Inspired by Italy’s Lido islands and located on Singapore’s very own luxury island getaway of Sentosa, ilLido Dining & Lounge Bar is arguably the area’s most stylish Italian restaurant, boasting an unsurpassed view of golden seas and sunsets. ilLido offers an indulgent repertoire of restaurateur Beppe De Vito's original Italian creations, which uses only the most premium and freshest ingredients from every season. continue reading
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Sweet & Savoury Canapes Tagliolini with Lobster Sauce and Prawns
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Level4 2016-03-21
ilLido was a well known restaurant and was used to be located at the Sentosa Golf Club, overlooking the sea. It offers delectable Italian classics made only from the finest seasonal ingredients from Italy. The restaurant has recently reopened at the nearby Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa and renamed as ilLido at the Cliff. Similar to its previous location, the restaurant overlooks the sea, offering a cooling and windy environment for those having alfresco dining. Those who dislike the hot and humid, there is always the indoor dining area with air con. Indoor it was decorated in a grand way with comfortable armchairs and sofa seats.The easiest to reach the restaurant will be by driving or by taxi. There is the half-hourly shuttle bus service provided by the hotel between Vivocity Shopping Mall and the hotel, but it is only for hotel guests. Another way to get to the hotel is to board half-hourly Sentosa Island Bus 3 from the Beach Station, after boarding the Sentosa Express from Vivocity Shopping Mall.This week the restaurant is offering 'FEAST OF THE OCEAN' menu as part of the restaurant week promotion (from 19 March to 26 March 2016), with dishes specially created by its chef. For the lunch, the set meal costs $40++, which includes an appetizer, a pasta dish, a main course, a dessert and ends with a cup of coffee or tea.Bread with vinegar and olive oil dipWe were served with 2 types of bread, which both are quite soft and fluffy on theirs own.Lobster Knuckles Salad with Asparagus, Mango & Balsamic VinegarThe juicy lobster meat was topped with a fruity, tangy salsa like topping which was quite refreshing and opened up one's appetite.Green Polenta Tortelli with Cod & Fresh Sicilian TomatoThis was quite a surprise dish to be found in a Italian restaurant. The intense flavours of spicy and sweet tomato sauce reminded me of local well known dish 'chilli crab'. The tortelli was like dumpling, stuffed with the buttery smooth polenta. Roasted Seabass with Celeriac & Saffron CaciuccoThe fish was meaty and chunky, well accompanied by the tangy seafood based tomato sauce.White Chocolate & Hazelnut Coulant with Amaretto KellyIt looked like a fluffy pie, served with strawberries, blueberries, golden colored jelly and gold color coated hazelnut. It cut open easily with the  molten filling flowing out easily. The filling was nutty without tasting too sweet.Coffee & TeaWe ended the meal with a choice of coffee or tea. Tea was a blend from well known local brand TWG, which was light and smooth. The coffee was rich and thick.Overall the food was delicious and filling. The environment was very relaxing and time passed quite fast and easily. Although there was children dining at the next table, it was not noisy. Service was great. Water was refilled often. The chef even went about asking about the food. continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-15
For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/08/illido-italian-dining.htmlPorcini Mushroom Foam is not some creamy soup, as read from the name. Its foamy appearance comes with the slight mushroom taste that lingers in your mouth before the next course comes along. What I like about this is the tender taste which is not too strong, but just the action to tickle your taste bud and crave for the next dish.Not in the set menu, complimentary Cheese Risotto Balls from the chef. It's still warm and the cheesy taste although does not flow from the bite of it, but if you are cheese-lover, this could really make you happy.Cream of Asparagus with Truffle, which is not really my type of taste. I love asparagus, but the idea of mashing it into creamy soup does not goes well with me. But my companion likes it a lot, especially if you are a truffle lover.Parma Ham with Artisan Burrata. I love the creation of burrata which shaped like an egg, but slicing it open ooze out not yolk, but a mixture of mozzarella cheese and cream. This Italian cheese is not those kind of thick and cheesy type like the "Cheese Fries" we have in KFC, and thus compliment well with the parma ham.Pumpkin Tortelli with Truffle Bagna Cauda. Can't really make out the semi-transparent golden sheen, but the bottom lays something like greenish dumplings that are stuffed with boiled pumpkin. I am not a pumpkin lover and I do really hate pumpkin at some point of my life, but this is totally just suitable for me. Pumpkin is not too strong, though of course the sweetness of the pumpkin is still there.Tagliolini with Crab, Amalfi Lemon and Tarragon. It look nice in picture and presentation, but I couldn't really stand the strong fishy taste that I seem to taste out of it. Well, at least my companion is likes it a lot.Seabass with Caciucco and Herb Dumplings. In my opinion, a dish of fish is excellent when the meat itself is soft and silky-like, and able to absorb well of the sauce that it comes with.Bone Marrow Crusted Angus Beef Tenderloin, Heirloom Carrots. I wasn't asked how well I would prefer, and it seems to be more like medium-rare. Although it has been a long time I had a medium-rare beef, its juicy meat with a dab of the pumpkin cream complement well.Hazelnut Coulant with Spiced Chocolate Gelato. Molten cake that contained dark bitter chocolate which will flow out when sliced open. This dessert is not bad in general, but the bitter taste is a tad strong.Roasted Strawberries with Vanilla & Yogurt Semifreddo. Among the two desserts in the weekend lunch menu, this is my favorite. This simple yet elegant presentation is not only pretty in looks, but also tasty in mouth. Sweetness of the strawberries and sourness of the semi-frozen ice cream cakes literate a well-balanced dessert to end the meal.For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/08/illido-italian-dining.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-04-19
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/04/18/enjoyable-dinner-at-il-lido-on-12apr2015/had delightful 2pax dinner with wife at il lido on 12.4.2015.^^had not been to il lido like 5yrs maybe? recently daughter was here & shared photos on family whatsapp, so we decided to come try ourselves after so long.we came just before sundown & sat outdoor. not so humid this evening & really pleasant terrace ambience & wonderful dinner.^^we were served 2 amuse bouche.first was a mushroom cappuccino/foam. there were mushroom bits at the bottom & some balsamic cream & some barley etc on top. taste was intense, fabulous. texture combination excellent too.wife said what the server liked to hear, that this was better than jaan’s.for me though, nothing beats jaan’s cepes mushroom tea amuse bouche. but since jaan’s was taken out of feed at raffles, and i am never going to pay full price for the degustation dinner at jaan, this would be the next best thing, i guess! & its close too!^^second amuse bouche – crispy cheese risotto…quite ok i guess, but no impressions vs the mushroom foam.quite good bread basket.we ordered a grilled octopus to share.it’s pretty good really. octopus was tender (like sous vide). there were some sausages.for the mains, we basically go with the restaurant favourites & there server’s recommendations, and ordered the scampi & sea urchin taglioni & the black cod, asparagus & sea urchin. both were featured in the degustation set menu.the scampi & uni tagliolini was tasty, not intense but subtle & pleasing. tagliolini though was too soft NOT al dente.it had expensive ingredients like uni but overall taste & experience wise, i would not consider it better than most pastas i do myself.black cod was great!will try the other signature dish, the bone marrow crusted angus beef tenderloin next time.we had a passionfruit sorbet & a coconut gelato to share. sorbet was tangy & excellent, gelato no coconut flavours nothing like the delicious coconut ice cream on 雪中情怀mango pomelo dessert we had at tunglok.dinner cost S$100nett include 1 glass of white.it’s really quite excellent ambience & food for a couples dinner. continue reading
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We were here during Restaurant Week Dinner. Overall the service was very good and prompt. Food quality definitely met our expectations! Recommended for a romantic date or special occasions! Let's see the food details below!Starter: Jumbo Crab with Tomato & Basil EssenceGenerous portion of crab meat in a salad-like dressing, accompanied with fish roe and a dash of black pepper. You can really taste the freshness of the crab meat and everything else helps to bring out the taste. Starter: Butternut Tortellini with truffle bagnacaudaThe aromatic butternut, cooked to soft perfection, wrapped within the thin and moist tortellini. Doused in a creamy, truffle infused sauce, and adorned with caramelized sugar. Every flavourful mouthful warmed my heart..Main Course: Seabass Cacciucco, Cherry Tomatoes and CeleriacThe skin was delightfully crisp while the seabass was still extremely tender, soaking in the flavourful broth. A really well cooked dish! This is one of the BEST seabass that I had so far!!!Main Course: Free Range Chicken with Foie Gras, Prosciutto and Sweet PotatoesThe chicken roll was wrapped within a thin viel of prosciutto, with a heart shape of foie gras. (Impressed with the heart shape) You'd be forgiven to believe this was ham as that was exactly what came to my mind. Served with several types of exotic cauliflower. Taste was satisfactory and the chicken meat was quite tender but I wouldn't have mind a bigger foie gras middle.For full review & photos, please visit:http://summerlovestoeat.blogspot.sg/2014/11/restaurant-week-dinner-at-illido.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-03
I was here for restaurant week and I really enjoyed the food, service and ambiance. Sharing some of the food items that we had: Crab CappeiiettiThis was my favourite dish of all! Very thin skin that almost felt nothing, and the dumpling were filled with crab meat. Although not much of the crab taste since it was shredded so finely, it was nicely complemented by the tomato sauce. A very good combination and I wished for more... Warm Prawn SaladThe artichoke cream paste was unique and the prawns were huge! Such generosity! The mains were not as interesting as the appetizers. The snapper was a bit bland, okay but could have been more flavorful. As for the beef cheek, I guess I dun really like soft beef but bf said it was pretty good. Visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2012/04/ii-lido.html to read more and see pictures! continue reading
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