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Level4 2015-11-18
For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comGreendot was all started out from a school canteen stall since 2011 and currently they have ventured commercially into a few malls like Bedok Mall, Paya Lebar Sqaure & Westgate. Their flag ship outlet is located in Paya Lebar Square, occupying 3 units space on the 2nd Level.She is founded by young entrepreneurs aged 23 (during then), Fu Yong Hong and his good friend Justin Chou, a vegetarian food enthusiast. The aim of Greendot is not about converting people into vegetarians but rather, encourage people to have a well balance and flexible diet. They are promoting healthier diet and hopefully more people can eat less meat and embrace a green diet.Looking for traditional menu? Yes, they do have! But they do also have a handy electronic menu that is attached to every table where you can order. In the search of good tea, entrepreneurs of Greendot had went into mountainous areas in Taiwan, meeting tea planters and learn about the process of tea planting. Finally, they narrowed down to a collection of 12 teas and we had enjoyed here was a teapot of fragrant Oolong Tea from Alisan, Taiwan. Its color as well as taste was way different than those usual Oolong tea I had. The after taste of it keeps the mouth refresh in its sweetness and makes the throat feel smooth.Honey Peach Oolong Tea is my personal favourite. In its chilled form, it gave me a refreshing treat with a welcoming fruity scent. Being a "flexitarian", I do often enjoy meat as much. Like many others, when it comes with vegetarian food, we were quite skeptical about its taste and how flavourful can it be as compared to the real ones. At Greendot, no food is ever contain with flour or gluten as they either use fresh vegetables and mushrooms or are made from soy as well as konnyaku products.Lion Mane Mushroom Rendang Rice to start with was aesthetically alluring. Colors were especially captivating. The bowl of fragrant sesame rice was stacked with a medley of vegetables consisting of broccoli, lettuce, seaweeds, shredded cucumber as well as carrots with shrooms added. The starring part of the dish is none other than the chunky mocked rendang "meat". Rendang gravy was lip-smackingly good, thick and perfumed in its spices.Eating in groups? Why not getting yourselves involved in a different experience by trying out their mushroom pots for 2 or even 4 pax. The 4 pax meal comes with two choices of 2 soup base from Herbal, Tom Yum or Laksa with 4 bowls of rice. A basket of assorted food including Shitake Mushroom, Enoki Mushroom, Shimeiji Mushroom, Tomato, Tau Kee, Konnyaku Prawn, Baby Nai Bai, Chinese cabbage, Green Coral are provided to mix in the soup. Sides like Plated Sauteed Broccoli, Mixed Fruits and Salad, Mixed Mushroom Platter are included as well, not forgetting a pot of premium tea too.Among the few choices of healthy rice, what I like best was sesame rice and Emperor Rice. If you like the fragrance from chicken rice, you will enjoy their sesame rice and if you enjoy black glutinous dessert, don't forget your bowl of Emperor Rice.If you have been to QQ Rice or even the rice section of super marts, these gains should be of no strangers to you.They were fluffy and nutritiously good.Looking for a mild spicy kick to pair with the bowl of rice? The sweetness as well as the spice served in a soup with Kaffir lime leaves, pink ginger buds and lemon grass spelt out the aromatic soup base.If you are not enough with the spice from Tom Yam Soup, do try out the laksa broth too. It is of watery base and not too lemak in a sense.With the existence of Vegan Burg, burger dishes from Vegetarian eating places are of no surprise. You can still enough your plate of western delight with thick cut fries by the side, dipping them into your favourite chilli/tomato sauce. Who says vegetarian are not interesting? The Lion's mane mushroom came with sliced cheese, omelette egg, tomato, a veggie patty spread with black pepper sauce,giving you that spicy kick.Nourishing herbal noodles aids blood circulation as well as reducing cholesterol level. Tau Pok, Radish, carrot, konnyaky balls and soya chunks were cooked in the scrumptious herbal broth with Chinese herbs like Angelica, red dates, wolf-berry and licorice. Though herbs infused taste was not that strong to my liking, I would say this dish is pretty decent and stomach warming especially during colder weathers. A little pet peeve was that we took quite a while to take food pictures and end up the soup was absorbed by the noodles. So remember to enjoy it at its best condition."Laksa Mai Hum"? Well, you have it now. Get yourself into such local indulgence from the bowl of laksa made from scratch with blue, yellow gingers, chillies as well as laksa leaves. Ingredients consists of thick bee hoon, konnyaku slice, konnyaku prawn, tau pok, radish and carrot. Its taste is comparable to the "original" version. Finishing off, we tasted their interesting array of beverages, ranging from fresh fruit tea, yogurt fruit shake to even soy latte. Do note that the size of the cups is not the actual sizes as they are for sampling only.A perfect way to end the dinner with a cooling dessert. Osmanthus Jelly was definitely pleasing to the eyes. The sight of handful Osmanthus flowers and wolf-berries through the translucent wobbly Konnyaku Jelly was distracting. Sweetness was just right with little hint of its flowers' scent.Be a flexitarian and enjoy vegetarian at times, I don't mind re-visiting their outlet again especially when they have one in the West side. Therefore if you feel like eating with a purpose or even going green, do visit their outlets. continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-05
As far as I know... vegetables are unappealing to most people. If you remove the wondrous healthy properties of vegetables, it will almost certainly be ousted from my diet straightaway (yes... #CarnivoresUnite). Green Dot, a homegrown brainchild by two secondary school friends, have taken upon themselves to overthrow this notion. Their challenge was to provide an option of delicious vegetarian meals - yes, a challenge indeed... I went ahead to see if they manage to change my mind about veggies.Green Dot has four outlets: Paya Lebar Square (pictured), Bedok Mall, Westgate, and Temasek Polytechnic. Each of the different outlets offer a different menu/ selections due to their kitchen operating size, but Paya Lebar Square has the most comprehensive range of items including their most popular, value-for-money, and delicious hotpots - my number one recommendation from Green Dot.What do you want to eat? Use Green Dot's quick, easy-to-understand computerized system to order it.Lion Mane Mushroom Rendang Rice (SGD 9.50) is a perfectly sized rice bowl for those who don't like to share your food with others. Trust me, I know that feeling. Their rendang paste is very fulfilling and has quite a good kick, which pairs up nicely with the crunchy and juicy vegetables on the side. Reminds me of a good ol' well-balanced bahn mi. If you're coming in a group of 4, the Mushroom Mini Hot Pot Set (SGD 59.90) will be perfect. Including shitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, shimeiji mushrooms, tomatoes, taukee, konnyaku prawn, baby bak choy, Chinese cabbage, green coral in your choice of soup. Otherwise, there is an option for two as well.Depending on your crowd and mood, you can choose among three possible soup bases: Herbal, Tom Yum or Laksa. The Tom Yum is not the kickass spicy and fragrant sort, and the Laksa tended towards the coconut flavours. My personal favourite has got to be the Herbal one which made me feel very comfortable and happy after drinking the soup. Not all soups has this effect. It is essentially made of herbs such as wolfberries, licorice and angelica root. I love it! You can have five different types of rice to choose from to go with your hot pot: Beauty Rice, Emperor Rice, Five Treasure Rice, Fragrance Rice or Sesame Rice.Providing the laksa base for the hotpots, Green Dot also has the Laksa Bowl (SGD 5.90) going for them, which was a tamer version of the fiery local one, but nevertheless still enjoyable in its own way. This laksa is creamier, evidently from more coconut milk, with sufficient dose of spices, and a lot of sauce-soaked taupoks. The noodles were also the classic sort you find in laksa bowls, and altogether, I can say that while it is different from the typical laksas you find, it is definitely still worth a try.I was surprised to see burgers at a vegetarian place, but this Lion's Mane Mushroom Burger (SGD 8.90) was slightly disappointing as it tastes almost like a McDonalds burger. Granted, vegetarians will now know how it tastes like.Their teas - Alisan Oolong and Peach Oolong Tea were beautiful to go with any meal, really. Very fragrant and handpicked by the owners, the hot Alisan Oolong teas have a calming effect on the stomach and mind. The Peach Oolong Tea comes in chilled form, refreshing and great for the summer.I was further impressed by their fruit juice bar which had so much incredible hidden gems in there! Some of their in-house concoctions include the Soy Caramel Latte (SGD 6.50), Mocha Frappe (SGD 7.50), Avocado Yogurt Milkshake (SGD 6.50), Passion Dragonfruit Green Tea (SGD 5.50), and Strawberry Banana Green Tea (SGD 5.50).The weird has got to go to the Avocado Yogurt Milkshake which received mixed reviews from the table. I found it strange because I didn't find the combination well-gelled together, yogurt is pretty much the outcast that is hard to fit in most places. I am a huge fan of avocado milkshakes so I could turn a blind eye to the nagging strange yogurt taste in the drink, but I don't think it will appeal to the mainstream taste.The Passion Dragonfruit Green Tea and Strawberry Banana Green Tea, on the other hand, performed well despite the ambitious and potentially strange combinations. Especially the Passion Dragonfruit Green Tea which I was slightly nervous about trying, it surpassed all expectations, the dragonfruit juice was very much in sync with the green tea. The coffees were pretty good but if I only can choose a drink, I'd definitely want to try the fruit-based ones which are very unique.We ended the night with a sweet bowl of Osmanthus Jelly (SGD 3.50), which was legitly stuffed with dried osmanthus flowers and wolfberries. Even though I was very full at the moment in time, I gobbled this lovely sweet treat in record time. Thumbs up.Support homegrown brands which have the heart and passion to serve great food! They are really funny, candid and open about receiving feedback on how they can improve their menu so as to prepare even better vegetarian meals for all to enjoy. continue reading
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"Eat Green, Feel Good" sounds catchy, and that is exactly what Greendot aims for its diners. Greendot was founded by Justin and Yong Hong, the former who is a vegetarian and used to find it difficult to get good vegetarian meals outside of home. So they decided to start their own eatery, and Greendot currently has 3 outlets, namely in Westgate, Paya Lebar Square and Bedok Mall.  Greendot has a wide range of delicious dishes prepared with fresh and quality ingredients and through working with nutritionists, to satiate the health and palate at the same time.We started with some tea and an array of blended beverages. For the blended drinks, we had Soy Caramel Latte (SGD$6.50), which is also available in hot version; Mocha Frappe (SGD$7.50), Avocado Milkshake (SGD$6.50) which tasted a little less than ideal because of the yogurt infusion, Passion Dragonfruit Green Tea (SGD$5.50), easily a favorite of many of us due to the refreshing flavour; and Strawberry Banana Green Tea (SGD$5.50).The Laksa (SGD$5.90) was coloirful, hearty and robust - tasting exactly as the menu described it to be, with thick ginger and chilli gravy, aroma of laksa leaves, and springy noodles. The dried beancurd (taupok) was bursting with laksa gravy and the Konnyaku prawns were saccharine.Next, the Herbal Noodles (SGD$7.90) is nourishing and made up of real herbal ingredients such as wolfberries, licorice and angelica. Besides the springy noodles, bouncy Konnyaku "sotong balls" and soy "beef" chunks making up for great bites, the strong herbal taste whetted the appetite greatly, and every spoonful felt precious.Moving on, we had the Mushroom Mini Hot Pot Set for 4 (SGD$59.90), consisting of a basket of greens and mushrooms, mini starters, mixed fruits and salad, 4 brown rice and a pot of premium tea - very value for money.  The first pot we tried was with Herbal Soup Base, filled with rich flavours of angelica, wolfberries and licorice, the same soup as the Herbal Noodles. Sometimes all the ingredients infused with herbal aroma just tasted so good, so if you are a lover of herbal soups, this is definitely for you.We also tried the Laksa Soup Base, a simmering pot of spicy but tantalising laksa gravy. Needless to say, all the ingredients soaking in the sumptuousness of the laksa were bound to taste great too - laksa lovers will not be able to resist this mini hot pot of goodness. On a sidenote, I also dug the "cereal prawns" side dish very dearly, because they simulate the real deal too well. There are 5 types of rice and we got to try 3 of them that night - emperor, sesame and five treasure.Then we had the Lion's Mane Mushroom Burger (SGD$8.90), looking and tasting like McDonald's McChicken Burger in its entirety. The wholemeal burger bun was studded with sesame and the bun was crusty on its own; the soya patty was crispy and had a mild saccharine taste to it; going well with the refreshing load of vegetables clamped between the buns.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/08/invited-tasting-dinner-at-greendot-paya.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-07-30
GreenDot is started by 2 seconday school mates. When they were classmates in school, Justin who was vegetarian since young had to bring packed lunch to school as there was no vegetarian food stall in school then. Both of them decide to bring vegetarian food to the Singapore school system by starting the business from a school canteen stall. It is then expanded to a food kiosk at Bedok Mall, and soon follows by an outlet in Westgate and its current flagship outlet at Paya Lebar Square. It would be soon opening another outlet in Raffles Place in October.Lion Mane Mushroom Rendang Rice ($9.50)Rendang Lion Man Mushroom, Triple Mixed Fresh Mushroom, Broccoli, Sliced Carrot, Sliced Cucumber, Lettuce & Seaweed Flakers.Contains eggs & milk.This is my favourite dish tonite as mushroom is used to replace meat in rendang dish instead of the mock meat in usual practice. The thick mushroom gives it a kind of chewy texture and soaks up the strong flavoured sauce very well. The sauce is very thick, rich and spicy on its own.Herbal Noodle ($7.90)(Most Popular)Perfect for cold weathers and lousy moods, the nourishing herbal broth aids blood circulation and reduces cholesterol.Noodles, Konnyaku Balls, Soya Chunks, Tau Pok, Radish and Carrot served in a herbal broth with Chinese herbs such as Angelica, Licorice and Wolfberry.Contains Milk.The soup is very tasty but best have this dish fast because the noodle soaks up the soup and expands very fast.Laksa ($5.90)Tuck into a comforting bowl of hearty, robust laksa made from scratch with blue ginger, yellow ginger, chillies and laksa leaves.Noodles, Konnyaku Prawn, Konnyaku Slice, Tau Pok, Radish and Carrot.Another great dish which we have tonite. The laksa soup is very similar to the usual type, minus the chilli paste. It would be better to serve with chilli paste to add spicy to the dish.Mini Hot Pot Set (Set for 4) ($59.90)Shitake Mushroom, Enoki Mushroom, Shimeiji Mushroom, Tomato, Tau Kee, Konnyaku Prawn, Baby Nai Bai, Chinese cabbage, Green Coral in your choice of soup.Plated Sauteed Broccoli, Mixed Fruits and Salad, Mixed Mushroom PlatterBrown Rice x 4Pot of Premium Tea x1Choice of 2 soup base: Herbal, Tom Yum, LaksaMini Hot Pot Set (Set for 2) ($29.90)Shitake Mushroom, Enoki Mushroom, Shimeiji Mushroom, Tomato, Tau Kee, Konnyaku Prawn, Baby Nai Bai, Chinese cabbage, Green Coral in your choice of soup.Plated Sauteed Broccoli, Mixed Fruits and SaladBrown Rice x 2Pot of Premium Tea x1Choice of 1 soup base: Herbal, Tom Yum, LaksaHerbal, I feel this is the best soup out of the 3. Strong herbal taste and grows more in depth in taste as it cooks longer with the vegetables throw in.Tom Yum, Its taste is more sour, lacking of the depth that is usually found in the versions served in Thai restaurants.LaksaIt tastes like a slightly watered down version of the laksa noodle's soup.By the way there is 5 different types of rice to go with your meal here : Beauty Rice, Emperor Rice, Five Treasure Rice, Fragrance Rice or Sesame Rice.Beauty Rice is actually the brown rice which we commonly known as brown rice.Emperor Rice is red rice. It has a slightly sweeter taste compares to other types of rice.This is the second most preferred rice.Five Treasure Rice is mixed grain rice, which is great for those who is trying to have brown rice.Fragrance Rice is the usual plain rice which we commonly have.Sesame Rice is known as oil rice 油饭, which has a glossy texture similar to chicken rice, and tastes quite nice too. Most of us like this rice the best among the 5 types available.Lion's Mane Mushroom Burger Set ($11.80)(Chef Recommended)Meet the steak of veggie burgers. Lion's mane mushroom, omelette egg and sliced cheese on a wholemeal bun with lettuce, tomato and a spicy fiery crushed black pepper sauce to give it that extra kick.Contains Eggs & Milk.I could not taste taste that the patty is actually made of mushroom. I have thought that it is a soy patty. I wish that there could be more sauce or some sauteed mushrooms to make it more interesting.Alisan Oolong ($3.50)This light and cooling drink is made with leaves from Taiwan.Peach Oolong Tea ($4.50)The drink is quite refreshing, with a peachy taste and slightly sweeten with honey. Great especially when these days are quite hot.Passion Dragon Fruit Green Tea ($5.50)A fruity drink which is tangy and refreshing.Strawberry Banana Green Tea ($5.50)A fruity drink but I cannot taste the green tea nor the banana in it.Avocado Milkshake ($6.50)The drink is quite thick and smooth which everyone like it the best, but I feel the soy milk taste is a bit strong here.Soy Caramel Latte ($6.50)Although it is a latte, the coffee taste seems to have been covered by the caramel and soy milk taste.Mocha Frappe ($7.50)I am surprised that it turns out to be a cookie & cream frappe, which is icy rich and thick. Got to wait for it to melt a bit before drinking.Osmanthus Jelly ($3.50)The jelly is firm and can be sliced through easily. It is smooth and soft. It does not taste too sweet with hints of the flowering taste.Overall the food is not bad. The food menu looks a bit limited, especially on the dessert side which only has either ice-cream or jelly. Location is not bad as it is just next to the MRT station and is quite accessible. Not a bad choice when one is trying to eat clean or want a taste of vegetarian food, which is different from the usual vegetarian bee hoon stalls. continue reading
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Level4 2015-07-04
Full Green Dot review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/07/green-dot.htmlThe idea behind Green Dot was first conceived in 2011, when the founders set up a stall in Temasek Polytechnic's Design School. Green Dot was launched to change the perception that pure vegetarian food was tasteless and boring, and with their Asian fusion vegetarian menu, the founders of Green Dot wanted to encourage more people to go meat free. Their tasty yet healthy food, served in a quick, casual setting, has since propelled them to mainstream success, and in 2013, they started branching out commercially by opening outlets in shopping malls.Ambience at Green Dot is clean, bright, and welcoming. The spacious, open concept restaurant is styled as a casual eatery, with a mix of modern wooden furniture for both small and large groups. A salad bar and order counter frames the open kitchen where you can see chefs at work, while a separate area has frozen / fresh groceries for sale, and a juice and beverage counter. The brightly lit interior has colour themes of green and white, very calming and clean looking.Service at Green Dot is very good. Staff stand at the entrance and welcome guests as they pass, seating diners quickly, then showing them how to use the e-menu. Ordering and payment is self-service, though staff do serve orders to your table. They are also pretty knowledgable on the various menu items, and can describe what's in each dish. I also note that they're very efficient, clearing away empty / dirty tables quickly, and orders are also usually served within 5 minutes. However, not all staff can converse in English.Food at Green Dot is meat free, pure Asian fusion vegetarian. Ingredients are fresh, cooked simply to allow the natural taste to shine, and each dish is just delightfully fresh and exciting to behold. Taste is pretty good, the food is delicious, and you'll almost forget there is no meat here! Portions are nicely sized for 1 person, and prices are affordable and wallet friendly, budget about SGD $15 per person for a meal here with drinks, and about SGD $9 for just the meal only.The large bowl of Herbal Noodles (SGD $7.90) is utterly delighful and yummy! The rich, deep, and savoury soup / broth, which tastes similar to herbal Bak Kut Teh (Black), contains up to 10 Chinese herbs including angelica, licorice, and wolfberry. Ingredients include a generous amount of noodles, konnyaku balls, soya chunks (resembling beef), tau pok / tofu puffs, radish, lettuce, and carrots. Filling, satisfiying, and delicious! Highly recommended!The Lion Mane Mushroom Rendang is utterly delicious! The firm, chewy lion mane mushroom chunks resemble the Malay dishes of Chicken Curry or Mutton Rendang, with a similar texture. The rendang curry is thick and savoury, with a wet gravy texture, and full flavour from the rempah spices and curry leaves. Incredibly addictive, each bite gives you the burst of flavour from the spices, then the mellowness of the mushrooms, the meaty chew for texture, and the slight heat of the curry. Highly recommended! continue reading
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