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Review (17)
Level4 2014-03-01
Having been to The Greenhouse @ Ritz Carlton for lunch before, I decided to revisit this place, this time for international buffet dinner.The warm, lavishly-furnished interior was what greeted us when we first stepped into the lush carpeting and under the elegant lightings of this beautiful dinery. The efficient service crew came over to serve drinks and place the napkins on our laps, standard procedure. I like the spacious setting and quietly-elaborate ambience.Amongst all the goodies loaded on the trays and tables, it took some time for me to get started, wondering which station to begin at. As such, I decided that cold food was the way to go - I liked the assortment of salads available. Ok, so they had the entire deck of greens (olives, lettuce, rocket salad etc), but they also have these cooked, delectable salads.There is the Squid Salad - tasty and a rich contrast of textures between the chewy squid and the light crisp vegetables. There is the Smoked Duck Salad - not too salty smoked duck that is succulently decked in sweet-sour dressing. And appetizing Papaya Salad that preps the tastebuds for more good stuff to come.I was ready to move on to the piping hot Indian fare. These spicy, mouthwatering items are Chicken Marsala, my favorite Pappadum Chips, the tasty Bryani rice and tantalizing Vegetable Curry redolent of chilli and coconut milk's flavors. The highlight at this station was the Duck Curry - the first time I tried - spicy, yes, but with a sourish tinge of tomatoes. Back to some Chinese-styled vegetables stewing in the hot pans next to the Curries station. There are mushrooms, cauliflower, white cabbage, giant cherry tomatoes and asparagus for one to choose from this healthy array of non-meat items. However, I feel that the fresh greens should not be kept boiling in warm temperature - they were either mushy or hard to chew. It was a pity.For more detailed information and photos, do check out:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/02/dinner-at-greenhouse-ritz-carlton.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-25
I attended seminar talk cum breakfast buffet. There were sumptuous meal served with Asian delights. I had fried mee poh to go with curry chicken together with sea otak. The dry mee poh was well done. The curry chicken was rich with curry powder. The curry chicken was cooked together with tomatoes. The seafood otak was spicy and could see the meat of fish.I also had hot siew mai. Woh! The siew msi was still steaming hot. The wanton skin was wrappedwith minced chickem meat.I had a bowl of sweet potatoes porridge with you tiao and a slice of century egg.Breakfast will not go without bread. I had assorted breads. I had chicken floss, coffee bread and barbeque bread. I liked the barbequed bread most. continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-27
This is a new item on their buffet menu - the Pecorino Porcini and Shaved Black Truffle.In my opinion, this dish is very good and impressive in the way Greenhouse did their presentation. However, in terms of taste, I would say it is an acquired one. Personally, I find the dish bland except for a very mild spicy tinge to it.A good 'show' to watch them preparing it, but can walk away after clapping continue reading
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I was initially drawn to Greenhouse for its breakfast buffet. But somehow, I ended up with their Dinner Buffet. Every Friday & Saturday features their International Seafood Buffet, while other days are Asian Buffet, like the one I had.I can vouch that their Buffet holds one of the best Japanese (specifically sushi and sashimi) Counter. A wide array of fresh sashimi and rarer species of sushi. For a person who usually tackles the seafood and meat section, I found myself being a repeat customer of this counter.It soon dawned upon me that this Buffet hits me on all the unusual spots. First the Japanese cuisine, now the Salad Counter. Their Salad Counter is unique and noteworthy. I especially adore the Smoked Duck Salad. I’ve always been a fan of smoked duck, and they prepared it utterly well.Though reasonably varied, the Charcuterie Counter didn’t impress me like the previous two. They had the usual, prosciutto ham, gravlax salmon, smoked salmon, chorizo and salami, and the likes. Nothing to yell about. For me, it was a touch and go here.Tiger prawns, clams, mussels and oysters fill up the finite Seafood Counter. After sucking off the shucks of the freshest oysters in town at Tanuki, it can get hard to appreciate the rest of the oysters. Still, well, it isn’t that bad to satisfy the potential oysters craving. The tiger prawns were disappointing. I thought it was plain and dull, and not freshly prepared.Vegetables, pre-prepared chicken, beef, fish – these are the items in the Hot Selections that I generally skip in buffets. And this was no exception. First they have to appeal to my sense of sight, then they get a chance with my taste. But there was nothing special enough to get my stomach on with them.The Carving Station was ordinary. The beef was acceptable though not to the extent that I would go back for a third or fourth time. The Singapore Chili Crab also fell short. I thought they mellowed it down a little in terms of their spiciness to cater to more of the general public, and that the crab meat wasn’t flavored enough. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. And well, avoid getting the Seafood Omelette. It’s unexaggerated-ly flavorless.I am a total fan of artisan breads in general, but it was displeasing that most of their Artisan Bread Counter had this inclination of being rubbery. Though internally soft, I had a little trouble biting it through in entirety. On the other end of the buffet line comes the Cheese Counter. The most extensive cheese counter I’ve seen in buffets. If you take a closer look, they offer at least 10 different types of cheese. So for cheese lovers, you’re in for a treat!The Dessert Counter is pretty safe I’d say. Outstanding pieces like the Vanilla Mille Feuille and Chocolate Tarts are must-tries. Chocolate Ice Cream is also the premium type – the one you get in Marché. If I’m not mistaken, it’s mövenpick ice cream.Juices are not inclusive, though tea and coffee can be ordered through the waitstaff.The reason why I didn’t feel that the Buffet was worthy in general is because they only hit the smaller targets like salads, cheese, sushi and sashimi, and miss the bigger ones like carving stations and seafood counter. Thus the price paid didn’t quite meet my expecation. But if you dig the abovementioned hits, then you can give it a shot.Most cards have at least a 10% discount on meals. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
Promise my sister for a treat if she can get distinction for her exam, went to GreenHouse at Ritz; Grand looking hall sets a different kind of vibe compare to smaller hotels that serves international buffets. Impress by the cold seafood selection; Bright orange colored slipper lobsters was fresh and firm (I ate half a dozen). Fresh prawn was cold and crunchy. Sweet ‘Lala’ is clean and has no muddy taste. They offers the best part of salmon, the BELLY was so fatty and velvety that it literally melts in your mouth. Sushi selection were great but I would recommend the flamed scallop sushi as it’s well charred and delicious and not forgetting the unique mantis prawn sushi, soft and sweet flesh topped with mayo and floss YUM. Shrimp and Kani chawamushi were hot and light tasting. Not your usual bread selection interest me a lot too (their rye bread was great). All their desserts were AWESOME, my favorite was berries fruit tart, buttery and crumbly tart shell filled with smooth custard and topped with fresh sour berries. Cost justified! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)