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Originally conceptualised in South Korea, Honey Creme is a popular ice cream store that is known for their distinctive soft serve ice cream made from premium ingredients topped with organic honeycomb. Known for their excellent service and engaging experience, they first opened in Taiwan in March 2014 and have since expanded to Hong Kong and Macau. Their outlet in Singapore is the first in Southeast Asia. continue reading
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Level4 2015-07-06
I heard so much about Honey Creme but I've never had the patience to step in, considering sometimes the queue is longer than the queue for the taxis!! They now have a wider menu, covering even local drinks like teh C, which I think is a good twist for this Korean soft serve company.In the super hot and humid weather in Singapore, we all love our ice cream and cold milk tea and now Honey Creme serves up both!In conjunction with SG50, Honey Creme has created two new flavours Pandan Gula Melaka and Cereal Milk, both valid till 30th september 2015. Looking at the list of ingredients in the gula melaka, it's no wonder almost everyone who stepped in the shop was ordering it.Watching the staff, design the soft serve and meticulously place the ingredients showed how much they care about presentation.The staff are very friendly and work with a smile Pandan Gula Melaka $6And here we have it, and interestingly the gula melaka comes in a Pipette dripper, the ones commonly seen in secondary school science labs! I love the swirls of the pandan soft serve and it didn't melt instantly either. So, you can spend some time to take photos with it!You will notice a slight tinge of green pandan in the soft serve and you can indeed taste it. I have never tried their original flavoured soft serve, but this pandan soft serve is heavenly. It has a slighty salty taste to it too, which blends well with the sweet and thick gula melaka syrup.It may look "small" but it is actually enough to share amongst two  The highlight of the dessert was dripping the gula melaka all over the toasted coconut flakes.The toasted coconut flakes were so fresh and crisp I was in love with them. It added a good crunch in every bite, and as you dig deeper into the cup, you get attap seeds too, which adds a chewy texture to the dessert. At the bottom of the cup, you get crunchy rice krispies too! The ingenious idea to add so many crunchy and chewy elements with a Singaporean flavoured soft serve makes this a winner! continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-30
So after dinner one day with my sister, I decided to bring her to try Honey Creme, the looks-like-it-came-from-Korea-but-actually-originated-from-Taiwan, the latest fad to hit Singapore after Llaollao. But to give it credit its Korean-style soft serve ice cream. So weeks after its opening, THANKFULLY, there wasn't a very long queue. Since its christmas, i got the christmas reindeer edition, and although it looked great in pictures, it didnt turn out so great in reality. But not to worry, taste matters more right?This one came with mini-pretzels, large M&M and mini chocolate drops that made up Rudolph's face. HAHAAHHA. Anyway the first bite i was able to taste a hint of alcohol, and sure enough, its irish cream-flavour soft serve ice cream. Anyway they threw in some more pretzel bits and m&ms (or was it maltesers) and so it was a crunchy treat. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-29
Heard so much about Honey Creme on various social media platforms and since i have won a voucher for the cotton candy one from their facebook giveaway, i decided to give it a try. Luckily the queue wasn't too long. Quite a generous serving for the cotton candy! Nice to eat =) Soft serve was not too sweet and it was rather enjoyable as i was rather thirsty. Overall it makes a pretty dessert to have! continue reading
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Level1 2014-12-28
For full review, please visit http://yulenewang.blogspot.sg/2014/12/313somerset-honey-creme.htmlI ordered their signature ice cream, Honey Comb, at $5.90! The ice cream was not sweet, instead, it was soft and thick. It tasted really well. I saw on TV once, the recommended way of eating is to take a bite of the honey comb and have a few spoons of ice cream. The honey comb should remain in your mouth until it was entirely wipe out (i.e. no honey taste).And here's the kicks. Honey comb without honey, the texture was really dry and hard. For few moment, I was reminded with chewing gum. But chewing gum tasted better as the texture is soft and smooth. While this dried honey comb, I continued to chew for another 15 minutes after I finished my cup of ice cream. It was really tasteless and.....yucky? Alright, probably I do not enjoy that. But overall, I love the honey honey comb with ice cream! Simply saying no thanks to the dried honey comb. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-24
Heard about the craze of long queue at Honey Creme shortly after the trending of llao llao few months back. When i first walked past Honey Creme when it was just newly opened, the queue is literally insane long and i didnt really want to spend the time queuing so i gave it a miss at the start. But i heard about how good it was in Korea though i didnt get to try it when i was there ): so i was like, yes, i should go try it one of the days. & yes, finally, i got the chance to try it just few days back. It was on a Sunday after lunch and to my surprise, there was no queue! So obviously, we know we have to grab this chance to grab those honey creme cups for trying!We wanted to try this Xmas edition of Irish Cream, but the machine was down. So we stick back to the original choices.Multi-grain Honey Creme: Its basically sprinkled with finely blended powdered form of multi grains. Nothing too fantastic or special about it.Original Cotton Candy Honey Creme: Well, the looks are definitely more appealing than how it taste. It tasted like Mr Bean Ice cream to me. While some mentioned that it just taste slightly better than McDonald vanilla soft serve. So whichever it is, its up for you to decide!In conclusion, its definitely not worth queuing for hours. The quantity is small and there’s really nothing much a WOW factor to it.http://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2014/12/24/honey-creme/ for full review with pics continue reading
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