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Sister restaurant of Teppei, Japanese self-serve buffet restaurant, Hanare, adopts a total different concept, offering affordable lunch and dinner buffet with up to 15 pre-prepared dishes that includes sushi handrolls, deep-fried food and wagyu beef curry. continue reading
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Level4 2016-12-23
The restaurant is ran by the wife of Teppei-san, the man behind the well known Teppei Japanese restaurant in Orchid Hotel. The restaurant was located at the second level, on top of Super Star 3, a Korean BBQ restaurant. Here one just order at the counter and find your own seat. Only NETS and cash is accepted here. Similar to other outlets under Teppei, it also offers Barachirashi. But that is where the difference comes in. With each order of main course, one could help yourself to the various side dishes on the counter.As it was Wednesday when I visited the restaurant, the daily special was Barachirashi 7 colours ($24.80). The usual barachirashi topping, aburi salmon, crab claw, negitoro, scallop, salmon roe, tempura crumbles, on top of sushi rice , with fresh wasabi. The serving looked small in the big bowl, but it was quite filling. For side dishes, there's braised chicken with vegetables, Kabocha Korokke ( Japanese pumpkin croquette), Kakiage, miso soup, DIY salad, egg mayo, pasta , Hijiki (brown sea vegetable growing wild on rocky coastlines around Japan, Korea & China) No Nimono, kinpira (burdock root cooked in soy sauce), miso eggplant, marinated bamboo shoot and tea. As it was is ladies night, one could also enjoy a free drink after a bowl of main course. However I was too full and forgotten about the free drink. continue reading
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A flagship of Teppi Japanese Restaurant, Hanare serves Chirashi Don as one of their main dish. Located near Orchid hotel, you can find Hanare at 3rd storey of a shophouse (beside Blue Ginger). You can choose curry set or Bara Chirashi Don setCustomer can choose to opt for a Buffet Set ($19.90), or their famed Bara Chirashi Set ($17.60) which is their mini buffet where you get a bowl of Chirashi Don with unlimited servings of 4 side dishes and miso soup. The Bara Chirashi Buffer Set ($29.90) entitle you the whole buffet side dishes. I would recommend Set B if you are a big eater.Side dishes Buffet area Cook your own noodle. The broth is thick and savory.Fried prawn, fried saba, croquette and fried chicken chunks (left to right) Fried salmon belly!!! The meat is thick and juicy, of cos the fats play a part in it!Mini Buffet set consist of fried salmon pieces, salad, braised salmon, edamame etc etcMiso soup at your own helpingHighlight of the day: Chirashi Don. Loads of fish given on a bowl of rice. The fish consist of salmon, tuna, clam and roe. All the ingredients are marinated and taste savory and fresh. Mix abit of wasabi to further enhance the taste. You would be having warm rice with cold sashimi, such a wonderful combination.Verdict: 4 /5The prices is very affordable consider that it comes with the buffet and chirashi don. The food fare pretty good and i have no complaint on the chirashi don. However due to its small capacity, it is unable to cater for too many customers.Address: 99B Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088520, Level 3 (Walk 7 mins from Tanjong Pagar Mrt exit A towards Orchid Hotel, beside Blue Ginger) continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-11
Had the barachirashi set for $17.60 with free flow of side dishes. The side dishes are not fixed and change every time. Miso soup was average-tasting. The barachirashi was yummy though. I had tried the chirashi with their seasoning before and I felt that it had masked the taste of the sashimi so I decided to try one without any dressing. There were a few types of fish and chunks were thick and juicy. Rice was served at room temperature underneath the sashimi. If you love barachirashi, note down Hanare! Portion was very filling too. continue reading
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For full review, please visit http://www.makeyourcaloriescount.com/2014/03/sg-hanare-unparalleled-japanese-sashimi.htmlWhile writing this post, I could not resist referring to my calendar and realised that my reservation at Teppei Restaurant is not till June 2014, with my reservation placed on 2 January 2014. Yes, the queue is at least six months long.While the wait for my omakase at Teppei continues, we read about the opening of their sister restaurant, Hanare. We jumped with joy when we learnt that this new offering is located conveniently in the vicinity of Tanjong Pagar, a short five minute walk from the MRT station. Unlike Teppei Restaurant, Hanare do not accept reservations and have a walk-in policy only for both their lunch and dinner seatings, at the same price.At present, there are only two options with no ala carte menu. All prices are nett and inclusive of GST and service charge. Do note that you are expected to make payment upon arrival.We opted for the buffet on this occasion and with more than 20 different types of side dishes ranging from curry beef to chicken cutlet. As part of the buffet offering was the daily special and on this instance, there were three slices of salmon and two slices of scallop sashimi.The bara chirashi, which essentially refers to a bowl lunch special is somewhat like a bento set with a fair share of sashimi offering. One would however be limited to four different kinds of side dishes, such as tamago ("egg") or seasoned vegetables.The sashimi slices were thick and fresh. The salmon slices were highly palatable with three slices to each portion served alongside fresh salmon roe. What I particularly enjoyed was the punch of freshness from the protein and with the wasabi, it surely heightened our senses.The generous serving of salmon roe added a layer of glutinosity in texture with its gluey-ness while the salmon roe were firm and burst with goodiness with each bite. If you are a lover of salmon roe, this will not disappoint.After finishing our sashimi, it was time to check out what the buffet has to offer! Do not expect to be wow-ed with sashimi platter or the likes as the buffet features mainly cooked food such as chicken cutlet, spring rolls, seasoned and stir-fry vegetables and more importantly their signature curry dishes!The chicken and beef pieces were located beside the rice and curry pots though there were clear signage to indicate so. For those with a heavier appetite, load up on the fragrant rice, the tender chicken and beef and shower it with some curry love for a satisfying main on its own!Unlike the usual sweet Japanese curry that we are more used to, this was largely adjusted to the palate of local Singaporeans as it spotted a slightly spicier touch. We loved the viscosity of the curry and the heat was cleverly balanced with the appropriate level of sweetness.Quite frankly, the buffet offering was not particularly impressive, with the usual chicken karaage, edamame, udon, etc filling the trays but this spring roll caught our attention as it had a layer of ham and cheese on the inside of the fluff pastry.The interior was simply decorated with a touch of minimalism to it. We liked that everything was pretty much self-service, including free-flow of iced and hot Japanese roasted rice tea. Do not set your expectations too high prior to trying and you will leave the meal satisfied. If you are looking for free-flow sashimi sort of Japanese buffet, then this might not suit you well either.Overall, we enjoyed the lunch though it was a quick lunch affair before rushing back to Raffles Place! I liked that it was a no-frills dining experience, reasonable prices (considering that it was nett pricing) and the lady manning the counter was friendly and approachable. Would certainly return soon to try their bara chirashi set! While they are open for lunch till 1430hrs, do note that they are also open for dinner at the same prices with the same offering till 2200hrs.Hanare is located on the first floor, therefore look out for this signage to enter the flight of stairs. continue reading
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Level1 2014-03-07
A new restaurant by teppisan who is no stranger to the streets of tanjong pagar. To many, his flagship store "Teppei Restaurant" is famed for being a hole in the wall restaurant that has a longer waiting list than a michelin-star restaurant. Unlike Teppei Restaurant, Hanare do not take reservation and only accepts walk-in customers for both lunch and dinner. They do not have a fancy menu. No ala carte at the moment. They only have two options at the restaurant. Option 1: Barachirashi with selected side dishes or Option 2: Japanese buffet with 1 non-refillable daily special (barachirashi not included) . For people who are in hurry or love their barachirashi, you can opt for the barachirashi option as they do not have any sashimi on their buffet except if the daily special happens to be sashimi of sort. Personally, barachirashi is my all-time favourite and so, I am happy that this place is another outlet that I can sit down and get a barachirashi with similar side-dishes (that they serve during lunch at teppei) for dinner without having to do takeaway. It's always felt yum continue reading
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