($4.90) :You can also actually get a scoop of ice cream on this brownie for $8.50. The brownie was topped with real almond slices and generously drizzled with choco syrup. It was served warm and was quite dense and rich in taste. I tried it with a bite from the chocolate ice cream from the waffle we got and it was just delightful! New York Cheesecake ($5.60) :This was really good despite looking a tad different from their menu which came with a lighter colored base. Nevertheless, the Cheesecake was pretty rich and dense with a slight tangy cheese taste that was delectable but not overpowering. It was also smooth and creamy in consistency and the thin cookie base was a nice extra touch of texture and sweetness. Delicious! Chicken & Mushroom Pie ($5.90) :We got a savory Chicken & Mushroom Pie to balance all those sweetness but this turned out to be quite a letdown. This was served on a plate that looked a tad worn out. The pie itself wasn't much of a looker and it sort of "collapsed" and fell apart when we opened it. The cream was a tad runny and the portion of chicken meat and mushroom was meager for the price. The pastry, though slightly flakey and buttery, was inconsistent in texture as some parts felt somewhat overcooked. I personally thought that the taste was also inconsistent in each bite although it got a 'nice' and 'not bad' grade from the others. To be fair, it didn't taste as bad as it looked as there was a decent creamy chicken taste, just inconsistent with each bite.I would personally just stick to their ice cream (and cheesecakes!) for future visits since that's what they are well-known for. The usual price for their waffles are also on the pricey side, so it was worth going on a Tuesday when they are having a 50% promotion for the waffles. Just be prepared to queue for a bit and lower your expectations a little when it comes to service. While one of the staff was friendly and smiled at us, another looked glum when taking our orders. There was even a mix-up in our order and our request was ignored. To be fair, it was possibly because of the rush due to the promotion. Just don't expect too much if you go on a Tuesday and you'll leave all the more satisfied! continue reading
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Passed by this ice-cream shop and decided to try their ice-cream. We ordered the Orengo Mint Fudge and Jamaican Chocolate flavours which fall under their super premium ice-cream category. They also have freshly baked waffles which are going at 50% off on Tuesdays! They look quite good so I will be trying it next time if I have the chance. Gonna go back to try other flavours too continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-01
Today Nana has redeemed a waffle from Gelare's causeway point outlet which she has earlier bought online for $2.50 a piece during a promotion. The waffle looks very small, I think smaller then those frozen waffles from the supermarket. Taste wise so-so, not as crispy on the outside and soft inside as I would like it be. In fact it has a more chewy texture. Overall feel quite expensive for such a small piece. continue reading
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