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Hai Di Lao is a renowned restaurant serving Sichuan-style hot pot with a selection of vegetables, seafood and meat. Be flattered by their chefs' acrobatic feat while performing the Kungfu Noodle dance. Customers may also enjoy free manicure sessions and appetizers while waiting for their table. Here at Hai Di Lao, patrons are made to feel at home and pampered with its impeccable service and posh environment (further bolstered by its first-world washrooms). continue reading
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Level3 2016-03-30
Review with photos at http://www.nahmj.com/2016/03/26/hai-di-lao-hot-pot-313-somerset-singapore/I have heard alot of raving about Hai Di Lao Hot Pot; the food, the soup and the services and so on. It set me really curious about how good it really is but as I am never a fan of Hot Pot, I drag my feet for a trip to try them out. Until one day, a blogger friend suggested to have dinner at Hai Di Lao @ 313 Somerset. I was gamed for it.We took our queue number at about 7pm. We waited for a little more than 2 hours before we were ushered to the table for our Hot Pot dinner. In other words, if you want to dine at Hai Di Lao, be prepared for a long wait.The consolation was Hai Di Lao serves some fruits, tibits and drinks to their customers who are in the waiting, some colourful papers for origami, a manicure service for free and a children playroom. One more, free Wifi too.At about 9. 15 pm, finally our table is ready. Hunger pang has kicked in by now.We ordered 4 different soup; Chicken Soup, Mala, Tomato and the Mushroom soup. Tomato Soup is a highly popular soup at Hai Di Lao Hot Pot. And this was high loved by our group of diners except me. I didn’t like it, perhaps the main factor was contributed to I am not a fan of anything tomato. My personal favourite is the Mala as there is enough Szechuan Peppercorn added that will numb the lips and tongues. Next, I would opt for the . But somehow, I felt that the soup was with quite a lot of MSG. After the meal, I kept feeling thirsty. I am one who is not sensitive to MSG unless the amount added was significant.One point to note, if you find that the soup was diluted after they have topped it up with more soup, do inform the service staff. They are able to increase the concentration by adding some concentrated stock.The ingredients for the hot pot was of a good mix. There were sliced the usual Sliced Meats; pork, chicken and beef.Various innards were also offered on the menu. Even Pig’s brain was available too. We ordered only the Pig's liver, one of my favourite food.In all Hot Pot, the Fried Beancurd Skin can never be missing. We order the Fried Fish Skin too.I was so glad that it was the Minced Meatballs that was offered instead of the processed meatballs, which I termed it as the fishball and its like.One of the popular item at Hai Di Lao Hot Pot is the Handmade noodles. If you order this, the chef will perform his “La Mian 拉面” skill at your table.I was surprised at the high quality food versus reasonable pricing. And there were lots of what I termed as value added service that were offered free to enhance the total customer experience. It was absolutely awesome. I wouldn’t mind going back whenever I feel like it.More reviews on http://www.nahmj.com/ continue reading
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Level2 2015-01-23
Hai Di Lao hotpot, first established in China more than 20 years ago, have become one of the most successful restaurant companies in the world. Currently, they have opened more than 75 outlets worldwide.Usually, we have to wait for more than 2 hours if we want to dine in the restaurant. It happens at the Clarke Quay branch almost every night. That’s how popular the restaurant is.My family decided to eat in at the Somerset branch and to my surprise, we didn’t have to wait. Don’t worry because the quality is still the same.The Hotpot1. Tomato Soup(S$14++)The only restaurant that is successful in making such a brilliant tomato broth. It had a loveable thickness and excellent flavor.2. Vegetable (S$18++)A healthful loads of greens and mushrooms, brimming with freshness.3. Black Pork (S$16++)Slices of tenderness.4. Quail Eggs (S$6++)Too many quail eggs = pimples + cholesterol. But I don’t care as long as it is good.5. Fresh Tofu (S$6++)It’s kind of got the nice soft texture that most tofu has.6. Fried Tofu (S$3++)I was expecting the fried tofu to be somewhat hard-bitten but it was actually the other way around. It was quite tender.7. Assortment of mashed meats (S$11++)Slightly tender and full of flavor.8. Handmade Noodles (S$4++)Beautiful dance, beautiful noodle! It was so tasty that we ordered it thrice.There are so many hotpot restaurants in Singapore but this is no doubt the only restaurant that manages to create a so good tomato broth with nice dishes and superb customer service. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-01
For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comHaving heard alot about this legendary place, Hai Di Lao Hot Pot, it has been sitting on my "must go visit" list since its opening, therefore we decided to give a try at its 2nd outlet in 313 Somerset.Being advise on its long waiting time, my kakis had queue hours before the dinner thus once all members in the group gathered, we are ready to go in.After hearing so much on their impeccable service, the pampering service provided by Hai Di Lao at the waiting area was seen a norm. Beverages were place on table with tables and chairs on the carpeted waiting area, a mock up of an usual scene of the hotel lobby. Diners get to play board games, read magazines or even manicure. While they keep the mature ones occupied, they did not forget about the children too. They can enjoy themselves in this enclosed playground.With such activities to keep us occupied, Hai Di Lao has make queuing time seems shorter. While walking into the restaurant I was stunned when I saw that they do provide baby cots in the restaurant, a rare sight of dining in Singapore. Along the walkways to our table, I saw the condiments counter placed with assorted condiments as well as appetizers, desserts, porridge and fruits.Environment was grand with carpeted flooring, beautifully designed fitting into a modern chinese themed restaurant.Lighting was sufficiently placed and they practice open kitchen concept whereby diners can view through the glass panels to see how the staff prepared the food.Once we are settled down, the staff on duty were quick to serve and had arrange the utensils for us.Beverage was served at $3 per cup, unlimited. I had the prune drink throughout the session as I find that it is very refreshing and indirectly giving me a bigger appetite to keep more goodies to the stomach from the pot.Hot towels were provided before and after the meals. Zip lock bags are provided to shield our mobile devices from the food but just too bad it was too small for my Samsung device. Aprons are provided too.With technology advancement, ipad ordering system kicks in as a fuss free and convenient menu to us. We were pretty impressed by the speed of serving, it took them less than 5 minutes to have our items ordered and placed that on our tables. As the sauces were self help with buffet style, we can mix everything we want in a bowl and be adventurous. Appetizers like peanuts and preserved pickles are available too.Opted for the Sze Chuan Mala and Chicken as Stock based placed side by side over the cooker. Fried Tofu Skin $6 was also added into the respective stock. The level of spiciness for the Sze Chuan Mala is still bearable just that it consists a handful of peppercorns and once in a while it will cling to the food that we scooped up.We had specific staff who was on standby to serve our tables. Look who's at our service?Their handmade cuttlefish cakes, mashed shrimps are tasty. Staff on duty will scoop the paste into small portions and have them placed in the preferred soup base.Slice fishes was abit salty but they are fresh.Though vegetables may seem expensive when dining out, we still have to strike a good balance between the leafy greens and other meaty items.Being Omnivorous creatures on earth, we would not forget about such sexy slices of thin meat sliced to its uniform size and shapes.Slices were rolled and once dipped into the hot boiling pot, meats get curled and cooked in no time.Beside the baby chair provided to toddler, the friendly staff assist in feeding and providing toys to keep the energetic little ones occupied.Those who ordered the handmade noodles get to see how the noodles were being pulled in the air at their seats. It's quite an entertaining performance while dining and waiting for the food to be cooked.Click on the video to find out more.These frozen meat dumplings are best cooked in boiling pot for about 3 to 5 minutes. They were fresh, packed with minced meat and chives.Have some refreshment after the meal. Going back to the condiments counter and enjoy the unlimited helpings on cooling fruits like watermelon.When I was leaving, I saw this plate of nicely arranged fruits, I guess it belongs to one of the private guests rooms.After hearing so much of Hai Di Lao Hot Pot, I do agree that the service standard is better than most of the restaurants with additional cares and items , taking care of our belongings and even till the extend of offering baby cots and toys to the kids. On the other hand, I heard that the service here locally is a far cry from where Hai Di Lao was originated and not comparable. It urges me more to give Hai Di Lao a try if there is chance to be in China.Even having heard this, it still wont stop me from visiting Hai Di Lao again in the local branches, as I felt that it is a good place to dine peacefully with little things take care of. continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-03
This popular steamboat chain from China serves the typical Sichuan style hot pot with a wide selection of meats, which customers can place order by using iPad. When we entered this restaurant, we found that they provide friendly staff service to us and told us that this place open until 4.00 a.m.We requested the waitress to serve our free flow of 3 kinds of drinks - black soya bean milk, lemonade or herbal tea. Throughout the whole session of supper, we managed to try all their 3 kinds of drinks. However, we decided to stick back to herbal tea due to the greatness of taste. I told the waitress to put the jug of herbal tea on our table so that she no need to top up our glasses regularly.The reason for my girlfriend and me not ordering veggies because their pricing are expensive.We order half-half soup bases by trying the Laksa and chicken soup. The chicken soup has very faint herbal nutritious taste, cooked with black chicken, wolfberry and Chinese dates. It able to bring out the flavours of the ingredients such as the meats that we ordered except for Cumin Chicken needs to be cook in Laksa soup.Tofu and quail eggs will work with the Laksa soup base.This restaurant uses thigh meat as their chicken slice. Therefore, their meat is so tender.We quite disappointed with their service because the waitress did not check her order and showed us her bill with their best spicy ribs in town, which we waited for a long time, but did not bother to serve our table. Finally, she agreed to reverse the transaction and requested us to make the final settlement.Before we left the place, the waitress also did not give their hand towels to us for wiping our dirty hands. Hence, we have to go to toilet to clean up our hands.My comments: food quality remains and try to go late night to avoid the queue especially after 10.00 p.m. It can be expensive if you are not careful in your order because this is the only ala carte steamboat restaurant in Singapore and the sauce provided is also chargeable. continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-17
Having heard many good things about Hai Di Lao Steamboat Restaurant, the extremely long queues, and the complimentary manicure services while waiting, *Charmaine and I decided to give it a try, and satiate her steamboat cravings. Note that Hai Di Lao is an ala carte steamboat restaurant and not a buffet concept. They have a very wide variety of quality meats, seafood, vegetables and other unique items (cooked and uncooked) to suit every individual's unique preferences.We got there at 7.00pm, took a queue number, and were informed that there would be an hour's waiting time. So we killed time shopping and then settling down upon one of the tiny tables set up outside for patrons to await their turn. Fret not that one would be bored, hungry or thirsty to death - because there's servings of fruits, popcorn and herbal tea for the taking.*Charmaine and I ordered a Chicken Soup Hot Pot (which had a delicious herbal flavor, cooked with black chicken, mushrooms and fishballs) and the Spicy Szechuan Hot Pot (ma la - which we were asked if we wanted very spicy, medium or light - it was palatable!), so that we'd have a balance of flavors. They helped us ladle the soup so we didn't have to do it ourselves.We started with some Black Pork slices- tender, scrumptious and thin slices of sweet-tasting sweet pork, going especially well in the spicy soup base.The Scallops were huge, juicy and simply marvelous - having these plump darlings rolling about in the mouths was simply a real treat.This is truly a very amazing place with great, thoughtful service and lovely food. *Charmaine and I each spent SGD$53.00 and left the place feeling very satisfied.For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/07/dinner-at-hai-di-lao-steamboat.html continue reading
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