Arriving by Public Bus: #52/132/162/162M/163/165/166/167/410/640/855/980 (Bus Stop Number 53041 - bef Thomson Ridge) Nearest MRT: Exit A - Marymount Station (CC16 on the Circle Line) Nearest Carpark: Upper Thomson Road Carpark continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-04
The cafe is located just behind the bus stop. Although it is weekday, the place is filled with customers during lunch time. Casual place. American Express and Diners are accepted here with orders $30 and above. Cash and NETS are also accepted here. But not VISA and MASTER.Remember to collect your tin of cutlery at the counter after making payment.Don't forget to help yourself to the sauces and water at the counter.Food will be served to your table.Latte ($4.90)Smooth and chocolatey in taste.Raisin Scone ($3)A bit sad that it is not served with clotted cream. It is served hot, and tastes soft and buttery.PULUT HITAM PUDDING ($11)Homemade black glutinous rice cake pudding with artisanal fresh coconut ice cream &coconut shavings.I'm disappointed that it is ice cold in the centre. The dry longan in the sauce has chewy texture and quite flavourful in taste. The coconut ice cream has bits of coconut flesh in it.PICK A DATE ($12)In-house warm sticky date pudding, cream butterscotch & vanilla bean ice cream. Honest andRich.The pudding is also having a bit of ice cold centre but not as bad. Lots of walnut in the sauce. Rich but a bit too much for me as I get sick of it after halfway through.Overall the food is not bad. Staff is also quite friendly. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-28
Habitat Cafe is a small and cozy cafe which is always crowded with youngsters. I will always order their truffle fries and churros that is stored in small metal tin which look abit old-school style. The truffle fries and churros took about 15 mins to arrive but it is served hot. The truffle fries is one of my favourite in Singapore because it tasted not oily, tasty and topped with proportionate amount of truffle! And the cinnamon coated churros is crispy on the outside and chewy and spongy on the inside. I liked it when it is dipped inside the dark chocolate sauce by the side. It tasted heavenly good because it is warm and crispy with a sweet taste of chocolate and cinnamon mixed. continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-12
Habitat Coffee is a small cafe located along shophouses on Upper Thomson Road. It was crowded when I was there, but I managed to get a table for three, just beside the pantry. Good news is, there are no GST and service charge here. Water dispenser is also available for free flow water. Basically, when you come in, the friendly staff will hand in the menu and let you take your time to choose. Once you are settled with your choice, go to the cashier, order your menu, pay, and wait for your order to be ready. In a nutshell, this cafe adopts a self-order system.Belgian Waffle Combo with 1 Scoop Ice Cream - $7. The waffle was unfortunately forgettable. Yes, it was fluffy, but nothing special. The Belgian chocolate ice cream that I chose also tasted pretty boring, just like normal chocolate ice cream that I usually have. The size was quite huge though, suitable for sharing.Overall, I love the place (would be much better with lesser crowd), but not really for the food. I heard that they serve great brunch menus, hoping that someday I get the chance (and the willing) to come back for brunch. Their coffees and cakes look tempting also! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-31
FOODI love their cheesy french fries! It has the alluring melted cheesy taste that makes the fries such tasty. It's also quite crispy and it's placed in a metal tin such that the fries would not be cooled down easily and the fries can retain its hot and crispy feel!One of their chef's recommendation, this cheesy pasta is actually aglio olio served with cheesy sausages and slices of bacon. And the whole combination is just awesome. The anlio iteself has the fragrance and spiciness, and with the combo of the cheesy sausages and bacon, it brings the taste up to a new level! AMBIENCEThis cafe is quite a good place to hang out and chill out with friends. It's not that big but has two storey to it. The space between tables is quite small, and hence one can easily eavesdrop the other table when you have no real intention to it.PRICEThe food items are quite affordable, and has no GST and service charge. As such, order must be made and paid at the counter. Free flow of drinks is provided but also self-service. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-29
Habitat Coffee is quite accessible by bus as there is a bus stop nearby so taking public transport won't be a hassle. It is a rather small place so I will not recommend it for large gatherings because it may get crowded during peak hours and there is limited seating. The menu for brunch and dinner is different. For dinner, they have sandwiches and pasta. Being the pasta lover, of course I had pasta! Actually all of us did!Hazelnut coffee $5.90Hazelnut coffee is one of the usuals that I order at cafes because I love it. The hazelnut flavour was present but it could be slightly stronger. The coffee was good and strong enough. The coffee art for this was a tad messy unlike the other cups of coffee that were ordered.Truffle fries $9 Their truffle fries are dressed with fine grated parmesan. They were one of the best that I had tried because almost every one of those fries was crispy! I also love the cheese toppings. It would be perfect if the truffle taste was stronger though.Truffle Al Funghi $17creamy truffle wild mushroom pasta with baby spinachFresh baby spinach was placed on top of the creamy spaghetti. This was perhaps too creamy for my liking.Cheesynara Cream $16This pasta was served with chicken sausage and bacon which was not fatty. Friend had this and she could not finish it because the taste was too overpowering for her.Take Shitake $12Sauteed wild mushrooms with aglio olio linguineNothing fanciful. Just mushrooms and lThis tasted ordinary to me.Ocean Linguine $16grounded black pepper seafood aglio olio tossed with white wineThis was what I had. I wanted aglio olio and there were only 2 types of aglio olio on the menu so I got this. I tried all but I prefer the Ocean Linguine and Cheesynara Cream the best. There were 2 mussels and 4 prawns in it which I felt was reasonable. The prawns were not of the freshest quality though. The black pepper taste was not strong and it was not spicy too. For a cafe, the food is reasonably priced and of reasonable quality. Their brunch menu looks more promising so I will probably be back to try them. continue reading
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