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I Am Legend is a Halal (Muslim owned) Western Fusion restaurant concept with food court pricing. continue reading
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Level1 2016-02-29
I Am Legend is located within level 3 of Food court In The Big Box.1. Creamy Salted Egg Yolk with Prawns PastaRich and generous salted egg yolk sauce and fresh Prawns is a Plus Point for this Pasta! Simply Rich and Delicious! Must Try!2. Seafood Aglio OglioThis dish is more suitable for Spicy Lovers! The level of spicyness is just right for me and really Fire Me Up! The seafood is fresh and well-cooked.3. Grilled GaroupaAn unquie way of cooking Garoupa, Its was very well control grilled and I could taste the freshness and tenderness of the Garoupa. Topped with Sweet and Spicy sauce makes this dish very appetizing!4. Premium Fish & ChipsDory Fillet was thinly battered and fried, not oily at all and was serves with fries! A must try for Fish and Chips Lovers!5. Lamb ChopCan request for Fries or Onion Rings! The lamb chops are tender and easy to chew! Topped with Black Pepper sauce! It’s simply delicious!6.Truffle FriesThe uniqueness of Truffle overwhelmed the fries! Well prepared and more Truffle Pls!7. Egg PlantNew method of cooking egg plant, more suitable for veggie lovers! continue reading
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Level1 2016-02-25
This outlet is housed in the food court of The Big Box at level 3.This grilled fish dish is tangy, slight spicy and freshProblem with eating fish is dealing with the fish bones.Taste GoodI like this well-grilled eggplant dish . It retains the mositure and sponginess. Seldom do i see Lamp chop comes in such a big portion. The calarmari was a tat oily. The lamb was slightly rubberySalted egg yolk pasta is a fusion dish that has western and asian touch. The egg yolk is painstalkingly sourced from Vietnam, China or Taiwan to ensure the creaminess doesnt affect the overall taste. After arrival, these eggs are further fermented for 3 days.Overall, its a good attempt that foodies will queue to try it when the dishes is launched on 29 Feb. continue reading
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Level4 2016-02-25
For more food reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comI Am Legend is housed in the food court of The Big Box at level 3. With The Big Box as Singapore's largest mega Warehouse Retail Mall, enjoy shopping and dining there as you will feel spacious with great ceiling height.No doubt Seafood Aglio Olio was the first dish served out of the kitchen, its assortment of seafood had drawn a closer attention on us. They are just never too stingy with the prawns, sotong (squids) and baby scallops used. The dish came to us in watery form which was an unusual sight as compared with the past Aglio Olio we had elsewhere. Nevertheless, it had a good spicy taste that perks up the dish.For those with low spicy tolerance, do remember to make your friendly request to reduce the level of spice.I Am Legend threw me a surprise with this item on its menu. Pretty well grilled eggplant that still retain the moist and sponginess even after going through the heat. Presentation looked unappealing with hints that it might be soaking up most of the oil which deters healthy eaters from having them. Though mozzarella Cheese with pesto sauce were part of this make, i still find the dish lackustre.The truffle fries could not make justice to its price tag. There were little or none truffle fragrance since it was served. This finger food was plain usual leaving the only highlight with shaved Parmesan cheese topping up the fries.The pleasing rich look of the the Salted Egg Yolk was tempting enough for salted egg yolk lover like me.In fact, this dish will permanently be in the menu from 29th February. Chef personally explained that he made use of quality salted eggs from China, Vietnam and Taiwan. He had also added that these eggs were fermented for 3 days as a preparation to the dish.A generous amount of creamy salted egg coated prawns together with consistent texture of spaghetti was stomach warming. The use of curry leaves and bird-eye cut chilli had spiced up a little for the pasta. It's decent enough and of course there are better ones out there.For those who shared that thought of not ordering grilled fish from the Western Stall in Food Court, its time to make a change. Yes, it might be a little cumbersome to deal with fish bones but its all worth the trouble. Looking at the creased on its skin and its awesome taste from the brown savoury sauce, they were good to satiate your appetite. Having squeezed lemon juice to reduce the fishy taste, the grilled fish was perfect in its tangy, sweet taste coupled with a few slices of pineapple.Making the table of us happy will be their Fish & Chips from the Dory Fish. With their home-brand Tatar Sauce that was a tad spicy to balance out the greasiness on these 3 big pieces of Fish remained good enough to keep the smiles on our faces. The battered layer was crispy and not too thick which led to a direct good bite from the golden layer into its chunky meat pieces while the sides like the fries & coleslaw were just ordinary.The smell from the charred mutton chops had already gave the dish away without us further guessing the items on the plate. These mutton chops were marinated before hand and one can really taste the "herby" flavours in it. Lamb chop is quite a heaty dish to me and I have to limit my intakes of this dish after all the Chinese new year goodies especially when the dipping sauce is black pepper. Though, it looked overcooked, the color of the lamb chop was not equivalent to the toughness of the meat. It remained as tender as what mutton chop is. Replacing the original sides with onions rings was seen as a good alternative as they were no typical flour batter without much taste of onions. Over here, its definite that you get to bite on the real onions no matter which piece you choose!Hits and Misses, given such Western Fusion Food sold in Food Court, standards were not bad and pricing is relatively cheaper, moreover serving is hearty. Since the actual launch of the dishes is on 29 Feb, they still have time to adjust and perfect the dishes. Do give this "Legend" your support!Last but not least, thanks OpenRice for the invitation. continue reading
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Level4 2016-02-23
Located in the food court area of Big Box is I am Legend. Since land is considerably cheaper in far sides of Singapore like Jurong East, you will find ample space in this huge food court. I am Legend has a corner all to itself and it's easily accessible from the escalator landing.The cook himself took the time to explain the inspirations for each dish, from which you could tell he was extremely passionate about. I am Legend serves up Halal Western Fusion food that prides themselves with the freshest ingredients. 1. Creamy Salted Egg Yolk with Prawns Pasta $15.90First up was the salted egg yolk with prawn pasta. The chef explained that salted eggs were premiumly sourced rather than from neighbouring south-east asian locations. The use pure salted egg rather than artificial flavouring. The salted egg yolk sauce for me was a bit too thick, I would've preferred it to be thinner, so that I could spread it more evenly throughout all the pasta noodles. They were extremely generous with the crunchy prawns but it still fails to justify the $15.90 pricing, considering this is a food court.2. Seafood Aglio Oglio $11.90The seafood aglio olio was the greatest disappointment as it was way too spicy and it had leftover residue of either oil, or something that looked like water. I couldn't taste anything other than pure pepper in this dish. The noodles were al dente but everything else on the plate wasn't up to standard.3. Grilled Garoupa $15.90 *must try*Salvation for I am Legend started to arrive with the grilled garoupa. Drizzled with the legendary sauce which was sweet and slightly spicy. This reminded me of some type of Peranakan cuisine. I liked the presentation of the Garoupa and the fish meat was soft and tender. You could tell I am Legend was indeed serious when they elaborated the freshness of ingredients used.4. Premium Fish & Chips (Dory Fillet) $12You have a choice of fish when it comes to Fish & Chips at I am Legend. The fish tasted okay, nothing fantastic and same goes for the chips. I just wished that they made some fusion twists for this extremely common dish.5. Lamb Chop *must try*I liked the lamb chops here. Though it may look a bit over cooked, the meat still tasted tender and juicy. The onion rings were huge and though this dish is typically served with french fries, you can request for onion rings instead.Upon your first bite into the onion ring, you will immediately know that these onion rings were made from scratch! The batter isnt' over powering and the onion ring is a legit full ring of onion! The sauce for the lamb chop tasted like a mild black pepper sauce and it brought out the charreed flavour of the lamb chop. Good job guys! This is a winner!6. Truffle FriesThe truffle fries had a very strong and fragrant truffle oil smell that literally took over the entire food court. No Kidding! The portion of fries were decent for sharing. But again, nothing to shout about. Overall: Decent halal western food with some fusion twists. If you're shopping in Big Box, do give them a go, especially the lamb chop or grilled garoupa, skip the other western food choices that you can find elsewhere. Also give a shout out to the chef and friendly staff of I am Legend! continue reading
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Level1 2016-02-22
I Am Legend is a Halal (Muslim owned) Western Fusion restaurant concept at Level 3, Big Box Warehouse Retail Mall. The shop is managed by chef Emil Fahmi Hisham. According to Chef Emil, the seafood are freshly bought from supermarket downstairs. We are informed that 15 new dishes will be launched in the coming of 29 February 2016.Creamy Salted Egg Yolk with Prawns Pasta - SGD$15.90Salted Egg Yolk Pasta sounds special. I uses to love salted egg chicken very much but I never hear about salted egg yolk pasta before. This is my first try of it. I like the idea of using salted egg yolk to cook the pasta, it tastes really good. However, the portion is too small to be priced at SGD$15.90. Few pieces of big sized prawns in the plate add advantage to this dish but not the portion. According to Chef Emil, the salted egg yolk sauce is made from Vietnam, Taiwan and China; it is freshly fermented for three days before serving.Seafood Aglio Oglio - SGD$11.90Seafood Aglio Oglio tastes good with lots of assorted seafood in it such as prawns, clam, mussel and squids. It is quite spicy for this dish but I like it!Grilled AubergineGrilled Aubergine is a dish topped with mozzarella cheese and sun-dried tomato pesto. It is nicely grilled, soft and moist inside, best match with the pesto sauce. Grilled Garoupa - SGD$15.90Grilled Garoupa is made with a fish named Garoupa which has 600-700 grams of weight. It is placed on a hotplate after grilling and topped with their legendary recipe sauce. I like the sauce the most which is really a perfect match with the fish.Premium Fish & Chips (Dory Fillet) - SGD$12Basically, dory fish fillet is used for this dish. This could be my favorite dish after all. Portion is obviously big and I am very satisfied with it. Mayonnaise is served together with the fish & chips.Lamb ChopThe lamb chop seems to be overcooked. It looks like a fried lamb chop. It is served together with black pepper sauce. The onion rings are crispy and taste good, it is soft and buttery.You may reach here by taking MRT to Jurong East Station. Big Box is linked together with JEM and MRT.I Am Legend at Food Court Big Box Warehouse Retail MallAddress: Big Box Warehouse Retail Mall, 1 Venture Avenue Level 3, s608521 (Jurong East) MapContact Number: +65 9856 1364Facebook: I Am A Legend Facebook continue reading
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