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Greenwood Fish Market offers more than just fresh seafood. We offer an entire experience. Expect to find the most exquisite, gargantuan and outlandish seafood at this neighbourhood fish shop. continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-11
Pictures r at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2016/03/greenwood-fish-market.htmlThe food was a hit-and-miss: oysters are a must-try, fish catches cooked in the style of grilling or pan-searing are a fail-safe, pastas are a hard pass, and squid, done any way, is a cannot miss.1) For oysters, Canadian Golden Mantle ($4) are best for people who love big bold flavours; whereas the Canadian Mary Point ($4) is for people with a sweet tooth, the Irish one ($4) will be preferred by people who like things delicate (this was my favourite), and the French Gillardeau ($8) is for people who think only good thigns come in big packages, which probably explains its double pricetag.2) Hot Seafood Platter ($99): a massive medley of half a Boston lobster, grilled prawns, fish skewers, NZ mussels with garlic, littleneck clams in white wine, char-grilled Mediterranean squid, oysters mornay with caramelised onions, grilled octopus in spicy vinaigrette mesclun, and fries. It looked a rustic mess, but was deliciously value-for-money. Standouts include the squid and octopus, both were executed flawlessly.3) Squid Ink Linguine ($21.95) - slicked with the moreish essence of squid ink: I liked that it was generously dotted with perfectly cooked calamari.4) Scallop Cioppino ($23.95): an unusual but wonderful combination of spinach pesto-ed spaghetti and spicy arrabiatta, but let down by overcooked rubbery scallops.5) White Truffle Linguine ($23.95) - white truffle tapenade swirled into parmesan cream, and flecked with shitake aplenty: waaaay too rich, this got cloying about halfway through.6) Char-Grilled Atlantic Halibut ($32.95): delicate and beautifully burnished, drizzled with a velvety herbed butter, and sided by grilled asparagus, broccoli and marinated cherry tomatoes. Fantastic stuff, even if I found a number of bones embedded within.7) Pan-Seared Atlantic Cod ($29.95): perfectly flaky and luscious, and served with grilled zucchini, eggplant, broccoli, herbed cherry tomatoes, atop a bed of fluffy mash continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-25
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/11/25/good-value-wine-dinner-greenwood-fish-bistro-on-19nov2015/a friend arranged a wine dinner at greenwood fish bistro on 19.11.2015. 8 of us attended. ^^the same friend arranged fun wine dinners at (1) zaffereno & (2) halia previouslythis evening we had a S$69pax 5-course dinner w/o dessert & coffee.as i don’t drink i look only at the food menu whether i want to pay that just for the food.the restaurant was kind enough to offer juice etc.i took the wine. prosecco was good. i liked the white after this best.reds were quite good too. the restaurant gave me a cranberry drink afterwards too, a great gesture.first course were some smoked canapes. these were very good!the smoked salmon & mussels were excellent…how to describe? smokey i guess, very flavourful.the smoked trout (the server said cold smoked) was so-so, not so tasty.the second course cured salmon with avocado also very nice. it was though nothing special.the 3rd course barramundi was excellent!not sure if barramundi is farmed in singapore like the smaller local seabass. this one the meat is firmer, not so “hu” like falling apart.however 2 of my friends complained that the meat was soft. the rest of us were ok…maybe they got the local seabass instead? just kidding.the 4th course was a duck confit?it was a huge disaster! meat was tough & not edible!actually the server said it was sous vide then cooked in oven (maybe the server got it wrong, just don’t sound right!)..firstly of course duck confit is cooked in duck fat..while the word confit is used loosely to mean slow braise like say pineapple confit or belly pork confit, for duck confit it usually mean strictly duck confit. & i’m not sure you can roast in oven after sous vide.my own 5hr sous vide crispy skin canard a l’orangei would think a cold pan method of rendering out the fat & crisping the skin w/o overcooking the meat makes a lot more sense (above photo)…notice the fat had rendered out..restaurant was great to do a service recovery.they replaced the dish with a octopus.it was competent dish, not the best but i guess good enough.you could say a fish bistro would do an octopus dish better than a duck dish?but then for the last course they served a really “kick-a**” belly pork.this was one of the best i have taken! ^^not really smoked but just a hint of a flavourful ham, very tender & delicious.i have a tea brined belly pork in the fridge now. planning to sous vide then pan-charred the skin. see if i can get anyway close or similar to this excellent piece. :-)thanks to our friend, we had many fun evenings trying out different wine dinners & spending great time together.i am not sure how their service is on normal days but for this evening, i think service was really quite exemplary & they really tried their best (from offering non alcoholic drinks to replacing the 4th course – even though they did not have much choice with the duck being such a quite monumental failure). continue reading
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Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro holds their very own "World Oyster Festival" , and this is the 3rd year already! Every year, over 20 types of oysters are sourced, procured and airflown from all over the world in for this event. Some will even be flown in 2-3 times a year to ensure freshness and a wide array of choices for you oysters lovers out there! For this year, the Oyster Festival commences from 27 June 2015 to 25 July 2015.The first platter of Oysters was served - encompassing 7-8 different types of fresh, juicy oysters. The pinkish dip in the middle was a special concoction comprising of raspberries, shallots and vinaigrette. While it has a fabulous flavour, true oysters lovers are encouraged to abstain from using (too much) of it so that we are able to taste the natural flavours of the oysters.We started with NZ Pacifics oysters - light creamy texture with delicate and clean flavour with a sweet finish. I really enjoyed this large and juicy oyster.Then we tried the Tsarskaya oysters - firm to crunchy texture with flavours of iodine, almond and hazelnut - one of my favorite oysters of the night. It felt almost like chewing on crunchy black fungus when I nibbled on this oyster.Next, we attacked the Kumamoto oysters - very sweet with a honeydew finish, another absolute palate pleaser.Besides fresh seafood, Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro also does some pretty fabulous meats and sandwiches as well. Here was a sampler, encompassing the crackliest bread I've ever eaten on any sandwich, thus gaining lots of points instanteously.   On the left, there were the Mashed Egg with Mackerel, Pulled Pork, Spicy Octopus and Smoked Mussels. The mashed egg with mackerel was a favorite of mine, encompassing the fragrance of mashed hard-boiled egg with mackerel's umami taste. I also enjoyed the chewy and smokey hints of the fresh mussels - never thought these delicacies could be encompassed into sandwiches, but I would certainly love that.Finally, time for desserts! This Cherry Tart was so pretty and fluffy-looking with its mount of fresh cream. The crust was buttery, crunchy and very delectable; but what I loved more were the plump fresh cherries hidden underneath the mount of fresh cream and bursting with sweetness when bitten into. It was the perfect dessert to conclude an evening of seafood with.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to refer here:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/06/invited-tasting-world-oyster-festival.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-28
This restaurant really makes you feel like home, with their simple decoration and cosy dining environment. Restaurant manager and staffs are all equally friendly and helpful here. I have tried their House Fish & Chips, which cost $18.95 per serving looks good and smell good too. The fish meat is very soft and juicy, with no stingy smell in it. The deep fried batter coated outside the fish meat is very crispy and not too oily. Fresh vegetables with crispy and not too salty French fries are served with the main course. Taste good and quite healthy as well for its low oil and less salt contents. Good and affordable! continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-31
This bistro specializes in seafood and especially fishes. We decided to skip the standard fare fish and chips and treat ourselves to grilled fish instead. It was not a bad choice. The fish was very fresh and expertly grilled. I like the crispy skin texture of the fish and the meat was delightful. The greens were also fresh. The pricing is based on market prices of the fish and we paid around 30 dollars for this. It’s pretty reasonable. continue reading
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