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Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert serves a variety of Hong Kong style desserts, such as the Sheng Kee Mango Pomelo. Their aim is to make the culture of eating desserts an integral part of Singaporeans' daily lives. The interior is mainly decorated in red and Chinese opera portraits are hung inside, creating a relaxed atmosphere. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Almond Sesame Paste Mango Pomelo Sago Mango Pudding Osmanthus Jelly
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Level4 2014-12-13
avocado float $5.90: The avocado taste was rather light and I loved how the vanilla ice-cream complemented it so well, making it a really refreshing dessert. The avocado had a soft and creamy texture and wasn't overly sweet. glutinous rice with pearls: $3.90. The pearls tasted more like mini jellies and was accompanied by coconut syrup(?) too. It was rather sweet. The texture was smooth as well while the glutinous rice was a little sticky. Thankfully the ice-cream was not sweet else it would make the whole dessert overly sweet.  continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-02
Was having my shopping trip here at Causeway point and decided to have a short break and have some snacks before continue the fun of shopping. Stop by this Dessert restaurant and bought 2 slices of yam cakes at $2.90 to taste. THe slices are quite small but the taste was good! The yam flavour was fragrant and the cake is thick and not too oily. THe added chopped spring onions and fried onion make it even more fragrant. Without any chilli sauce to dip with it taste equally good. Restaurant is clean and cooling and staffs here are friendly. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-13
One of the more affordable options in causeway point, Hon gKong Sheng Kee dessert is heavily promoting their set menu. for an additional $1.90, you can add on a dessert + yam cake or carrot cake. you can also choose a beverage for additional $1.90, except iced yuan yang.i ordered Minced Pork Hor Fun for $4.80, and added on black sesame paste + carrot cake.the noodles were sticky, but the minced pork was quite generous and delicious. it was extremely spicy too to my surprise.look at the strands of the white hot fun!also ordered mango pamelo dessert, which was sweet and delicious!sadly, the black sesame paste was not warm enough. the carrot cake was small piece extremely oily and not very nice.they also charged 10% GST + 1% service charge. continue reading
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Hong Kong Sheng Kee has quite a range of Hong Kong style desserts from Red Bean Paste ($2.90) to Mango Sago ($4.90) and snacks such as Siew Mai ($3.90 for 3). They also have a selection of noodles and rice, but the main highlight seems to be their snacks and desserts. I wanted to to try their Yolk Custard Pau so we went there for an early dinner.The place was small but there wasn't many people when we were there so we could choose our own seats. However, I noticed that the seats at the corner had litter strewn on the floor and no one came to clear it even though the place wasn't packed. Otherwise, service was decent and the counter lady even took the time to recommend a few dishes when she noticed us looking at the menu when we went up to place our orders.The first item we got was the Oriental Chicken Sausage Rice ($6.90). It was served in a bamboo container and looked visually nice. The chicken was soft and the sauce was tasty, which added a dash of flavour to the meat and rice! I liked that the dish wasn't too oily like a few other similar dishes I've tried before elsewhere. I would definitely have this dish again in future!We also upgraded the meal to add on two sides, the yam cake and black sesame paste ($1.90). I've also previously tried their carrot cake and almond paste. I found their yam and carrot cake to be pretty good, especially the carrot cake which was quite fragrant and was also a little crispy on the outside. However, both were a tad oily for me. The pastes were both thick and certainly not lacking in flavour. I think these would make a nice dessert to complete your meal with or even to have on its own!Of course, we also got the Yolk Custard Pau ($2.90). The pau was regularly sized and there were two pieces of it, which made it good for sharing. Just be careful when biting into it because the 'custard' inside is kind of runny and will drip/squirt out once you open/bite into the pau. I kind of expected it to be more custard-like though. There was egg yolk mixed in with the sauce inside and it seemed to be the kind from salted egg. Overall, the pau was pretty nice but wasn't really my cup of tea.Finally, I got the Rice Balls in Osmanthus Soup ($3.30) to try as I thought it looked pretty good in the picture on the menu. It was rather a disappointment as it didn't look as nice as the photo and I didn't detect any tinge of osmanthus in the soup; it tasted more like sugared water. The rice balls were quite smooth and chewy though. The filling inside was black sesame, which I thought was okay as I preferred having my rice balls with peanuts filling instead.I have also previously tried their Gold Dust Chicken Cutlet Rice ($6.90) and HK Wanton Noodles Soup ($5.90). The chicken cutlet was crispy but somewhat salty due to the seasoning. I preferred their wanton noodles more. The soup base was mild and the noodles was quite QQ. The wanton was meaty and I liked the wanton skin which was quite smooth. However, for the price, I think the dish is a little expensive considering it only came with wantons and some veggies and you could get local wanton noodles with char siew for cheaper elsewhere. Overall, I think Sheng Kee is a decent place to have a meal or just to have their desserts once in a while. Their paste desserts are also quite tasty although a few of the other desserts and snacks are kind of a hit or miss for me. The prices for some of their dishes, snacks and desserts can also get a little pricey. If you are getting the rice or noodles, I'd recommend upgrading your meal with a choice of yam/carrot cake and one of the paste dessert as $1.90 for both is quite value for money considering that the dessert alone can set you back by about $3.30 if you get it ala carte. But then again, the entire set meal would end up costing around $7.80 to $9.80, which might be still be considered a tad expensive depending on the main dish you choose. continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-27
This is a good place for lunch. You can choose one of the noodle with a dessert of your choice and a piece of yam cake or carrot cake. I like the braised beef noodle with yam cake. Another favourite is the steamed salted egg custard bun. One of the better that i tried, very nice. The milk tea is equally nice too. The tea smell is strong with enough milk. The service is good too. continue reading
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