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Hamanoya is a traditional Japanese robatayaki restaurant where the seafood items are freshly imported from Japan. Their menu will feature a variety of Japanese sake and French wines. continue reading
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Review (9)
Level3 2017-01-14
It was my first time to this places, right at end of lane. This Japanese restaurant price is quite reasonable and fresh stuff from review. Ordered Yakitori don and chicken hotpot. The decoration is quite unique of Japanese style. Finally our food arrived, hotspot soup still require to be cook about 5 mins. One quick sight and it is really fresh and served with prawns, tofu, chicken piece , meat ball with lots of vegetables. The special soup is so shiok when warm. It also came with rice, streaming eggs, Miso soup and overall portion can be for 1-2pax. Yakitori don was also tasteful with teriyaki sauce and 3 stick of Yakitori stick. The sauce have made a nice combination. Overall food presentation was very professionally. The service is good as assistance and clearing of plates without any request. Must try. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-23
Visiting a casual while affordable Japanese restaurant which specialized Slow Charcoal Grilling method, it was totally trendy new dining edition for me. At Hamanoya, there was a wide range of fresh sashimi and also grilled delicacies with top freshness and quality. Comfy environment with proficient service, theme of décor was pretty and unique. All their condiments containers are cute and neat, definitely a fantastic dinning place.We opted for healthier choice, of course the set included their signature grilled fish. Beautifully presented in a wooden boat platter, some pickles and Miso soup came along side by side. Colourful classic mix of sushi, the combination was appealing enough to attract my taste buds. Unfortunately, I found the fish was a little dry yet the sauce went well with sushi. I must say the Salmon was fresh, Tempura and Ramen did its part well. Overall was simple and enjoyable. Reasonable portion for reasonable price, it costed at $24.99. Sharing by two of us, it was satisfying meal indeed. continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-21
For full review - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2014/05/dinner-at-hamanoya-robata-dessert-from.htmlThis was my 2nd visit to Hamanoya, they have since added many new items to their menu and I am here to suss them out.They have added many new sushi and sashimi items which are lacking in their previous menu. However, being the first Robata restaurant in SG, their forte is their slow grilled items so I'm still sticking to ordering ala carte charcoal grilled items for my dinner tonight.The food portion looks seemingly small in the pictures so I picked out about 5 savory items and an Onigiri as the carbo dish. The drink and a small complimentary appetizer was served right after placing order.The spinach cold dish was nice and refreshing. However, I was kinda disappointed that they have stopped serving complimentary skewered seafood as complimentary starter dish which I had on my first visit.Grilled Onigiri w/ miso paste $3.99++, this was lightly grilled over charcoal fire to bring out the smokey aroma of the miso paste. It was very tasty and the chef did a good job of making sure the rice is still soft and moist despite having gone through the grilling process.Grilled Asparagus wrapped w/ Bacon $4.99++, this is a no brainer pick on my part as it is a guaranteed yummy dish. Who could resist anything made with crispy bacon?Grilled Chicken meatball w/ half boiled egg $4.99++, I had this before and I'm having it again, as this is way too delicious to not order again. The marinated minced chicken meat slow cooked on a large wooden spoon was extremely juicy and flavorful, and dipping it into the creamy half boiled egg just takes it to a whole new level. Must try!This is something new, Grilled Miso paste w/ fresh vegetables $4.99++. The Miso paste is the main focus here even though it was supposed to be the dipping sauce for the freshly cut veggies. The miso paste has added bits of finely chopped veggies to enhance its flavor and the grilling process gave it a really nice smokey fragrance. It was quite tasty but a tad too salty for my palate.Grilled Salmon belly $11.99++, another dish that I had previously and don't mind having it again and again. The restaurant has limited servings of these daily and it gets sold out pretty fast. It is not hard to figure out why it is such a popular dish. Being the softest part of the fish, the tender and succulent meat was oozing juicy goodness from within...simply divine!At this point, I already knew I had over-ordered for tonight. All the dishes served were really larger in portion as compared to what I saw on the pictures. It didn't help that my last dish was also a big portion one. Tonpei Yaki とんぺい焼き $7.99++, a Japanese Izakaya styled omelette with pork belly slices and chopped veggies topped with savory tonkatsu sauce and creamy mayo.This was a truly mouth-watering dish, there were generous amount of juicy pork belly slices in the omelette. I was pleasantly surprised that they are charging only 8 bucks for this dish! Definitely recommended.I didn't manage to finish all my food in one seating so I packed them back for dinner next day. The pork omelette and the salmon belly remains very delish even after sitting in the fridge and being reheated after one day!The service level here definitely scores high points in my good books, very professional and polite like in every authentic Japanese restaurant. Coupled with reasonably priced and fantastic food, this is Hamanoya's recipe for keeping their customers happy, and coming back again and again. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-12
Arranged with my friends to go for River Ang Bao so we had dinner first at  Hamanoya! Such a coincidence that we all ended up ordering the same thing - hot pot!! Haha but in different kind of ingredients! I opt for Kimchi Hot Pot $15.99 and i add on $3.99 for a serving of udon. Took a while to boil and once it start boiling, everything start to cook nicely! Can't go too wrong with kimchi and i really enjoyed the overall taste + i love noodles so udon is a great addition to it.The feedback from my friends for their own individual hot pot are not too bad either. continue reading
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Level3 2013-11-04
Where to find Good Jap Grilled food? Newly Open Hamanoya at Marine Square is the solution. Sorry to say this, it was not the best grilled food I had but it was OK. When we first entered the restaurant, they served us hot towel for us to clean our hands. NOT BAD!!! Haven't had such service in a long time! The atmosphere of the place was good, we were greeted with a smile and the floor crew quickly ushered us with our seats. Skewed Scallop - FOCWithout ordering anything, they brought us the Skewed Scallop for starter. While slowly grilling the scallop over a warm charcoal, waiting for our food to be served. What a great idea. Watching the scallop been cooked and enjoying the conversation with my family. They simply brush the scallop with soy sauce. We were able to taste the slight sweet of the scallop.Japanese Seasoning. For those who liked their food to be heavily seasoned, most of you will liked them. They were placed in such pretty vessel. Hokke - $16.99We love this fish. It was 'semi-dried' and grilled until the color turned brownish. Squeezed a wedge of lemon to counter the fatness from the fish. The chef was able to seal in all the juice. When we 'tackled' it with our chopstick, the fat from the fish just oozed out. Very well seasoned. Sashimi - $16.99Only 5 piece costed $16.99. It tasted really good. We can felt the texture of the fish. It was slightly chewy, thus we were able to taste the flavor clearly as the fragrant of the fish spread through our mouth. However, it was too expensive. Mixed Skewers - $12.99There were 5 different skewers consist of pork, chicken and beef. Seasoned with sweet soy sauce. The meat weren't too tough. However, it was slightly bland. Interesting idea to dip the meat in the egg yolk, causing a smoother texture. Kawasaki - $7.99Slightly overcooked and the fish head was frozen. The chef simply seasoned with salt and grilled until high heat. The taste was OK. Compared to the rest of the dish, it wasn't too expensive. The Price was slightly high but the experience was good. However, the floor crew still need more training. We asked for the filling for green tea before they responded. The restaurant still unable to handle big crowd. continue reading
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