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Teppei Japanese Restaurant is a small restaurant within Orchid Hotel at Tanjong Pagar that specialises in tempura and kushiage. The restaurant also serves Omasake; a direct translation of Japanese for "I leave it to you", a dining style in which diners leave the selections of dishes to the creativity of the chef. It is said that the price of Omasake here is one of the cheapest in town. continue reading
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Bara Chirashizushi Beef Teppan Omakase Smoked Mullet Roe
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Full review on herpenandfork.blogspot.sgIf you have ever passed Orchid Hotel during lunchtime, you would not miss the queues. Apart from the queue for the ramen, there's also the other queue - for Teppei Syokudo. It is known for its Chirashi Kaisen Don, $17.80 during lunch. There's no GST charge, making it one of the lower-end priced sashimi bowls in town. For those who can't trudge to Tanjong Pagar or don't want to brave the lunch time queue, they have takeaway outlets available at Takashimaya and Raffles City basement. Some say that it is better (fresher fish, not overly-marinated etc) to have it here on the spot, prepared by the chef in action himself. I have never tried, but I think you can hardly go wrong coming to the actual place where it first started. In the small space at Orchid Hotel, diners sit by the bar, and you can get a pretty good view of the chefs and the kitchen action because of the open-concept kitchen. The perk of eating in Teppei is that you get to see chef in action: cutting, marinating and portioning the chunks of raw sashimi fish into each bowl. Once you sit down, you are given a menu and asked for your order. They also have other lunch sets (comes with hot/cold green tea and miso soup) ranging from $16.80-$19.90. The Gyu (wagyu beef) Don nearly tempted me with the delicious grilled smells. Nearly. I had to try the Kaisendon.It was indeed as heard, generous with the sashimi. There is chunks, and I mean REALLY chunky and meaty, pieces of tuna, salmon, white fish, plump scallops and of course, the little orange balls of ikura (salmon roe) that go 'pop' in the mouth. This is not a don for people who want the pure unadulterated taste of sashimi. For those who like a little flavour along with the freshness of fish in their bowl, this is good. In fact, it is by far my favourite in town, perhaps because the previous bowls I have tried are not/little marinated. The Teppei Special Sauce marinate gives it the flavour needed that doesn't make one tire of the sashimi so easily. I would have liked the rice more sour with vinegar though. For those who are lucky without restriction of lunch hours, come early (11.55am) or at the later end (2pm) to steer clear of the queues. This is one of those places that definitely lives up to raves. continue reading
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Level4 2016-02-26
The Japanese restaurant is located in the middle of a row of restaurants, at the ground floor of the hotel. It looks rather dull looking, comparing to its neighbouring restaurants. But its $80++ omakase (multi course) dinner is so highly in demand that one has to book about 3 months before in order to dine in there. The restaurant sits about 22 people around its counter table. The seats are quite close to each other. One could only leave bags under the stools or with the cashier. For dinner there is 2 time slots : 6.30pm and 8.30pm.Each person is served iced tea in a beer mug.Assorted Appetiser PlatterThe edamame bean was nutty. The deep fried fish skin was quite crunchy.The lotus root salad was crunchy.The in house made bean curd was light and smooth.The spinach was light and crunchy.The fishcake was crunchy.The unagi maki was a bit too plain.Assorted SashimiThere was salmon, tuna, snapper, scallop, and seaweed, served with fresh wasabi. Felt the tuna was not as fatty and melt in the mouth as before.ChawamushiQuite smooth in texture.Mini minced raw tuna rollSince I'm a female, I got the mini size version. Guys will get the big size version. There was crispy tempura crumbles in the roll which made the roll quite crunchy.Mini TaroServed on a stick.It looked like a nut but really tasted like taro.Monk Fish LiverServed on spoon.Wrapped with crispy beancurd skin, it tasted quite rich and creamy.Braised SnapperAs I was served the tail part, the meat was juicy but a bit quite boney.Raw Tuna, Salmon Roe, Uni on Sushi RiceServed on a spoon.Simply melt in the mouth.Fish Cake MochiServed on a spoon.It looked so cute like a flower. It was served with a bit of sweet savoury brown sauce on it, it had a chewy mochi like texture with a fish cake like taste.PickleServed on a stick.It was served to act as a palate cleanser.Foie Gras on Salmon SashimiServed on a spoon.The pan fried foie gras was quite melt in the mouth. Quite a combination for the cooked and raw food together.Roasted Monk Fish SkinIts chewy texture kind of reminded one of dried cuttlefish.Crab LegServed with a light sauce on top.The meat was sweet and juicyRaw Monk Fish's lipIt had quite crunchy in texture.Saga BeefThe beef looked a bit bloody but tasted quite smooth. For this course, if one did not take beef, it was replace with braised pork. The pork looked dry but had a melt in the mouth texture.Pork bone soup with MochiThe mochi looked like kway chap but was quite chewy in texture. The soup was quite porky.Tai (Snapper) 's Belly on Cream CheeseServed on spoon.Interesting experience of having sashimi with cream cheese. It kind of balance the rich taste of the cream cheese.Main Course : Sashimi Rice Don, 4 Kinds of Sushi, Uni Fried Rice, Wagyu Beef Fried Rice, Fish Ocha Zuke, HiyajiruMom tried Ocha Zuke which reminded one of teochew fish porridge. It was actually rice in hot soup with snapper sashimi, shredded ginger and fresh wasabi on top.If one was having birthday, you could change the main course to sashimi cake. Remember to inform the staff in advance. The staffs around will also sing birthday song to the birthday guy in lighted eye-wears, with the lights off. The sashimi cake was actually cubed sashimi and crunchy pops served on top of seasoned sushi rice, with a candle lighted on.Dessert was a scoop of ice cream with choice of flavour : Calpis, Durian, Green Tea, Sesame, Salted Caramel, Yuzu.The black sesame one was rich and creamy. The green tea one was not bad too. But my favourite was the calpis version.Overall the food was a lot for a $80++ meal. I could see a number of guys having problems finishing their main courses. The staffs were quite funny. We got to be spoon fed by the staffs for certain course served spoon. As I had the 6.30pm dining slots, at around 8pm the cashier already started going around with the bill. 15 minutes before the end, one could see the staffs preparing food the next time slot diners. continue reading
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Level2 2016-01-08
A small restuarant at Orchird Hotel with only about 20 pax seating. Had a great fun during the dining! It was really an interesting experience. The chefs are very entertaining and we have our fair share of fun. They serve us mainly different kinds of sashimi and beef dishes. The sashimi was really fresh with no fishy smell. They have interesting food such as cod fish's sperm and sesame toufu! The taste of cod fish's sperm was not as bad as what i think initially! Sesame toufu was interesting as the sesame taste was quite strong and i like it!Just another reminder, they have this special sashimi cake which can be order in advanced for birthday celebration. Another reminder, please have early lunch or light lunch before going to Teppei! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2014-12-02
This restaurant is quite small thus you need to queue several months ahead to get seats!Our friend queue up 3 months ahead to secure seats for his birthday celebration. We were glad to be invited to his dinner.This is probably one of the cheapest Omakase dining (chef decides the menu for the day & whips up food which he feels like serving). Chef is very cute & homorous. He will mingle & even drink with customers on & off while preparing the food.Do let the chef/staffs know if you do not take beef etc so that they can substitute with other food items. They have 2 sessions for dinner, thus they serve their food very fast (20+ items in total in small individual portions). But, don't worry, the quality of food is not compromised. We really enjoyed their fresh & thickly sliced assorted sashimi, we wished it was buffet style so that we can eat the sashimi to our heart content! Their wagyu beef is super tender & juicy. Their tuna seaweed roll is really awesome, very generous heaps of raw minced tuna with minimal rice wrap inside seaweed. The guys got their tuna roll in extra length compared to ladies which means even more tuna added! This is the first time i saw restaurant serving grasshopper! I dared not eat it & gave it to my partner. He loves it saying that it is very delicious & crunchy As it was our friend's birthday celebration, the chef made a sashimi cake for him. Very generous heaps of sashimi again! Yum yum Overall, we were very satisfied with the dinning experience. Awesome food, friendly & efficient staffs, superb services provided! Highly recommended! continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-19
I've heard ravings about barachirashi at Teppei, and finally got an opportunity to try this out with a friend!We were not working on a weekday noon, so we went there at about 11.30am ( lunch starts at 12pm), thinking that early bird will get the worm. *Palm face* There was already a long queue, and we thought we were being kiasu to be there half an hour earlier? Dubz... Why the office staff can spend time queuing when lunch is supposed to be just an hour? I also want to go work in their company. =_="Thank goodness, we managed to get in for the first seating. In fact, we were the last 2 to go in. Really heng lor.. The place is very small, with just counter seats around the chefs' working area. I did a mental calculation, the restaurant probably can only accommodate 20 odds patrons at one time? Good luck if you intend to come in big group. We were given free flow of side dishes while the chef prepared our chirashi. I particularly liked the stewed meat + radish which was good enough to be a dish on its own. The ingredients totally soaked up the sweet sauce so well, give me a bowl of rice!! Hee heeFinally, our little bowl of seafood goodness came. The bowl was smaller than other places but com'on it was only $17.60!!! Where to find so cheap chirashi? If you think they cut corners and serve you substandard seafood, no lor... salmon, tuna, scallop, roe were all so fresh and sweet.Click on http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2014/09/teppei-japanese-restaurant.html to read more! ♥ ♥ ♥ continue reading
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