Hong Kong Kim Gary cafe was first opened in 1992. Since then, it has expanded from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru and Singapore.They serve a wide variety of Hong Kong specialties, including Hong Kong Cheese Baked Rice, Hong Kong Chinese Mushroom Rice and Hong Kong Spicy Noodles. continue reading
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Mon - Sun
10:30 - 22:00
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Open Till Late
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Signature Dishes
Cheese Baked Rice
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Started during 1992 in Hong Kong, Kim Gary has already set its foot in many neighbouring countries and states such as Penang, KualaLumpur and Singapore. The beauty about Hong Kong Cafe/Eatery is the "fuss-free" and availability of Western and Chinese food culture all under one roof. From sipping milk tea, indulging in dim sum to feasting a slab of steak, you name it, they have it.Compared to Xin Wang Cafe, the former seems slightly pocket friendlier. However, interior design and ambiance, the latter does feels more comfy and chirpy. Ordering was a breeze. Simply by ticking off a chit, hand it over to their ever ready staff and wait to be served.This portion of Chicken Chop Burger was only $6.90. Thinking that it will be really puny, I ordered Steak Teppanyaki Rice ($12.5) to complete my meal.The chicken chop was served with a full thigh meat while the steak was tender (probably more of meat tenderiser) and savoury.Here's my buddy's Cheese Baked Rice with Steak for $14.4 that came with a set meal which included a drink.The total bill for orders was approximately $21, inclusive of tax. What a hearty and fuss free meal!Not much complain about the food. Affordable, great portion and taste good. Definitely a good spot for budget eating.Full Review at http://lepakwithyaops.com/kim-gary-restaurant-value-for-money-hong-kong-cafe-at-tampines-one continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-08
Location: Tampines 1Ambience: Warm & cozy lighting with friendly staff.My humble opinion:It was my first time here & I was lost as to how to place order...There were some self-order food lists & a pencil on the table.But I couldn't find the list of Special Hotplate Sets that I wanted to order.So, I raised my hand & a service staff came almost immediately.I ordered a 海陆空 Hotplate Set Meal which included garlic bread, soup & a drink.The Hot Ginger Cola (young ginger boiled in Cola & served hot) came first.This is a very interesting way of drinking Cola & is found uniquely in Hong Kong.It was believed to be able to cure flu instantaneously.Well, at least it worked for me la...Then came the 海陆空 Hotplate, I was unable to decide what meat to eat, so I ordered this set.It was a well deserved wait...It consisted of 1 piece each of Fish Fillet, Pork Chop & Chicken Chop. - the Fish Fillet was fresh & literally melted on my tongue...- the Pork Chop was nicely marinated & tenderized to perfection...mmm...- the Chicken Chop was slightly salty but was oh-so-juicy!- the potato wedges was crispy outside & moist inside...I especially liked the big halved tomato, it's so firm & juicy... Verdict: Bill: $19.90 for this set meal...What a steal...!Note: Most Chinese restaurants serve the drinks first (e.g. Chinese Tea...) for their guests to enjoy throughout their meal.It is best to notify the service staff in advance (when placing your order) if you preferred your hot drink last. Repeat visits guaranteed from me! PS:I really missed Hong Kong...especially the food!!! We would always reserve 1 meal at Tsui Wah Restaurant for their super-value, yummy Hot Plate Meals...regardless of our busy itinerary.I dared say, Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant had made equal par in terms of taste, service & efficiency with them.Kudos to the team! continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-28
Hong Kong style café yet resided in Singapore, Kim Gary won a lot of claps from its patrons throughout these years. The ambiance was actually similar to those fast food chains, it looked more friendly and comfortable. Lively noisy was a must, the restaurant was constantly crowded. Offered extensive varieties, Menu would not a letdown.Appearance was colourful and attractive, the rice was hidden nicely inside. Covered up with flavourful eggy sense, the taste was a perfect matched. Portion was undeniably filling and sufficient for one serving, absolutely generous bowl. Felt ease for budget conscious, the price was always affordable and pleasant. Around $10.00 for dinner, I satisfied overall. continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-21
My family decided to dine out for lunch and we went to try Kim Gary, which is a hong kong inspired restaurant that sells affordable food. I didn't know what to order, so I chose their Korean spicy noodles. A very hearty meal indeed with the large variety of ingredients with the noodles. And it comes with 2 free dumplings My sis chose the fish with rice which she says was really delicious. Extremely tender fish *thumbs up*!My aunt chose fried noodles which tasted very ordinary and dry. Not very appetizing huh Dish of the day!!! Blask Pepper Steak with spaghetti! My dad absolutely loves this! Tender and juicy beef that goes well with the spaghetti. The black pepper is a bit spicy though.Would recommend this place for family dining if you are looking for affordable hong kong food, but do note not all dishes are that tasty continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-26
There was 1 for 1 offer after 930pm and hence we decided to go to the restaurant for our late dinner. We both ordered the baked rice with twin sauce, mine came with with pork chop whereas my friend ordered the one with chicken chop. The serving was quite big, and the pork chop was tender. The sauces were also flavourful and went well with the meat and rice. Overall I think it is value for money and I will definitely patronise again! continue reading
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