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Hai Di Lao is a renowned restaurant serving Sichuan-style hot pot with a selection of vegetables, seafood and meat. Be flattered by their chefs' acrobatic feat while performing the Kungfu Noodle dance. Customers may also enjoy free manicure sessions and appetizers while waiting for their table. Here at Hai Di Lao, patrons are made to feel at home and pampered with its impeccable service and posh environment (further bolstered by its first-world washrooms). continue reading
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Level2 2016-03-11
This steamboat place is pretty good and the price is good. The only con is the long waiting times, specially at prime dinner time as early as 6 pm. You need to have your name down by 4 or 5 pm, unless you have two hours to spare. continue reading
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For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2015/07/19/hai-di-lao/It took us a while to find the entrance to Hai Di Lao @ Clarke Quay (a lift tucked in a corridor), but better late than never! The famous steamboat chain from China is well-known for its mala soup base, quality ingredients, stellar service and notoriously long queues. In Singapore, the chain has gone from strength to strength, opening its second outlet at 313 Somerset.To avoid waiting for hours, I made reservations 3 weeks in advance for Sunday lunch. Upon stepping out of the lift, we were impressed with the superb service. Staff greeted us with enthusiasm and led us to our table. Along the way, I was drawn towards the manicure room (complimentary service) and board game tables. Snacks are provided free of charge and a children’s playroom is available to occupy kids as well.The restaurant itself is nicely decorated in black and red. Once seated, the waitress assigned to our table handed us aprons, spectacle cleaning cloths and ziploc bags to protect our mobile phones. For ladies with long hair, a hair tie is provided. The sauce, pickles, fruit and dessert counter is chargeable at $4 per pax.We ordered a double-flavour hot pot comprising of Mala spicy broth and Chicken soup ($22).We ordered the following in full portions (half portions also available) on the IPad. The food was faultless and oh-so-fresh.Golden Pomfret ($19), Black Pork ($16), US Beef Slices ($18) and Handmade Shrimp balls ($16).Fish balls ($8), assorted mushrooms ($18), fried tofu skin ($10), potato slices ($4), bamboo shoots ($7), lettuce ($6) and Chinese Cabbage ($4)Kung Fu Noodle performance with rock music. Very entertaining!Watermelon slices and Chilled Almond Beancurd from the buffet counter.Service was attentive, prompt and efficient, a standout from many other casual restaurants in Singapore with splotchy service standards. What impressed us is Hai Di Lao is the ability to manage crowds well. Our bill totaled to $203 for 4 pax after tax and service charge. Pricy hey, considering you’ve gotta cook yourself. continue reading
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One of my favourite/ go to hot pot places. For me one of the most important part of hotpot is the soup base used. I love mala and their spicy mala soup base is just to die for, it's so fragrant and yet you don't feel thirsty after the meal. Anyone who has visited HDL will also attest to the fact that they provide very good service. Staff are always helpful and attentive and this is a big thumbs up for me. The sauces and fruits are also free flow which is another bonus. If you like noodles, do try the hand tossed noodles, not only is it cool as you watch the noodle man toss and turn it in the air but it's so Q and delicious! continue reading
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Level1 2015-05-20
Hai Di Lao keeps me in awe with their service level. Staff are attention to your needs and frequently check on you to refill your drinks and ask if everything is alright. After placing your order using the ipad, food is served shortly after. I particularly like their 黑猪肉 extremely chewy and tender. Another popular dish is their noodles. It is a common site to see chefs 'playing' with the noodle in front of customers being serving it.Hai Di Lao is an extremely popular hotpot spot, queues can easily last for 2 hours. But fret not, while waiting to be served, help yourself to free flow of popcorn, drinks and Chinese desserts. Did I mention, you could even get your manicure done during the wait. continue reading
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Full review - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2014/11/dinner-at-hai-di-lao-hotpot-clarke-quay.htmlAnother birthday celebration with evil sista. This time, the birthday girl wanted to have steamboat. So here we are at the hugely popular upmarket steamboat restaurant chain from China. We visited the original branch at Clarke Quay.Take lift here to level 2This restaurant is well known for its extra services provided on top of premium quality food. Free snacks & drinks, manicure, magazines, kids playroom etc. to ease the waiting time blues as queuing time can be long during peak periods.Waiting areaFruits, drinks & dessertManicure serviceWe had a reservation, so we didn't get to experience those extra services and was ushered swiftly to our table inside.The restaurant is quite dimly lit inside. Tables are generally smallish in size and not really catered for large group dining. Our party of 8 adults and 3 kids have to squeeze at one of these square tables. The space around the hotpot on the table is so limited that most of our food were not placed on the table but on a trolley at the side. Good thing is that the serving staffs were all quick to serve us whatever we wanted to cook. They even peeled the prawns and de-shelled cockles when we're ready to cook them.Mala & Chicken soup $22++The restaurant provided a wide range of condiments and sauces to go with the food. Free flow starters, fruits and dessert are also offered at $4++ per pax. And free flow beverage (Liang teh, Sour plum juice & water) at $3++ per pax.Fruits & saucesDespite having a small table, we still ordered over 20 servings of fresh ingredient to be cooked in the hotpot. A glimpse of what we had for dinner...Pork belly slices $16++Beef slices $18++Fresh prawns $10++Luncheon meat $8++, Tender chicken $12++, Crispy fish skin $8++ & Crab sticks $8++Pork, Prawn & Sotong pastes $22++Enoki mushroom $7++, beancurd skin $6++ & quail eggs $6++Cabbages $4++ & Tanghoon $6++Fresh cockles $8++We also had 3 portions of the Kungfu noodles 功夫面 $4++ where the staff would perform the pulling of flour dough into noodles by the table side. Photo taking time!The end product was super springy noodles that was a delight to eat...slurp!Kungfu handmade noodles $4++At the end of the meal, we tried the fruits and soya pudding which were very delish. The serving staffs also presented a complimentary fruit platter for the birthday girl.Hai Di Lao definitely provided great services inline with their reputation. Serving staffs were always prompt and attentive to our needs, soup and drinks were constantly refilled, different size plastic bags to protect the mobile phones, aprons for diners, bag covers and hot towels whenever they saw a need to use them. They are always checking with us if we needed anything. Food wise, ingredients are undeniably fresh and of good quality with a huge variety to boot. Coupled with the unparalleled services (for steamboat restaurants), it was really worth the extra dollars paid. continue reading
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