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iBake - gourmet bakery for your indulgence, is a homegrown fresh bakery cafe concept serving gourmet artisanal breads, pastries, buns and sandwiches. With a pledge to 'bake today, sell today', expect nothing but freshly made bakery items from iBake. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-24
I have always seen a queue forming at Ibake thus one day after church I joined the queue as well. First impression was beautiful looking bread but service seriously needed a lot of improvement!!!I ordered a bacon and potato foccacia ($2.80), 1 americano ($5) and a bread basket ($8) that consist of 6 mini version of the breads. One of them that I like the most is French Stick with Milk Cream as it has is sweet tasting cream that goes with well with the bread. However most of the mini size bread are rather hard thus maybe will be better to order the normal size bread. As for the americano, it was rather mediocre. Perhaps other drinks might fair better. continue reading
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Chilling out at a cafe is a lifestyle which some say that it is an expensive hobby. Over on the 2nd floor of Star Vista, there's a cafe run by Prima Deli Group and it goes by a geeky name of iBake. Upon visiting the cafe, it has a sign which says that they specialize in sandwiches and coffee. True to that, they do have a range of other attractive-looking pastries which are inexpensive and of great value! I decided to pop by on a Saturday afternoon to check out this cafe which has a huge alfresco seating area overlooking the atrium. Although the afternoon was humid and hot, there were fans blasting at full power to keep us cool. Most Singaporeans would prefer chilling out in an air-conditioned cafe but I felt this cafe isn't too bad too as we can sit around and people-watch without having to worry the friendly staffs chasing us away.Coming to the food, I didn't know what to have and the staff immediately recommended me the Kouign Amann ($2.90) which sounds and seem very unique to me, so I went ahead with the staffs' recommendation and had it. At the first glimpse, this pastry has a very nice glaze on the outer surface. There were almond flakes and caramelized sugar, giving it a perfect crisp texture on the outside and between the layers, the light French pastry was very delightful and decadent to the bite. I enjoyed it as it wasn't too sweet to my liking. Thumbs up! My dining partner preferred something on the sweeter side so we had the Pain au Chocolat ($2.80) which is a chocolate croissant with crisp flaky pastry. In my opinion, it has a right balance of chocolate so it wasn't too sweet and overwhelming. Furthermore, the chocolate were of darker type so it wasn't too milky too!We enjoyed our pastries but it is best to go along with some drinks too. My dining partner chose the Cappuccino ($6) that was served in a big coffee glass. Interestingly, the coffee they use here are from Segafredo Zanetti, a leading Italian coffee producer that specializes in espresso. Taking a sip into it, I can feel the smoothness of the cappuccino but I thought there were a little too much chocolate powder on it, causing it to be on more of the chocolatey side. Nevertheless, it was robust and leaves a linger aroma on my palate.On the other hand, I tried the Lemongrass Ginger Tea ($4) which was served in a cute teacup with a little leaf popping out from the middle. I recognize these lovely teabags when I visited Dean and DeLuca! I was in disbelief that they actually sell it so cheaply here compared to the mentioned cafe.After soaking the teabag in semi-hot water, about 80 degrees for a few minutes (to prevent from burning the tea leaves), I opened the lid of the teacup and the fragrance of Lemongrass Ginger hit my nostrils. It was very soothing and relaxing as I sip on the herb tea which aids in relieving stress and digestion. It was superb after my sweet pastry and the service staff was very kind to offer a refill of hot water too!Besides just coffee and pastries, they do have combos where you can have a variety of items at a good value price such as sandwich and soup. I have to say that the price of the pastries are really of affordable value considering the quality of it. You must check out this cafe when you visit Star Vista if you do not mind alfresco seating. continue reading
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Homegrown fresh concept bakery café- iBake by Prima is a full-service destination bakery which is the first of its kind to offer artisanal bread made from customized Prima flour- a blend of Japanese and European flours. The produce of this unique blend is a bread of hearty crust with a light and airy textured middle.With a fine selection of breads, pastries, pot pies and specially designed sandwiches all made on site, Singapore's first upscale gourmet bakery is set to start a trend.For those who wish to dine-in, there are many Gourmet Value Set Meals available from $14.90 onwards. These set meals feature a mix and match of iBake Signature creations from Starters to Main Courses and Desserts.We started with a Seafood Chowder Pot Pie $6.80 (ala-carte)- a rustic and brimming concoction of chunky clams, prawns, mussels, potatoes, carrots and dried scallops in a base of creamy soup, served in a bread bowl. For something meaty, the Chicken Pot Pie $6.80 is equally rich and filled with succulent pieces of chicken instead.Bread connoisseurs will appreciate the Petite Bread Basket or Petite Pastry Basket $8.00/basket (6 pieces) which consist of an assortment of specialties such as the French Stick with Milk Cream, Gruyere Cheese, Anchovy Croissant, Pain Au Chocolat Croissant and French Croissant- all in bite-sized portions for sampling before you decide which one rocks your boat best. Our recommendation is to try it all because the most tasty and memorable ones are usually those you least expect.From the main courses, we picked out a few of our favorites..The first from the Hot Gourmet Sandwich list is the Tofu Avocado $8.50- a delightful Vegetarian ensemble of pan-fried tofu, enoki mushrooms, lettuce and of course avocado, all dressed in sesame sauce. Oriental and scrumptious. For non-Vegetarian options, go for the Teriyaki Chicken, Roast Chicken & Egg or Wagyu Beef Enoki.Do not leave without trying the Kurobuta Ham & Camembert Cheese $8.50 which was surprisingly refreshing with the crushed black pepper and generous spread of gourmet butter. A unique combination which left us all extremely satisfied and in awe.Save space for desserts because trust me, you will want to try them all. Be it the Twin Cream Puff $4, Blueberry/Raspberry Danishes $5.80 or Kouign Amann $2.90, the flaky crackly puff pastry used was incredibly light and evenly rolled out. The rich custard cream and velvety whipped cream are also all made on site and homemade.For full review and photos: http://gninethree.com/2013/08/26/ibake-a-prima-bakery-cafe-the-star-vista/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-17
A friend has brought me to this popular bakery shop at The Star Vista to check out his favourite Cream Of Chicken Pot Pie. When I reached there, I was impressed by the really neat and clean layout in this shop. As recommended by him, I have checked out this dish. This round big French toast bread is moist on the inner layer and crunchy on the outer layer. The creamy soup inside is very thick in texture and super fragrant. Generous amount of chunky chicken meats can be found inside the soup as well. At only $6.80 per portion, is really value for money. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-26
I was thinking of what to tabao home for high tea break as I was going to be in the area. As I’ve never eaten here before, what I ordered was -Cream CornetThe bun is soft and fluffy filled with smooth and silky cream custard.Soy Milk RollThe bun is also fluffy in consistency with the cream cornet’s. With sugar topping and has a strong buttery taste.Bacon And Potato Foccacia As described, the foccacia is soft and savoury embedded with salty crispy bacon and toothsome starchy rich potatoe bites. The right amount of charring combined makes it a great bite. continue reading
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