Peony Jade Restaurant was first opened in September 2004 at the much celebrated revamped Clarke Quay, specialising in traditional Szechuan / Cantonese cuisines. Diners can indulge in a wide range of spicy Szechuan delicacies and signature dishes like the Szechuan hot and sour soup and more. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Peony Jade's Signature Roast Crispy Free-range Chicken with Sesame Hot & Sour Sauce Peony Jade's Signature Steamed Crystal 'Har Gau' Peony Jade's Signature Szechuan Camphor Wood and Fragant Tea Smoked Duck, serves with Steamed Chinese Flower Buns Peony Jade's Signature Deep Fried Scallops served 2 Ways in a Taro Nest accompanied with Brand's Noble Sauce Peony Jade's Signature King Prawns (de-shelled) garnished with Creamy Pumpkin Sauce Peony Jade's Famed Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup
Review (9)
Level3 2014-12-09
My family & I went for their ala cart lunch buffet. We noticed that there were slight changes in the menu compared to the previous visits (which is gd, will be boring if the menu remains the same all these years right?) =)There were 5 dishes that we could only order once, - Fresh salmon sashimi I am the only fan of sashimi. I must say that they were very fresh & sliced into big pieces- Mushroom dish with AbaloneOur favourite! Love the chewy, flavourful abalone & mushroom with crunchy vegetables- Fried Soon Hock FishOur all time favourite! The fish is fried till very crispy & drizzled with the light soya sauce- 3 different variety of dim sumFried spring roll is crispy. Love the fillings with lots of carrots & turnipSiew mai is flavourful. I simply love the fish roes on top of the siew mai which added texture when you bite them Har gao skin is thin & prawn fillings are generous- spicy hot & sour soup / fish maw soupWe gave this a miss as we wanted to try other dishesOh yes, you must remember to try their fried soft shell crabs in thai sauce (can only order once & choose one out of a few other dishes)Prawn & fruit salad is very refreshing & appetizing.Crispy salmon skin, very addictive indeedThere were many desserts for us to choose such as ice cream, black sesame paste, red bean paste, mango with pomelo,  sea coconut, almond jelly with fruits & lemongrass jelly. We tried all of them & they are pretty good except the black sesame paste which is a bit too 'diluted'. Of course, all their dishes were delicious. Overall, we had a pleasant dinning experience, the staffs were very efficient & attentive to our needs. Thumbs up for their food & services! continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-28
Peony Jade is always my choice for ala cart Chinese food buffet. The weekday buffet lunch is quite worth it. About $40++/pax, Buy 3 get 1 free for credit card promotion. The following dishes can only be ordered once – whole abalone, salmon sashimi, Hk dim sum, fish maw soup, deep-fried soon hock. Other dishes include seafood, appetizers, soups, poultry, noodles/rice, beancurd, vegetables and dessert. I like the selection of HK dim sum. For the siew mai, the juices burst from each dumpling as I sank my teeth in, and experienced the wonderful chewiness in each bite. For Har Kow, the prawn is fresh and does not have too much of seasoning. The spring roll is very crispy on the outside, though the vegetables could a bit hard.  I don’t really like the Fish maw soup though as it taste a bit weird in braised hot and sour soup, more sour than spicy. I ordered the crabmeat bouillon with golden mushroom instead, and I like it. The crabmeat and mushroom are generous and the soup is very tasty with all the ingredients, can taste the natural sweetness of the crabmeat and other ingredients. They also serve chilled lemongrass jelly as dessert. The lemongrass added great fragrance and taste to the jelly. Serving are fast and staff are friendly. Good for family gathering. Highly recommended. continue reading
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for photos and more reviews, visit http://thelittlemomentsofmylife.blogspot.com (:walking down the length of shops along clarke quay, there are an abundance of restaurants to chose from for dinner! virtually all types of cuisines are present, right down to turkish cuisine, in the form of turkish ice cream haha. if you walk right down to the end of the row, without being lured by all the other eating outlets along the way, you'll reach peony jade, which is famous for its cantonese cuisine (& mooncakes!!). it's menu of seafood was extensive, but we didn't order any of it i thought the picture of one lobster dish looked exceptionally enticing, but it was really expensive O.Oi was slightly hesitant when my mum suggested ordering the braised dried seafood with pumpkin soup ($32 small), preferring to opt for the safer choice of hot & sour soup. but then again, it's always good to have a stomach open to new food right? so i went along with her choice, and my, i was pleasantly surprised! the soup was very flavourful, having been boiled with seafood like prawns, scallop and fish. slightly sweet from the pumpkin, it also tasted very much like sharks' fin soup! haha. YAY it was great to slurp down that bowl of tasty soup for the soul, knowing that we weren't killing any sharks in the process ;)the pan-fried eggplant with hot garlic sauce and fish fillet ($18 small) came in a sizzling hot pot. the eggplant was fried till it was slightly crispy, but after being boiled with the sauce, it was wonderfully soft at the same time. such a perfect combination. the sauce was tomato-based, inviting comments like 'why does it taste like tomato ketchup??' well, it did, to a certain extent. but definitely a tastier version. uhh, one thing though, we couldn't find the fish fillet anywhere inside?there were so many yummy dishes that day! but if i had to pick a favourite, it would be the braised homemade beancurd with golden mushrooms and dried scallops ($18 small). fried to a light crisp, each piece of beancurd was nicely cut into portions for easier eating. the sauce was lightly flavoured, and the beautiful golden mushrooms complemented the beancurd wonderfully.the 'jing du' style pork spare ribs ($20 small) were slathered with a generous amount of sauce, just the way i like it the sauce was sweet and slightly sour and the ribs were tender and meaty. so yummy (:by this point, we were really quite full already! the small portions turned out to be not-so-small after all. but the food was just so delicious that we kept going for more. somehow we managed to sweep the entire table (: and oh oh! the appetizer was really nice too!!!!!! i can't remember where i had a similar appetizer, i think it could have been at taste paradise. it was a handful of a variety of nuts coated with a glaze and covered with sesame seeds. absolutely DELICIOUS. anyway, the next dish we had was roasted crispy free-range chicken with szechuan hot sesame sauce ($30 half chicken). as promised, the chicken skin was nicely crispy, but the sauce was uhh, either non-existent, or just not spicy at all. i found that it was mostly a flavouring which they scattered over the top of the chicken. it was really tasty though! a mix of garlic, sesame and i dunno what else. but it was really really yummy.and of course, one of my favourite chinese desserts. actually, when we were browsing the menu before we decided to enter the restaurant, the pan fried szechuan pancake with red bean paste ($12) was the dish that sealed the dish for me heehee. and it didn't disappoint beautifully crispy, with a fairly generous amount of paste. the only thing was it seemed to be dousha rather than red bean? they're different, right?? but it was nice anyway continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-24
I was out with a group of friends, the plan was after dinner, then we’ll just jalan jalan through the night life pubs or just walk over to Central and Liang Court area for some shopping and desserts. When we were seated, I noticed a romantic alfresco area where diners get to watch and admire the sunset. The staff are very friendly, helpful and patient with my indecisiveness on what to eat. The fish was very fresh and prawns were very crunchy and crispy batter paired together. The chicken was a little too skinny for my liking though. continue reading
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Level1 2012-11-12
Had lunch with my colleagues last Friday. My first ever meal at Peony Jade. This year, my company's mid-autumn dinner was held at Peony Jade restaurant too, but I missed it as I had other matters to attend on that day. But at least I'm glad that I have a chance to have a meal at there. The ambience was good and the location was easily accessible by public transport (bus). There was no difficulty in finding the restaurant. The fish was quite fresh.And and....The decoration caught our attention! The carving of the 'bird" was really interesting and nice as it added special decoration to the dish. We even took it out and placed on the table and took pictures of it. Maybe that's our first time seeing such a unique decoration? Overall, all the 8 dishes were nice and tasty.I would surely recommend to my friends if they ever want to dine at Clarke Quay area or suggest or recommend Peony Jade Restaurant to them as a good choice of location/area to have their Company's event held at.I never know that I can find such a great place at Clarke Quay to dine in as I can mostly find pubs around that area.Hope I can get a chance to have a meal again at Peony Jade Restaurant and get to try out other good or recommended dishes. p/s my favourite is 'Oor Nee" - a dessert - though I didn't get a chance to try out. Haha ! continue reading
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