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Swensen's came to Singapore in 1979, and won the hearts of many with delicious ice cream sundaes in a warm, unpretentious ambience and a casual atmosphere. Friends and family meet in the cozy and comfortable booth seats with trademark tiffany lamps for relaxing meals or to celebrate special occasions. continue reading
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Crayfish Pasta Earthquake Firehouse Birthday Ice Cream
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Level4 2014-11-29
A hearty breakfast to welcome the weekends! The breakfast sets were decent though nothing much to shout about. Steak & Eggs ($14.90++)The set consisted of a minute steak, sunny side up, sautéed mushrooms, BBQ baked beans and their butter cream ciabatta rolls. The steak was a little tough but within acceptable quality. The beans and mushrooms were surprisingly the better tasting ones!Sunrise Omelette ($11.90++)The set consisted of tomato omelette, sausages, hashbrown, sautéed mushrooms and butter cream ciabatta rolls. I personally preferred this set as the omelette was pretty well done. It was creamy and fluffy and best of all, not too oily. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-12
When you think of Swensen's , you will probably think of American styles ice cream and beef menus. Nevery would anyone think of Chicken Bugers.I had ordered their Chicken Burger today. I was very surprised, there was so many grilled meat in between the burger bread. There should be more meat than any Chicken Chop.The meat was grilled to perfection. You would actually eat the meat instead of the bread. It was more worth than ordering their chicken chop. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-07
Swensen, the 1st place that won my heart for its delicious ice cream sundae during my childhood days. I remember then dining in Swensen of Changi Airport was such a big thing for me lending sweet memories as I rarely had the chance to travel so far, enjoying such expensive ice cream in restaurant through a family outing. Well, those were the days...IMM had recently expanded its merchandise sizing and Swensen had relocate its unit, giving a new outlook throughout its entire restaurant. As it was revamped, the place was well organized, having dining area is constructed in L-shaped with big mirrors placed along the walking aisles, portraying a spacious environment through our vision. The so-called "Swensen Lamps" are hanged above the tables and under the colorful glass shades of these tiffany lamps, it gave customers a warm & casual atmosphere. Even the exterior design of the Swensens looks great!Frankly speaking I had banned IMM's Swensen over the years due to my bad experience of their Banana Boat but I'm glad their service had somehow improved over these years.Opted the Caesar Salad with breaded chicken. Never had I had such a big bowl of romaine lettuce before with its big fork and spoon that makes me feel like a giant munching on big leaves. Caesar Salad was refreshing especially with its dressing tossed with crunchy ingredients, letting off a good punch to my stomach. Cost: S$12.00Customer can choose over the plain Caesar Salad at S$10.00 or with breaded chicken/fish or with smoked salmon at additional cost. While I had the golden brown breaded chicken with my salad. Yum yum!And Egg and Parmesan cheese is part of the Caesar salad too. Cornflake Chicken? It must be a Swensen's creation! What a combination! This dish was actually back by popular demand. Enjoy the tender and juicy chicken generously coated with cripsy golden cornflakes giving off an extra gritty texture to the boneless meat! Cost: S$15.50Salted Gula Melka Heaven (New) - Sweet or salty? We have it mixed. An absolute perfect choice for the night with these rich creamy scoops of ice cream accompanied with almonds chip, chocolate balls and chocolate morsels. A "must-eat" to me even though I'm rather full after the mains. Totally irresistible! Cost: S$9.90Our total damage for the night!Notes1) Current Promotion - Enjoy 10% off total bill using ANZ Credit Card with the cost of the meal over $50 in single bill.(2) Home delivery ice cream cakes are available. continue reading
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Level3 2012-12-25
I am a fan of fish & chips, so whenever I step into a restaurant which i haven't ordered a fish & chips before, i will order one. However, swensen's fish & chips failed the expectation I had for it. The dish cost $15.90 which was decent, but the taste is below average. Their coleslaw was not too bad, the fries was okay but the fish was too dry. The batter was soggy at some parts, and I totally do not find that the food is worth the price. continue reading
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Level2 2012-12-12
My friends and I went to Swensen’s at IMM for a gathering during the holidays. The FoodThis is a picture of the food from the menu:Here is a photo of the food, which I ordered from the restaurant:I ordered the grilled salmon set, which tasted good. It was sweet, oily (in a good way for salmon) and tender. I like the slightly salty taste and their generous serving. A big serving of salmon was given and the food looked very appetizing. The light brown colour made the salmon look delicious and the greens made it visually attractive.The mashed potato, which came along with the grilled salmon set was good as well, tasting like the usual ones. I love the greens, which came along with the food, as they were sweet and crunchy. They had an interesting cylindrical shape which made it easier to eat!The tiny bowl of soup was thick and had a milky taste. It went well with the food. The serving for this grilled salmon set is fairly large to me, as I was very full after eating.The fries were ok and tasted very much like the usual ones. They came in an interesting cone-shaped paper, which reminded me of those kacang putih sold last time. The fries came with tartar sauce and chilli sauce, which I felt was quite special! The ServiceThe service is good and the food is reasonable. The staff is polite and attended to us quickly. The food came within 10 minutes from ordering.The AmbienceThe ambience is good and the setting is definitely ideal for larger group of friends. The PriceThe food set me back by around $17 before service charge and GST. On the whole, the prices there are reasonable and the variety is good. OverallI had a great experience with Swensen’s overall and will definitely come back for my next gathering! (: My friends loved the place too! continue reading
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