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Jin Shan is a modern and elegant Cantonese restaurant hoping to excite the senses and create an intriguing dining experience with unique lantern pavilions and private dining rooms. Master Chef Huang and his team uses the finest and freshest ingredients to make dim sum and other Cantonese dishes. continue reading
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Double-Boiled Bird's Nest in Coconut Emperor Soup Jin Shan Prosperity Bowl
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Was itching to try out somewhere new for dim sum instead of the usual favourites thus settled for Jin Shan Restaurant (金山楼) at Marina Bay Sands one late Saturday morning.Located within the confines of the hotel (not the shopping mall), Jin Shan sat on an elevated platform on the ground floor. Natural sunlight peered through the huge glass panels that lined the side, making for a comfortable and cheery atmosphere. Unfortunately this also meant that some tables were subjected to more sunlight than others.Abalone Pork Dumpling - We started off with the abalone siew mai, which was a joke, seriously. The siew mai itself was decent without encapsulating too much fatty meat but the abalone had a very raw taste that spoilt the whole dish. Gross.Jin Shan Signature Rice Rolls - The signature cheong fun was actually a combination of scallop, BBQ pork and deep fried beancurd skin rice rolls. The fillings were decent but the rice rolls were too thick for my liking and lacked the silkiness of good cheong fun.Steamed Asparagus with Prawns Dumpling - Prawns and crunchy asparagus deftly wrapped in translucent dumpling skin and topped with a smidgen of roe; Decent but nothing too surprising.Fresh Shrimp Dumpling - Crunchy prawns and acceptably thin dumpling skin. No burst of flavour though.Steamed Custard Buns - Rich custard oozed out when we broke into the buns but sadly, the custard was just sweet without the saltiness and rough texture of egg yolk which would have made this dish great.Deep Fried Prawn with Mango - This dish was a little interesting although not exactly in a good way. The prawns and mango bits were wrapped in dumpling skin, deep fried till crisp and topped with sesame seeds. I could make out the taste of the prawns and sesame seeds but sadly, the mango was non existent.Fried Carrot Cake - A tad crisp on the outside without coming across as too mushy on the inside. Average tasting at best.BBQ Combination - I think a good yardstick of any dim sum place is its roasted/BBQ meats (烧腊) and as pretty as our BBQ combination (roasted pork & soya sauce chicken) looked, it didn't quite match up. For starters, even though the roasted pork's skin was crisp, it wasn't evenly roasted (as evident from the different hues of brown on the skin) and a tad overly salty. The soya sauce chicken fared slightly better with tender meat and a spot of sweetness.Lean Meat Century Egg Congee - The lean meat century egg congee was a tad too watery and bland for my liking. Ditto the scallop congee (forgot to take a picture), which was watery and extremely bland. Forgettable.Bird's Nest Egg Tart - Flaky but sans the buttery goodness that I would normally associate with tarts. The custard was mildly sweet whilst the strands of birds nest offered a nice gelatin texture to the mix. Decent but no great shakes.BBQ Pork Puff - One of my favourite dim sum dishes, Jin Shan's rendition of the BBQ pork puff was average at best and nowhere near my personal favourite at Yan Ting. The pastry was too thick and as with the egg tarts, lacked the buttery, oven baked goodness that I personally like. And I could only make out the taste of the pork floss atop as the char siew filling was rather bland.With a 10% discount, the 4 of us chalked up a bill of about $180, which is quite a bit higher than what I usually pay at Wah Lok. Food quality was average at best and service was definitely below that of a restaurant in a 5 star hotel. Read. Grouchy at times and unhelpful to say the least. The only thing going for the restaurant is its bright, cheery ambience. Will I go back? Definitely not!See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2014/04/jin-shan-restaurant.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-25
My family and I went to have Dim Sum at Jin Shan in MBS. The dim sum menu list was quite small, hence we decided to order some noodle or rice dishes. I ordered the Beef Brisket Noodle. The noodle dishes came earlier than our dim sum orders. The beef brisket noodle had generous amount of beef and tendon, more than the noodles.The beef meat was very well and deeply braised. I can taste the herbal in the meat. However, the beef meat though soft, was a little dry, maybe they had braised too long. The tendon was jelly like and almost melted in mouth.The noodle was very good. It was "crispy" in cantonese term. Overall, the Beef Brisket Noodle was good, though I still prefer the ones from Canton Paradise. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-29
Lunch was decadent.crispy roast pork.eating them in bite sized portions like this with mustard drops at the side was yums!the stir fried longevity noodles with seafood was well fried with flavour without an oily aftertaste. the amount of seafood was also satisfactory.and we couldn't resist the peking duck.here, the staff does the carving and wrapping of these parcels for you. of course you could opt to do it yourself. but we were dining with a mummy of a crybaby. these conveniently packed parcels were a simple blessing for her. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-24
For the full review with photos, please visit http://www.chiamhuiy.com/2013/06/jin-shan-restaurant-mbs-review.htmlHow did you celebrate Mother's day and the subsequent Father's day this year? My family usually picks a restaurant for a simple dinner and that more or less wraps up our celebration for such special occasions. That said, I was more than excited to try out the Chinese cuisine here at 金山樓 (Jin Shan @ Marina Bay Sands).Upon reaching, you'll be ushered through the lush inviting corridors into those 6-seaters VIP 'pot', or if you have more people with you, you can opt for their VIP rooms further into the restaurant. 金山特色三拼Jin Shan Special Combination(烧肉,烧鸭,油鸡)My personal favourite among the three different meat was the roasted duck. Most of the duck meat has been deboned, well if not, the tender meat still falls off the bone at a mere prod of your fork. Apart from the tender juicy meat, the skin has been roasted to an extremely crispy thin layer with a slightly sweet taste to finish it. An absolutely no-frills meat among the three thanks to the boneless roasted pork served in cube size, I must say I am caught in a dilemma to decide if the roasted duck or this was my favourite. The pork pieces has a roasted top layer covering the chewy pork meat, with very minimal fats as seen in the photo. What surprises me was that it tasted really well by dabbing it with the wasabi, thoughtfully presented at the side in small tiny portions. 金盅海鮮湯Seafood Soup Served in Mini PumpkinThe Seafood Soup served in Mini Pumpkin was a bowl packed lusciously with scallops and prawn bits in the sweetest seafood broth. Finish off the soup with some pumpkin flesh as you conveniently scrape off the flesh along the edge of the pumpkin. 蛋白花雕蒸鳕鱼Steamed Cod Fillet with Chinese Wine and Egg White The steamed cod fish was then served in individual portions for all of us. A piece of cod fish was very delicately served on top of a pool of Egg White in Chinese wine sauce. Enjoy the best out of this dish by consuming the smooth fish and spongy egg white together with the chinese wine. 福建炒面线Fujian Wheat Vermicelli with Shredded Meat Another family's favourite could not escape the Fujian Wheat Vermicelli. Although the name itself did not mention, this dish actually comes with prawns and fried eggs apart from the bountiful shredded meat. The vermicelli itself was neither oily nor dry, proving itself a fine staple dish for family dinne咸蛋明虾球Golden Sands Fresh Prawn with Salted Egg The Golden Sands Fresh Prawn with Salted egg not only looked incredibly tempting, it also gave out a strong salted egg aroma when served. The salted egg sauce was unfortunately a little too grainy, which ended up making me cough a little as the spices caught in between my throat. Nonetheless, the sauce was great for its strong salted egg taste. However, the large prawn, although really juicy and fresh, seems to be a little bland on the inside. 杨枝甘露Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo To end off the 7-course meal, we enjoyed the Chilled Mango Sago filled with aloe vera bits, mango chunks and pomelo. The sweetness was just right. Jin Shan is a rather high class chinese restaurant not just because it's located in MBS. However, the quality of the food has pride itself and is worth every of your penny. For the full review with photos, please visit http://www.chiamhuiy.com/2013/06/jin-shan-restaurant-mbs-review.htmlHope you liked this review Celine (Hui Yan) continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-21
It was my off day so I went to check out the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park with my friend. Indeed the view at the top of the Sky Park was magnificent. Unfortunately, at Marina Bay Sands, it was quite impossible to find "cheap food" restaurants except for 2 food kiosks at the retail area unless you enter the casino. From the map directory, it seemed like there are a few reasonable priced restaurants and a food court inside the casino.Anyway after walking around, I settled at Jin Shan Lou a chinese restaurant that offered set dinner for 2 which cost $100 for 6 dishes. Food and service were good. Two dishes I enjoyed particularly were the steamed cod fish with broad bean crumbs and stir-fried prawn with blackberry mayonnaise honey mustard sauce. Both dishes had unique sauces which gave them the extra flavouring and texture making a common dish that you can even prepare at home stood out. continue reading
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