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Over the last 40 years, Jack's Place has carved out a special place in the hearts and appetites of Singaporeans through its popular steak houses, cake houses and professional catering service. Jack's Place serves contemporary western dishes and is widely popular for its succulent and juicy steak. continue reading
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Jack's Special Steak Ribeye Steak on Hot Plate US Harris Ranch Ribeye Steak
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Level4 2014-12-23
During Lunch time at Jurong East, every restaurant or food court was fully packed. I chanced upon Jack's Place on Level 4 of Jem which was not as crowded. There was a daily special promotion set Lunch menu at $14.90 which included soup, drink and dessert.Service was fast and friendly. The staff ensured that each customer was well taken care of. Though I must say the lighting of the restaurant was dim.I had ordered the Sirlion Steak with Pesto Brown Sauce. The dish came unexpectedly with rice. I thought this Lunch Set was just Steak and Fries. The rice was not plain rice, it was fried rice with buttery fragrance. The rice tasted slightly soggy and oily.The Sirlion Steak was slgihtly disappointing. I had ordered medium cooked, but it tasted more like well done. The meat was chewy and non-tender, sometimes I was unable to chew. The meat tasted bland if there was no sauce. I had to dipped the meat into the savory sauce. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
Tried this new chicken dish which was wrapping some salmon bits. It was a funny combination; i didn't really enjoy it. There were some fruit salad on it, which had kiwis, tomatoes, and onion. Really really odd taste. This dish cost $14.80 and I felt that it was not too bad. I also ordered a dessert to make myself feel happier and I think it cheered me up after my disappointing meal! This cost $5.20 after a 20% discount that I had. I think it's quite worth it! The ice cream and caramel was really good! I love hot and cold desserts together. The round pancake looking thing was really soft and squishy but I was tired of eating it after awhile. Still! This made me really happy! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
I was pretty upset because my boyfriend, his family and I was standing outside jack's place for about 10 mins and no one served us. Not only that, when I walked into the main entrance and waited, no one served us too. Until, I saw one of the waiter, I waved and said, "TABLE FOR 5" I was really upset because I'm pretty hungry at that point of time too.So passed us the menus, and one of their senior manger came over to take the order. We were quite pressurize as we feel bad to let him wait while we are deciding, I mean, there are really a huge variety to decide from! I quickly made a choice and I regretted.The senior manger is pretty rude too, my boyfriend's mom was saying "Everyone taking beef?" So he said, "Come jack's place of course take beef, if not take what?" I'm like trying to calm myself down at his rude statement. Well, does he mean that Jack's place only serve good beef and everything else is bad? I doubt so, right?I made my order for steak and fish combo, coming with a Lobster Bisque, coke float as they're having a promotion for $7.90 for 2 coke float. Coke float (2 for $7.90)It was bad, the layout was not done nicely and the coke lost its gassy taste too. Well, what to expect when you pay for $7.90 for 2?Lobster Bisque ($5.90)Oh, seriously, the standard dropped so badly. In the past, I seriously loved jack's place lobster bisque. I was hoping to find back the taste back then because I cant find them anywhere but this is seriously a great disappointment. It does not even have the taste of lobster and the flesh of the lobster reduced. Steak & Fish combo ($22.90)Here comes my main dish, which is disappointing. The tenderloins are all over the steak and my fish was pretty small in piece and, it tasted very fishy though it's pan fried dory. The only thing I console myself with are the vegetable and the potato. Their potato are really awesome and it never changed at all. #Yayness for potato!Overall, I believe there are many aspects that JEM's Jack place can improve on. These are just some of the remarks I would say. continue reading
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