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Islamic Restaurant is 94 years old and is considered an excellent Asian heritage by not just the man on the street, but Dignitaries, Sultans, Ministers, Judges, Lawyers and Businessmen. Their concept of an Islamic Restaurant is a specialty Halal Asian Heritage Dining Center. continue reading
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Nasi Briyani Nasi Lemak
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Along a quiet stretch of old shop houses, I am surprise to find this restaurant packed to the fullest. Step into the restaurant, one could not help but notice the photographs of various well known people such as Former president S.R. Nathan, and Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mr Najib Tun Razak decorated the wall. The restaurant has a long history. Islamic Restaurant was established in 1921 by Mr M. Abdul Rahiman, the Master Chef of the rich Alsagoff Family. It is first located at 791/797 North Bridge Road as Famous Islamic Restaurant, before moving to its current location and renaming as Islamic Restaurant.Menu is a red hard cover booklet, with South and North Indian dishes on it.Chicken Beryani ($9)The Basmati Rice is well cooked, flavourful, but not overpowered by the spices. The chicken looks dry but is quite tender. It is served with Acha and Dhal.Bringol Pachady ($3 small/ $5 medium)The brinjal is soft but firm also. It is topped with a sweet and spicy.Lashuni Naan (Garlic) ($2.50)Although there is lot of different naans on the menu, but there is only this and plain version available. Although it is soft and fluffy, it would better if it has been toasted a bit longer as the garlic still taste a bit raw.Butter Chicken ($10)The boneless chicken pieces are tender and soft, surrounded with a thick and creamy sauce.Fish Curry ($6)The fish is meaty and chunky, which is soaked in spicy rich sauce.Caramel Pudding ($4)At first I plan to order other dessert, but only this is available. It tastes like crème brûlée but with a firmer texture. It does not tastes too sweet.Mango Lassi ($4.50)The drink is quite thick and creamy. It is not too sweet, and removes the heat from the spicy curry.Halia Milk ($2)Although it looks like a mug of hot milk, it actually tastes quite strong of ginger with none of the milk taste.After making payment at the cashier, remember to help yourself to the mouth refresher at the cashier. It is full of different spices, which removes all the strong curry taste from the mouth.Overall the food is delicious and prices are reasonable. Food is served quite fast. The only thing which I am quite not happy is the small table where we have to try to squeeze everything on. The tables are quite near to each other and we do not have place our bags. Although the place is crowded, the turnover is quite fast. continue reading
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Level2 2013-09-14
It is not called Famous for nothing. Probably the best Biryani ever tasted. The Fried Chicken is done to perfection, but the main deal is the Rice! The special long grain used for Biryani, this is the best rice possible for this dish. The fragrance is undeniable. And for less than $10, the portion is big enough for lunch (which is usually the time I go).Next up is the Nann. Some say the simplest dish is at times the most difficult to prepare. The Nann doesn't look spectacular, but the taste is first class. Not too thick or thin, the dough was done till almost a crispy pull.The environment is simple and gives the feeling of a rustic Malay Kampong. Finish off the meal with a glass of Bandung, excellent! continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-27
For pictures, please go to http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.com/2012/01/islamic-restaurant-north-bridge-road.htmlPlease note that it's best to dine during the off-peak hours because the place is so tiny. All the tables are crammed pretty tightly so you inadvertently end up hearing the next table's conversation. While the restaurant is air-conditioned, a (slight) downside of the cool surroundings is that your hair does end up smelling of Indian spices by the time you leave the restaurantWe ordered:1) Aloo Gobi ($5) - delicious, well-spiced but for the coriander2) Mutton Mysore ($7) fresh but a tad tough when it should have been fork-tender3) Chicken Biryani ($7.50) - flavoursome and fluffy. The humongous hunk of a chicken was, despite being breast meat, super moist4) Prawn Biryani ($10) - my favourite, the rice was the most concentrated in flavour compared to the other 2 biryanis, and the deshelled prawns were fresh and sweet5) Fish Biryani ($7.50) - fairly similar to the chicken version, with a huge chunk of fresh batang(?) fillet continue reading
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Level2 2011-03-12
If you are in need of some spice and kick for some briyani, this is the place to go! Hailed as the restaurant with the best briyani in singapore, this place cannot be missed when you pass by the area although it is towards the secluded part of the shop houses.The chicken briyani comes with a pig portion of rice, the rice is unlike normal rice, it is super long grain rice, like twice the length of the normal thai rice we eat at home. you will see a burst of colours, orange, yellow and white grains! You can request for any curry to go with it, doesn't have to be the dhal which they usually provide. mmmm, the chicken is a good source of protein and it goes so well with the rice. The lady finger pachady is also another good side order! There is also the naan with rice and chicken served with dhal. This is not briyani but if you want some naan with chicken, order this!Now, end it with an ice cold bandung and you are good to go! continue reading
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