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JPOT started in 2009 and is a unique Singapore concept from the culinary team of Jumbo Seafood. It serves hotpot with 7 different Singapore-style hotpot soup bases. The hotpots are served in individual pots, ensuring for hygienic enjoyment. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-09
Had tried the tea-time steam boat here at Jpot. For merely $9.80, per person can enjoy one soup base and a set of yummy steamboat items. The restaurant is very spacious and comfortable. Staffs here are alert and prompt in service. My friend and I tried the tea time sets and we love it. Laksa soup base and chicken soup base are both delicious and not too salty. Prawns, meat and vegetables are very fresh. Love the varioius types of condiments available for our pick up at the display counter. Very value for money. continue reading
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Level3 2013-11-12
Brought from Groupon 2 pax @ $30 but the voucher is valued at $50... Super worth it.Service: When the staff notices we carry laptop bag he quickly provide us a basket to keep our bag n cover with a cloth under our table.When we are sited the staff patiently explain to us how to order the menu from IPad... Such an advance order. It is super easy to use and the best part is I will know how much damage I had order)Soup based we order:1) Silky porridge: Porridge is silky n super nice when the ingredient are put inside. It is like having a porridge.2) Salted Duck Veg: when I first saw this happy with joy as hard to find this as a steamboat. One pierce of duck meat n the soup is tasty. A must to order.Steamboat side dish we order: 1) Clam- very fresh & they give quite a lot.2) Mushroom Combination-Normal3) Mariated chicken- very seasoning & fresh4) Pork Liver- A must to order, not smelly n not hard.5)Kurobuta Pork- A must to orderAs a member of Jumbo I was entitle for a free Fish skin. I don't eat fish skin but only at Jpot I eat as it is super crispy & delicious.Dipping sauce- Wonderful especially the chilli sauce, peanut sauce. Love all the sauce.Drink- $3.80 free flow  continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-19
this is my second visit to JPOT. This round I ordered a herbal soup. It was very tasty and well balanced. We ordered many dishes like prawn, pork ball with cheeze, scallop, white fish, pork liver. For meat, we had wagyu beef slice and pork slices.I must say the soup base was awesome, I had so many refills because it was so nice to drink. The food was very fresh, especially want to recommend the prawn which tasted sweet after cook, I thought that was pretty unusual, its the first time I felt a prawn was sweet from steamboat. I loved it!The white fish and scallop was both very fresh and tender. supper yummy!wagyu beef slices did not disappoint. both the pork and beef were cut so thin, they were cooked very quickly and it was tender and easy to eat. My only disappointment was with the pork liver. No matter how i cooked it, it always turned out tough. I am not sure what's the reason. Else, everything was great. Service was friendly and quick as well! continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-23
We went to JPOT again even though my friends and I didn't have a very good experience at the vivo outlet. Well, groupon had an offer for JPOT, $59 for $100 worth! It’s a really good deal! This time round, we ordered ALA-CARTE instead of the set. It was definitely a better choice. We paid around $34.50 (without groupon) and we were so full! Anyway service over at Tamp 1 was so much better that I can’t find any word to emphasize that. Overall ambience was much better too, service much more efficient as well because every table uses the iPad to order which is really much quicker. The iPad is hidden in a drawer like place so you won’t find it on the table the moment you sit down. And everyone has their own pot for the steamboat!We also ordered the free flow drink for $3.80! The waiter came by with an empty cup, meaning it doesn’t matter if you pick barley or coke in the ordering form, because all of the soft drinks plus barley and Longan Luo Han are all $3.80 and free flow and you can drink any of the free flow drinks! The Longan Luo Han was really good! So refreshing and it’s free flow. There's also a sauce station where you can make your own sauce! You can either follow the recipes that's at the sauce station, or just make your own. It's quite fun to follow the recipe though!Some of my personal opinions on the food / ala-carte there; -Soups: 3 Jpot superior broths and 1 bak kut teh ($5.80 each, refillable)The bak kut the one tastes somewhat like the superior broth, but more peppery - Live Prawn ($9.5)The prawns are not alive and kicking, I guess live prawns just meant that they sedate them before it’s sent to you. - Toman sliced fish ($7.80) It was so good we ordered 2 plates of it. It’s the only sliced fish on the menu anyway.- Mushrooms ($12.80) It is a basket of assorted mushrooms. We wanted individual but after doing some mental calculations, the basket one was more worth it. - Spinach beancurd ($4) is a fried item, for very subjective palattes.What we ordered as well: Chicken cheese balls ($5), Marinated Chicken ($4.5) comes with a quail egg, Marinated Pork ($4.5) comes with a quail egg, Kurobuta Pork ($9.80), Prawn balls ($5.8) presented on the long tray in the picture below, Sliced sotong ($4.80), Pho ($2) and a bowl of rice ($0.80). Almost everything we ordered seems to be nice. We wanted to order this meat but it was OOS. The recomended dishes seems good as well!Overall, we thought that the experience at Jpot Tampines 1 was definitely much better than the one we had a vivo, be it food, ambience and service. continue reading
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I am impressed with the overall setup of JPOT Hotpot at Tampines One.Though it has been like almost a year now, I still want to share my experience at this hotpot restaurant.Condiment BarThe impressive long condiment bar allows diners to mix their own sauces to complement their hotpot.Some of the condiment includes sesame oil, chilli oil, in-house sauce, diced fresh chilli, spring onion and Chinese parsley. There are two rows of similar servings of condiment on each side of the bar so that if the restaurant is crowded you don't have to rub shoulders with each other. Pull Out IPad MenuEach table has an IPad Menu for food selection. Either you choose to order through the waitress or for the IT savvytab on your orders straight away. The advantage is that you don't have to wait for someone to take your order. Seven Types of BrothThere are seven types of soup bases for your selection such as JPot superior broth, bak kut teh, herbal, laksa, silky porridge, tom yam and vegetarian.I opted for the JPOT superior broth.Personalized Induction Cooking AreaEach side of the table has its own individual induction cooking area.My set lunch at S$14.80++ per person includes Yong Tau Foo, marinated pork, enoki mushrooms, seasonal vegetables and vermicelli. I also ordered an additional plate of Ribeye Wagyu served thinly rolled.I remembered I paid about S$36.00 for the overall lunch. continue reading
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