Imperial Treasure Windows of Hong Kong is an upbeat casual dining café that remains true to the style and flavours of cha chan teng found along the streets of modern-day Hong Kong. continue reading
Opening Hours
Mon - Sun
08:00 - 20:30
Signature Dishes
Claypot Rice with Chicken and Chinese sausage Congee with Century Egg and Lean Meat
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Full Review at http://lepakwithyaops.com/imperial-treasure-windows-of-hong-kong-no-frills-authentic-hong-kong-cafeFollow Lepak With Yaops on Instagram and FacebookThis has to be the most authentic cha chanteng I've visited in Singapore thus far. Located at Triple One, which is opposite of 313, Imperial Treasure Windows Of Hong Kong offers a wide array of Hong Kong cuisine from custard buns to roasted meat, however, dim sum is not part of the selections.Ordering system here may deem as efficient to some while a nuisance to others. Before getting a seat, make your selection from this massive menu and make payment at the entrance before getting a seat.We ordered the Wanton Noodles ($6.80), American Breakfast ($6.50), BBQ Pork 4 Treasure Rice ($9.50) and the mandatory Hong Kong specialty - Twin Combination Signature BBQ Meat ($16).Overall, it has nice ambiance, tall ceiling and comfortable dining area. In fact many Hong Kong expatriates dine in this restaurant. The price is acceptable and food certainly up to par. continue reading
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This has been my all time favourite place for hong kong food especially their roasted meats and soya sauce chicken! I go there quite frequently and the standard of the food has been good and consistent.Another reason why I like to dine here is because it is very big, open and spacious. I don't know exactly why but the the big restaurant gives me a very relaxed and comfortable feel, and I know I can enjoy a slow and relaxing meal at my own pace without feeling pressured and without rushing. The ambience is nice and peaceful, as it is not very noisy like it is with most chinese restaurants, even when it is serving a big crowd, I guess it probably has to do with the open concept and layout of the restaurant.I love the soya sauce chicken here. You can have it with rice or noodles, depending on your craving. I usually have the dry version of the soya sauce chicken noodles. The chicken is fragrant, smooth and tender while the noodles are very springy, I like the sauce on the noodles, it makes it so delicious! Prices are quite reasonable here, the soya sauce chicken noodles is $7.The char siew rice is the must have here, their char siew is roasted to perfection, and is succulent and juicy. This is the type of char siew that I like, as I find it close to the tastes of the char siew in HK. We took the set meal which comes with a drink at $7.50. I have also tried the roasted pork and roasted duck here, it is really good, you wont go wrong with the roasted meats here.The soup version of the soya sauce chicken noodles is awesome as well. The noodles are still as springy even in the nice and flavourful soup. Sometimes, having this soup noodles really warms my stomach and heart, very yummy!Sometimes, I will add on my order with a plate of very yummy carrot cake, but it is not always available though. The carrot cake is really tasty, authentic hk style!Another favourite is the wanton noodles. The noodles here are the typical HK style springy noodles and they taste extremely good in soup as in they remain springly and will not turn soggy even after a long time. The big wantons with fresh prawn is nice and juicy.If you are looking for authentic hk food at reasonable prices, this is definitely the place to go!  continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-07
We chanced upon this open concept restaurant located at Triple One Somerset while exploring this lesser known shopping complex that lies outside the main shopping belt of Orchard Road. The food was surprisingly delicious but service was really poor.Soya Sauce Chicken Noodles ($7+)The noodles were quite springy and the chicken was really tender. The sauce was reminiscent of authentic Hong Kong noodles and added much flavour to this otherwise light dish. Wanton Soup ($7+)The wanton was fat and juicy. We especially love the silky smooth skin which was really thin and literally melts in your mouth. The meat filling was well marinated and retained the natural juices of the ingredients. We will be back for more! continue reading
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It is with much trepidation that I have decided to blog about my favourite eatery in town - Imperial Treasure Windows of Hong Kong or ITWHK for short. But it's probably already an open secret, judging by the ever increasing crowd size everytime I drop by for dinner. I'm still delusional though and am crossing my fingers that the crowds don't continue growing. Nestled on the ground floor of TripleOneSomerset (former PUB building) in between the Imperail Treasure Bakery and the Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant (which isn't that great in my humble opinion), ITWHK offers an open, rather expansive seating area that doesn't feel cluttered or claustrophobic. Think al fresco dining with air conditioning. Really great for a nice quiet dinner on a weekday night (parking is expensive though so watch it). How the place works is this. You order at the counter, take a number tag to your choice of seat and your food will be delivered to you shortly. 奶油猪仔包 - We started off with the 奶油猪仔包, loosely translated as "cream piglet bun" and a perennial favourite of mine whenever I visit Tsui Wah in Hong Kong or Shanghai. This is essentially a toasted bun lathered with butter and condensed milk - sinfully crisp and delicious. Though ITWHK's rendition pales a little in comparison to that of Tsui Wah's, it is definitely worth a try, especially when consumed whilst hot! Meat Platter - Our meat platter consisted of roast duck, roast pork and BBQ pork. To be honest, they were all very decent. In particular, the BBQ pork stood out - tender meat with bits of chewy fat and a nice, mildly sweet glace. The roast duck had a crisp skin and didn't come across as too gamy whilst the roast pork spotted mildly crackling skin with a good proportion of fats. Only gripe I had was that the duck was a little dry while the roast pork lacked adequate salt and the oomph factor. 滑蛋蝦仁河粉 - I can be quite a sucker for 河粉 so I'm probably biased on this. Rice noodles with a tinge of wok hei drowned in a smooth, not too starchy egg gravy and topped with a generous amount of bean sprouts and reasonably sized, crunchy prawns. Good! There is a slight issue of consistency though as on a subsequent visit, the gravy was a wee bit too starchy for my liking.Above average food, great environment (to have a peaceful dinner) at wallet friendly prices. What's not to like? Well, maybe the sad reality that the place is going to be more crowded in the near future.See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2013/11/imperial-treasure-windows-of-hong-kong.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-17
I was happy to find this place! The price of the food is reasonable! NETT Price! Food quality was good! Ambience was simple and neat! It is similar to those HK café that you can find in Hong kong itself. 1. I like the roast pork... esp the skin is very cripsy... a MUST TRY! As for the chicken wing, it is okay... I think I will order roast pork rice next time! 2. Pork with Century Egg Congee. this is not bad... The congee is quite smooth... the pork taste good too... As for the price, I think this is reasonably good.. 3. Fresh Prawn wanton mee.. $6.50 the prawn is crunchy and quite fresh... Yummy! The noodles is springy too!4. Chicken with mushroom Claypot rice... hmm... Personal View : I don't like this... The rice is quite dry... The chicken is quite tender though.. 5. Free ice water, which we can get it at the counter(kitchen) Overall... The food quality was quite good! Strongly recommended! continue reading
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