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Genki Sushi is the largest conveyer belt sushi eatery in Japan with outlets around the globe. Its outlet in Orchard Central uses an integrated iPad ordering system, enabling customers to order food quickly and with less hassle. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-17
In the Chinatown point has this very nice and cosy Japanese restaurant which is one of my favourite venue to grab some Japanese cuisines. Service here is also warm and fast. Love their Black pepper chicken don ($5.80) per bowl is quite generous in portion and the Japanese rice is fragrant and soft. Chicken is cooked with lots of black pepper sauce which is very flavourful and appetizing. As for the Oyako Don ($5.80 too) is alright but not my favourite. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-07
Genki Sushi has been has been one of my favorite places for sushi. All my previous experiences were at the smaller outlet at Orchard Central. So I've decided to try out the bigger outlet at Chinatown Point. Upon reaching, my buddy and I were greeted by a friendly staff who asked whether we were first-timers, we weren't so she didn't had to teach us their awesome ordering system, which was really easy, fun and addictive! So we first got ourselves our Root Beer Float ($3.80) and they were generous with the big scoop of vanilla icecream, not too gasy nor sweet.Then I've got to order my favorites from their menu, the California Roll ($3.80) and Dragon Roll ($3.80). The avocado were freshly sliced and tasted so great in our mouths, a must order! If you haven't been to Genki Sushi already, one of the reason you'll love this place is the orders' train, where every orders you placed on the ordering pad will zoom out from the kitchen to right next to your table! Well except for some dishes that are hot like the Unagi Rice or Udon etc. Then we've spotted something new on their menu called the SS Shrimp Roll ($3.80) which is basically a nice paper-thined roll tucked with fried tempura shrimp and fresh raw salmon, wrapped crabmeat along with some greens for mixture of texture and flavour. It compliments well with the ketchup that comes with it too, interesting combination! And here's the rest of our table of Genki Sushi loves. From the centre there's the Tamago Sushi ($1.80), Egg Salad Sushi ($2.30), more California Roll ($3.80) and Dragon Roll ($3.80), Deep Fried Gyoza ($3.80), Kamikama Maki ($2.30) and lastly the favorite Deep Fried Squid Arm ($3.80). At the end of the day, another thing that interests me is the hole for customers to insert the plates, so that we can always have a nicely cleared table! This is new to me since I didn't see it at the Orchard Central's outlet. Kind of fun actually! Overall, Genki Sushi will always be in my favorites list for sushi cravings. Not only am I in love with the concept, the efficiency in orders, friendly staff and interesting ambience, the great menu have also always kept me satisfied throughout the way. Highly recommended place!  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2013-10-22
My favourite cuisine has always got to be Japanese food! Thus I'm always on the run to hunt down the best sushi chain in Singapore. And for me, i have to say that Genki Sushi has to be on the top of my list! What attracts me to the restaurant at first was their ' sushi train'. Instead of the normal sushi belt, Genki Sushi adopts a train kind of service in which you would first order your food with the Ipad provided, your orders will then be sent directly to the kitchen and lastly the train will transport your food over! Not only that, after eating you would have to slot the empty plates into the mechanised sushi plate-clearing system. Every 8 plates cleared will actually earn you a jackpot chance! Dishes that i will never missed whenever i am at Genki will be their Spicy Salmon/ Tuna sushi and all those fresh Sashimi! continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-17
My girl say she is hungry so we went over to Chinatown Point to check out some restaurant to dine in and my Missy say she wanna eat Sushi so we went over to Genki Sushi. We are greeted by the friendly waitress and told her is our first time and immediately she brief us how to make order from the ipad mini they provide. After ordering the food arrive in a bullet train on the conveyor belt ... this really attract my girl a lot! Is really cool and food serve really fast too! Love the root beer float it is refreshing! Green tea is free flow and is a DIY version they serve the green tea powder on the table and you have to mix it yourself! Great to have mix it on your own liking! Chawanmushi very smooth, chicken terriyaki don is really good. Generous sauce and chicken is tender best is they serve in kid's side for kids! My girl finished everything!!!Sushi is machine made so the sushi is a bit loose when it is pick up but cannot complain much after all is quite cheap overall we spend $30. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-10-13
Having found out about Genki Sushi ever since the days I found out about them at Orchard Central, it had made its way to the top of my to-go places for sushi so much so I had managed to ditch my past favourites and go directly there for my sushi fix.The Fried Chicken ($1.80) is just one of the many creative sushis that appears in Genki Sushi’s menu. Unique to its own, it takes a fried piece of bite-sized chicken and places on top of sushi rice wrapped in seaweed with mayo squeezed on the top. The chicken remains to be particularly fragrant though lacks crispiness. The rice is just nicely sweet and seemed pretty tightly packed as it held on firmly. While not the most delectable sushi served here, it holds as one that gives a stronger impression and a kind of novelty to have.The Salmon Triple Flavour ($3.80) is one of the sushis that I will always go for. It is essentially the mix of three different flavours of Salmon sushi that are all served in the menu. The plain jane Salmon sushi remains as the simplest of the lot, with a fresh piece of Salmon sitting on the firmly packed rice that melts on the mouth. The one in the middle is Salmon with Black Pepper, which comes with mayonnaise and cracked black pepper. The crunch of the black pepper is distinct, with its smoky taste but surprisingly not spicy nor choking, though heavy on the taste of Japanese Mayo. The last one is Salmon with Pollock Roe which is like a mentaiko sort of taste and remains to be one of my favourites in the trio of flavours.I don’t recall having Smoked Duck ($2.30) in the outlet at Orchard Central; could have been one of the menu items that is exclusively sold in the Chinatown Point outlet. The Smoked Duck is pretty savoury but a bit tough compared to the ones I had in other places though still pretty decent. We just did not like how it felt like the duck was just thrown on the top of the rice because it came off from the sushi rather easily.Edo Style Egg ($2.30) was a sushi with rice stuffed in between a huge slab of tamago. Do not mistake the tamago here to be from the regular Tamago Sushi. The tamago here is cooked and served warm, and despite it having the usual sweetness in tamago, it also was pretty custardy inside.Fried Gyoza ($2.30) is available in both sushi form and ala-carte form where it is being served in threes alone. The sushi version is depicted here where it sits on top of sushi rice and drizzled in mayonnaise. The Gyoza seemed to be fried upon order which is the reason why it takes a bit more time for this sushi to arrive. The Gyoza is served piping hot and is crispy on the skin yet filled with firm meaty goodness inside. Normally we end up dissecting the Gyoza from the rice while we eat the sushi because we would not want to risk our gums getting hurt by the sharp edges on the skin of the Gyoza. Besides that, it is also seemingly too tall to fit inside the mouth in whole. While this is another one of those sushi that has a novelty factor to it, it is seemingly better executed than the Fried Chicken sushi.Grilled River Eel ($3.80) is also the name of the Unagi Sushi sold here. The usual sauce that comes with Unagi Sushis elsewhere is being served separately in a packet where you can opt to drizzle the sauce on top of the Unagi if you wish. The sauce in the packet is salty yet sweet which fits with the grilled eel perfectly, while the grilled eel is a bit scaly that night, though it seemed rather reasonable.To end the meal, we have decided to order dessert. The Brownie ($5.80) itself blew us off with its quality. The crusty exterior that leads into the slightly sticky interior. A fact that I like about this Brownie also is that it does not contain nuts which meant that the texture was consistent. The Brownie also held itself quite well without crumbling down and that it was served warm; the way we liked it. It was definitely something we did not expect a sushi restaurant to offer.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2013/09/21/genki-sushi-chinatown-point/ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)