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Level3 2010-10-13
Having dinner at one of the Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee Cze Char branches near my area and I was surprised by to see some unique dishes that they served. From a banner outside their stall at the Coffee Shop, they are also one of the recommended stalls from the Channel 8 Food Show known as “Sizzling Wok - 煮炒来咯”.Above are the 3 items that we have tried from the recommended dishes list:-1. Sum Lo Hor Fun -三捞河分 which we think can be better because all the rice noodles seems to be bundle together rather than loosely fried. But overall the taste is still good with that slightly burnt wok taste.2. Golden Dragon Beancurd -金龙豆腐 is a must try. As you can see from the photo, this chef recommended tofu is of multi-colour that used vegetable such as spinach and carrot to blend with soya milk and steam it layer by layer to achieve those colourful layer. The tofu is steamed, cut into cubes, deep-fried and top with floss and mayonnaise. Very unique and appetizing starter.3. Mongolian Pork Ribs -蒙古排骨 although it might not good appetizing due to it’s colour but it has a very special taste with the combination of curry leave, black pepper and mayonnaise. It is a good change to have this rather than the usual sweet and sour pork or jin du pai gu. continue reading
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