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Founded with the vision of providing authentic Korean food to both the locals and the Korean community in Singapore, Ju Shin Jung Group of Restaurants have grown from strength to strength. continue reading
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Level2 2015-07-20
We have ordered the following- BBQ: Boneless Beef Short Ribs, Marinated Chicken, Pork Collar- Ginseng Chicken Soup- Kimchi SoupThey have a few branches (West Coast, East Coast, Guillemard and Robertson Walk). I have only went to the West Coast Branch. It is accessible and within walking distance to the Haw Par Villa Station. The deliciously tender BBQ meat and fresh vegetables offers a good Korean BBQ experience. I will definitely come back again.They also offer unlimited BBQ promotion. Unfortunately, the promotion was not available during the Chinese New Year Period.Read my full review with more pictures athttp://www.eatdreamlove.com/ju-shin-jung-west-coast/ continue reading
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Level1 2014-03-13
I ordered few types of pork and beef. Only beef are marinated and good. The pork was quite tasteless though. Kimchi, so so with few choices only. Service : good, helpful and friendly for most of the staff. Decor : so so. A bit old but acceptable. Price : unable to tell as not pay by me! This is my personal opinion. May be Korean BBQ is really not my cup of tea. Used to eat at Seoul Korea, also providing same standard of foods. I think Koreans prefer original taste of fresh meat (without or light marinated which is tasteless to me.  continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-24
Reputation was good enough to attract local customers, Korean BBQ in this restaurant was indisputably heaven in quality. Made our reservation two days in advance, we knew that it would be fully booked especially during weekends.Ambience was not bad, staffs were caring and helpful too. We decided to have Ala Carte Buffet, $35++ per adult for dinner. There was one main dish per pax inclusive, free flow of Pork, Chicken, Korean Snacks and Beverages. Funniest happened, we were given few white tablets and both of us were in the midst. According to the instruction, we poured in some water then it grew became WET TISSUE, Amazingly!! Pretty? It was my idea to arrange them properly and shuttered a photo before we get started. One thing I like about was the side dishes were authentic and varied, generously given. Surprisingly, we walked out the restaurant without smelling of BBQ. Talking about cost, it depends what you are ordering. But don’t worry, it would not burn your wallet. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-10-31
If you wanna head down to the place, please make a reservation. I saw other guests who had reservations, waiting for at least half an hour before they got their seats. Lucky we were late lo if not it would be an agonizing 45 mins wait.Once we are seated, these dishes will start materializing right in front of our eyes by the waiter at lightning speed!Complimentary First Round of Side Dishes consist of:Kimchi Pickles2 different types of KimchiCold Seaweed Soup (Sour and appetite inducing. I like it but not the others!)Salad (Which i forgot to try. But must be good cause everyone was eating it)Ikan Billis (Nice and crunchy)Pickled white radishOnion salad (The bottom of the pic)Cold tofu (Awesomely goooood!)Seasoned VegetablesPumpkin Dessert (Subtlely sweet and not jelat. Very nice touch to end the meal with)SEAFOOD PANCAKEOn the right of the picture, you can see the giant pancake which we ordered.Super nice when you eat it with the spicybean pasta and chilli dip!GINSENG CHICKEN SOUPNice but i have tasted better ones in Takashimaya’s Korean Restaurant (just opposite Pariss Seafood Buffet)Subsequent refills are chargeable. But I doubt you would ask for more cause there were so many of them!BBQThe staff will come over to your table and help you with the bbqing and cutting up of the meat for you to wrap it in the lettuce which is complimentary and you can always ask for more servings to compliment the meat.We ordered BBQ Pork Slices and and Pork Collar and the servings were pretty small in my honest opinion, much as the dining experience was fun and yums. I would probably only come back for the lunch buffet which is much more affordable which free flow of meat.Although I was full after the meal, i didnt really feel shiok enough cause I was full from the side dishes and had like probably.. 7 pieces of meat about the size of a bus ticket. continue reading
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Level2 2013-09-28
Been wanting to try Korean BBQ since forever, it's just so tempting to hear the sound of meat sizzling over the hot grill and I finally satisfied the temptation at Ju Shin Jung!Located at YESS Centre, the place was quite easy to find since it is just opposite Haw Par Villa! There are two kinds of seatings available and we could choose which one we want, one being the normal seats you usually see in restaurants and the other being like those you see in Korean dramas, where you sit down on cushions placed on wooden-like floors.Prices were rather decent for a buffet (Lunch: Adult $29++, Child $16++, Dinner: Adult $35++, Child $19++) where you can choose to have free flow meat (Pork Collar, Marinated Pork, Marinated Chicken, Pork Belly) to BBQ and also a main dish for each person. Main dishes include Fried Saba Fish, Clear Beef Rib Soup, Spicy Soft Tofu Soup, Hot Stone Bowl Rice, Soya Bean Paste Soup and Soup/Spicy Cold Noodles. There was free flow side dishes too! However, wet towel, water and tea are not included in this buffet, and they charge $20/100g for any leftovers!The amount of side dishes were overwhelming and pretty soon our table was filled up quickly! My favourite has got to be the one in the middel, which tasted like kangkong! The meat!! OMG! *salivates* It was so good and juicy and went really well with the sauce provided! I tried wrapping the meat with the lettuce provided and added some sauce and garlic and ate it the 'Korean' way, and it tasted really good!! And you don't have to do anything because the staff there BBQ and cut the meat for you! And they are really hygienic. My friend accidentally used her chopsticks to pick up raw meat and then immediately her old set of utensils were changed to a new one. Spicy Soft Tofu Soup which was okay only. Too spicy!Spicy Cold Noodles, which we ended up adding into the tofu soup and eat.The crazy spread which had us bloated with food!!And to end things on a sweet note, we were served watermelons as dessert. Overall, I feel the ambience of the place is rather nice, and the staff are really attentive. The ventilation of the restaurant is quite good as well, we did not leave smelling like BBQ meat or anything. Furthermore, the food standard is pretty good and the meat is really juicy and tender. I will definitely go back again! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)