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Signature Dishes
Hamachi Ceviche Mussels with Pork Belly and Black Cod
Review (2)
Level3 2016-03-02
After knowing about Humpback Sunday Brunch, I decided to pop by with my Mom to check them out at Bukit Pasoh. The unit where Humpback is located was previously occupied by The Clan. Now that The Clan has shifted, the design of the ground floor was revamped into a more casual dinning spot with only bar tables which I never preferred.On Humpback Sunday Brunch menu, 7 categories were offered; namely Oysters, Snacks, Garden, Egg, Seafood, Meat and Dessert.I was glad to catch sight of oysters on its menu. 4 types of oysters offered. All were from Washington, USA, priced at $3 each. I tried the Eld Inlet and Kumamoto. Lemon, specially concocted vinegar and freshly grated horse radish were served with the oysters. Kumamoto was lighter in oyster pungent as compared Eld Inlet. As such Kumamoto was smoother on the palate. But personally I prefer the Eld Inlet as I like that pungent.Kale Salad ($14) was our picked. Besides kale, the main greens, pear, pecan nuts, buttermilk, topped with kale chips and dusted with a good amount of grated parmesan cheese was in this salad. My mom didn’t appreciate it initially but felt it tasted fabulous after ingesting more of them. Personally, I felt it was like having Cesar Salad, instead of Romaine Lettuce, Kale was replaced.Out of the 4 eggs, we chose the most boring one, Scrambled Egg ($10/18) with Prosciutto, asparagus on sourdough. All except the Omelette has it in either small or big plate. Personally, I would go for either the fried egg ($14/24)with octopus or omelette ($18) with oysters.The scrambled egg has a soft a soft curd texture and was creamy. As lots of chopped parsley (I think they were), resulted in more aroma in the dish.It was their Lobster Roll ($39) that prompted me the visit to Humpback. Chunky lobster with cream, tobiko in the roll and frisee and fries by the side. We enjoyed Humpback Lobster Roll.At the meat section, either Buttermilk Fried Chicken or Pork Rib ($14) was available. We ordered the latter. The pork rib was extremely tender. With only the fork, the meat was detached from the bone. Again, a pity, the marinate did not get meat-deep.Since Humpback is part of Jigger and Pony establishment, expect a good range of cocktails and wine. Alternatively, one could customize their very own Bloody Mary.It has limited non-alcoholic drinks though. One of them is the Iced Tea Soda ($6) which we opted to try. Practically, almost like soda.We enjoyed the food offerred at Humpback Sunday Brunch. Though the food weren’t any special but it was well executed. At least the food we ordered were delish.For more reviews, visit http://www.nahmj.com/For original post, visit http://www.nahmj.com/2016/03/02/humpback-sunday-brunch-menu-bukit-pasoh-outram-park-singapore/ continue reading
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Level4 2016-02-18
I'd been hankering to return to Humpback, and after repeated rainchecks taken by our flaky friends to revisit the Seattle-styled seafood restaurant together, decided to head there on our own. The Sugarhall-affiliate had recently launched their Sunday brunch menu, and I'm always happy to add another worthwhile brunch spot to my roster.Perhaps it was Valentine's Day, perhaps it was the roll-over from Chinese New Year get-togethers, or perhaps it was the usual state of affairs, but Humpback was packed to the gills. Lucky for us, we made reservations before going down. Be sure to do likewise.Service, much like Sugarhall, was bubbly and earnest, in no small part due to the fact that most of the staff looked to be in their early twenties (oh to be that young and possess the fat-burning metabolism of a twenties-gal!).The food, though faultless, wasn't really my thing. We don't really eat oysters, and aren't keen on shellfish in general, all of which are precisely why diners flock to Humpback.The Fried Egg ($14), with a sunshiny octopus-laced orzo, and spiked with tete de moine, was a recommendation by the tall hunky drink of water whose muscles were bigger than the Hubs' head. This was indeed awesome, and not because Mr Hunky Dory suggested it. The sous vide egg , breadcrumb-coated and fried to a beautiful crisp, stayed perfectly soft-boiled on the inside. Brilliantly finessed. Strictly as a matter of preference, I preferred the Scrambled Egg ($10) fluffy and moist, and complemented with crunchy asparagus, sumptuous ribbons of prosciutto, and toasted sourdough as an anchoring balance. I'm not the biggest fan of lobster, or mayo, so I was surprised by how much I liked Humpback's tobiko-flecked Lobster Roll ($39), rich and buttery and creamy and meaty and nuanced, set off against a whole lotta paprika fries and the obligatory frisee bunch.Humpback's brunch mainstay, the Buttermilk Fried Chicken ($10) with sriracha was southern cuisine at its most soulful. The touch of lime helped cut through the grease and potent heat of the chilli sauce.Humpback18-20 Bukit Pasoh RoadTel: 6750 4461 / 9772 9896Open Mondays to Saturdays from 5pm to 12midnight;Sundays from 11am to 3pm for brunchWebsite: www.humpback.sg continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)