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Experience an exquisite showcase of Japanese delicacies at the sashimi, sushi, and teppanyaki counters of Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant Singapore, or opt for a more intimate meal by dining in the restaurant's private rooms in Tanjong Pagar. continue reading
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Level3 2016-06-09
Original review at http://www.nahmj.com/2016/06/09/hokkaido-sushi-restaurant-m-hotel/I have never heard about Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant even though it exists for quite some time. I suppose that because it is perched at Level 9 of M Hotel which can’t be seen from the road. And may be not much of publicity was done previously. I am glad that I was introduced to this restaurant who pride themselves in serving authentic and fresh Japanese cuisine.As I was approaching, I saw the facade of the restaurant I didn’t feel alluring. It has this 80s vibe in it. When I entered the restaurant, it looks pretty dark as it has only random spotlight as lighting. The space at Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant is huge and it could seat 120 guests at its full capacity with 4 private rooms.At Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant, beside the classic Japanese food such as Sushi, they famous for their Omakase too. And they have started to introduce The Hokkaido Buffet Experience in the form ala carte buffet. It is this that I went for at Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant for my first dinning experience with them. And I am say, I am surprise at the quality and taste for most of the food.The Hokkaido Buffet ExperienceAt The Hokkaido Buffet Experience, it offers a wide variety of food ranging from appetizers to sashimi, sushi to cooked food. We are spoilt for choices.The first luring factor for The Hokkaido Buffet Experience is the Premium Sashimi Platter. Each guest who are at the restaurant for the buffet is served a portion. This promotion is available in June and July 2016. They will be changing this premium items from time to time.AppetizersWe started our meal with the appetizers. There are 11 items on the ala carte buffet menu. We were recommended the signature dishes and we went with it.The first appetizer is the Pitan Tofu which is my absolute favourite among our order. The pungent flavour of Pitan is mild as such it is easy on the palate.Next is the Ikura Chawanmushi. I adore it as it was served pipping hot and not lukewarm. At least this was true on our visit. The chawanmushi was silky. I find it comforting.The lightly sweetened omelette, the Tamago Yaki is such a typical Japanese dish.Last but not least is the Ika Geso, deep fried squid. It has a thin and light batter which make it a great snack with beer.SashimiRight after our appetizers, we dived into the Sashimi as this item is value for money. It is a must go after item at any buffet. Lol!We have all the available Sashimi on the menu; the Maguro, Mekajiki, Hamachi, Salmon, Tako and Hotate. When it was on the table, the first we took note was the thickness. We were Wow by this plate and we relished in the freshness and sweetness of each thick slice.SushiThere are a total of 21 Sushi, 7 Temaki and 9 Maki.First to be served on the table was the Hokkaido Maki which is a sushi roll with salmon in the centre, laced with special sauce and mayonnaise and finally with generous amount of ebiko as final touch.Some of the Sushi we tried were (from right to left) Aburi Salmon Mentaiko, Aburi Ebi, Unagi, Hamachi Truffle and Maguro with Mayonnaise. What I like about the sushi is that the rice amount was small versus the meat.OthersIf you are looking for some hot food, The Hokkaido Buffet Experience of Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant has plenty to offer.Two of my favourite are the Wagyu Mushroom and Pork with Ginger. These 2 dishes were flavourful. And most importantly, they weren’t cooked using the same sauce.If diners need some vegetables, the seems like one and only vegetables to order the Mixed Vegetables with Mushroom.Ginkarei Shioyaki looks similar to Cod and has a smooth oily texture like Cod too. A pity this dish is bland.The Tebasaki, grilled chicken wings, though succulent but the flavour remains on the skin. It did not penetrate into the meat.In total, there are about 25 cooked items to choose from.Noodles and RiceLastly, there are 2 Soba and Udon (Hot and Cold) with ingredients of Pork, Beef, Chicken and Vegetables, 2 Don (Pork and Chicken) and a Garlic Fried Rice. And how could we forget the Miso Soup.All the dishes found at The Hokkaido Buffet Experience is also available as Ala Carte. And the restaurant claims that they are serving the same quality as per Ala Carte for the Buffet.Though Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant provide a good selection that are fresh at The Hokkaido Buffet Experience, I can’t help but to lament on the lack of dessert. It is a shame that it doesn’t include them for a rounded experience. And drinks are to be ordered separately like the desserts.More reviews at http://www.nahmj.com/ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2013-12-09
Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant is not a stranger to many of you. Up at the 9th floor of M Hotel, it had its glory days when the restaurant was voted Best Japanese Restaurant in 2009. In June this year, the restaurant underwent a change in management and since then, there has been many changes to the menu with introduction of many new dishes.We had the pleasure to enjoy the Hokkaido Kaiseki Course ($68) which has appetizers, sashimi, Hokkaido Ginkarei Shioyaki, Char-grill Ohmi, Signature Prawn and Hata Tempura, Bara Chirashi Sushi Bowl and Miso Soup. Our seasonal appetizer includes pumpkin tofu, handmade noodles with foie gras and vegetables with sesame sauce. Its signature prawn and hata tempura uses wild prawns which has a lovely sweetness. The pleasure of tempura lies in its crispy texture and savory nature. The tempura here is airy and light.What we particularly like is the Char-Grill Ohmi – extremely tender and juicy and comes in small cubes. The beef is supple and tender and the cubes of fat have a slight crunch before they melt in the mouth. Don’t be fooled by its size – it may be small, but by the time you finish it, you would have satisfied your beef craving.The highlight of my lunch is non other than Ohmi Wagyu Don. Ohmi beef is one of the three most famous type of Japanese Wagyu (Ohmi, Kobe and Matsuzaka). It contains fine marbling between high quality fat and muscle, making the tenderness of the meat texture. When slightly grilled, the meat melts, giving a rich aroma and sweetness.The Ohmi Wagyu Don has a perfect blend of ohmi beef on top of sushi rice. At Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant, they uses Hokkaido Rice, which is a better grade rice that is gaining in popularity. The rice is glossy, sticky and sweet, which pairs well with the beef. You can order a Ohmi Wagyu Don Set ($78) which is served with sashimi, ikura chawanmushi, pitan tofu, salad and miso soup.Will I come back? Yes, definitely! Chef Thomas’s passion is demonstrated when he came to us almost every meal to explain the dishes. You can see how much I love their Ohmi Wagyu Don and the restaurant owners are coming up with more affordable bento sets without compromising on the quality. Their omakase dinner ranges from $68 to $108. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-10-07
Seemy full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2013/10/05/great-lunch-kaiseki-hokkaido-sushi-on-4oct2013/hokkaido sushi at M Hotel had a wagyu kaiseki groupon promotion. i always like hokkaido sushi but it is kind of ex w/o promotions.they had the S$46.50 for 7-Course kagoshima wagyu sirloin kaiseki & a S$62.80 5-course kagoshima & ohmi wagyu set. there were 6 of us & we arranged to have the S$46.50 lunch. they charged S$1 for refillable tea & S$0.50 water, quite fair. the 7 courses included a pitan tofu with tobiko (flying fish roe), and it was very well done here, as always. next was a sashimi moriawase. this time there was no botan ebi, being replaced by a small truffle kampichi item. the other sashimi – salmon, hamachi, tai & maguro were all good, very fresh & sweet. the fish + 2 ebi tempura were good, nothing special. the ginkarei shioyaki (salt grilled halibut) was very good, and a good helping too. the kagoshima wagyu (star of the show) was very good, but a very small helping just 3 pieces. the bara chirashi don with salmon, tai & ikura toppings was good too, though not special. it was really 6 course & not 7 (they just count the soup as 1 course). i thought it was very good value, though a smaller set c/w with previous offers & having kagoshima wagyu replaced a bigger portion of australian wagyu.i had earlier gone for a lunch with my family & 2 of us took the $62.80 set. the truffle kampachi was ok but i thought the cheaper set sashimi moriawase which then included 1 botan ebi was far better. when it came to wagyu though, there were both kagoshima wagyu & the more ex & fatty ohmi wagyu sirloin & a good portion (100g) & they were just fabulous. when the promotion is back i will certainly do it again especially the ohmi wagyu set. it is best paired with the cheaper 7-course set to share among 2pax. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-28
Nana has bought a couple of Hokkaido Sushi 5th Anniversary set meal vouchers from Groupon for $49.90 per set and today we are coming here to try it out.Assorted Sashimi (5 pieces)The sashimi is average, but which is unique here is that it is served with a dash of truffle oil on top. My first sashimi in this version.Homemade Pitan TofuThis cold tofu is quite unique as it is topped with a sauce made from century egg.Kawahagi (Dried Leather Jacket)It is quite crispy and kind of reminds me of dried sotong. Too bad I have not ordered beer.Ikura Chawan Mushi ( Steamed Custard Egg with Hokkaido Beni Salmon Roe)It tastes average, a bit on the heavy side.Ginkarei Mentaiyaki ( Grilled Hokkaido Halibut fish with Homemade Spicy Cod Roe Sauce)It tastes not bad with the creamy roe sauce on top of the fish.Fried Hokkaido Scallop with Garlic ButterThe scallop tastes a bit overcooked with its chewy texture.Hokkaido MakiIt tastes average.Taraba Ramen ( Ramen with Hokkaido King Crab Leg )The dish tastes real bad. The soup base has not much of a flavour. The noodle has no texture. The crab is quite tough to eat.We end the meal with a choice of either green ice cream or mango ice cream which tastes too sweet for me. Overall the dishes tastes quite average and I do not feel the meal worth the original piece of $142 per set. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2012-08-01
For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/hokkaido-sushi-restaurant/Bought a groupon for Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant at M hotel. The original price of the food is exorbitant and I don’t think its worth it to dine here paying full price. By using the groupon the savings was about 50-60%.Service was decent, the food was served very quickly. Everything must have been well prepared in advance. The food was fantastic! I enjoyed this meal every much, Hubby even told me he wishes to dine here again. It was very quiet at on a Saturday afternoon, only 2 other tables were occupied, I enjoyed the peaceful ambience.Sashimi: I don’t eat Sashimi, Hubby felt it was fresh and delicious. Wafu salad: mixed salad with seaweed in vinegar sauce, balanced taste and refreshing. Home made pitan tofu: delicate dish, I felt healthy eating it. Grilled salmon with spicy cod roe sauce: flavoursome but a tad too salty.Wagyu tenderloin beef with mixed mushroom: I found his too salty.Steamed custard egg with Hokkaido red salmon roe. Soba: soup broth is just right, not too salty.Finished the meal with some yucky green tea and mango ice cream.Opps, nearly missed this out; Signature Hokkaido Mai: sushi roll with deep fried seafood wrapped in seaweed, top with flying fish roe. This was divine! I love the interesting crunchy texture of the sushi. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)