Arriving by bus: 123,143,587,590,598,NR6,NR7 (Bus Stop No. - 08137, Orchard Plaza), Arriving by Train : Exit B, Somerset MRT - NS 23 on the Red Line continue reading
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11:00 - 20:30
Tue - Sun
11:00 - 20:30
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Cash Only
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Signature Dishes
Ramen Saba Fish Sliced Pork
Review (35)
Level4 2015-01-19
Hidden korean gem right at Level 2 of Concorde Hotel. It was previously located in the basement food court of Concorde, but after the food court has closed for renovation, Kim Dae Mun has moved up to occupy a shop in Level 2. A very simple interior almost as plain as it can be without any decorations or designs; simply filled with portable lightweight table top and chairs. But it's definitely one of the best place to get your cheap authentic korean fix in town.Menu mainly filled with localized korean delights ranging from spicy rice cake to bibimbab to kimchi soup to mandu soup and more all at affordable prices. Each main comes with a side dish of your choice.Generous serving of Korean Rice Cake at only $5. Rice cake is a little chewy and best when eaten hot, otherwise it will turn a little hard. The sauce was pretty good, thick & gooey, sweet and spicy. & the sesame enhances the aroma of it.We ordered both their Kimchi Soup ($7) and Seafood Soup ($7.50). I probably thought they might have used the same soup base for both the soup as that's what most places will do in order to save some cost. But i was wrong! Their soup base are totally different. The kimchi soup is thick and rich in kimchi flavor with hint of tingling sensation. While the seafood soup is much lighter and sweeter in flavor. Both soup are filled with abundance of fresh ingredients. For the kimchi soup, it's filled with pork and kimchi mainly, while for the seafood soup, it's filled with tofu, seafood and some leafy.Overall, it has been quite a satisfying meal. The food and pricing has definitely make up for the not so appealing outlook.http://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2015/01/19/kim-dae-mun-korean-food/ for full review with pics. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-05
1) hot plate beef sliced set $8The beef slices are surprisingly tender and well marinated. They go well with white rice. I love the kimchi side dish too!2) hot beancurd soup set $6This is one of my favourite dishes to order there! The beancurd soup is served piping hot and remained hot throughout the meal. The ingredients are not little too and there are some seafood in it. The beancurd is also very smooth while the soup is not spicy. What's more, it's reasonably priced at $6! continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-01
Over the weekend, I had my dinner at Kim Dae Mun. Even though I was there early, at 6pm, surprisingly, there is quite a lot of people already in the eatery. It is my first time trying it out and I ordered the kimchi soup with pork which costs $7. The soup comes with rice and a side dish. There is also brown rice available at an additional charge. The portion of the soup is huge. I was expecting the normal food court kind of pot, but the pot here is so much larger and full of ingredients. Granted, bulk of the ingredients are kimchi, but still, it is a lot. The soup is also tasty and not too overly salty or spicy. Some kimchi soups that I had at food courts are more towards the salty side such that it makes drinking the soup difficult, but not the soup at Kim Dae Mun. Besides kimchi, there is also tau kwa, egg and some glass noodle in the soup. The pork is lesser though but as I mentioned, it is more than compensated by the large servings of kimchi in the soup. I will strongly recommend this place for authentic and affordable Korean food! continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-30
The korean food here is one of the best in food courts around Singapore. They are generous with their servings, and they give a huge portion of chicken with lots of onions, just for the price of $6.50, which comes with a side, miso soup and rice. They declared that their hotplate chicken is cooked with water, so it is very healthy! The taste is good too, not too salty nor spicy. It is very easy to spot the stall, with it taking up the space of 2/3 stores together. There might be a queue at times, but it is worth the wait. continue reading
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Kim Dae Mun Korean Food is located at the basement food court at Concorde Hotel; previously known as Le Meridien Hotel. (come to think of it, when has there ever been a food court in a Hotel? The norm should be restaurants.) If you are wondering where is Concord Hotel, it is located along the Orchard Shopping Belt, in between Dhoby Ghuat (Plaza Singapura) and Somerset (Orchard Plaza) MRT stations.As it's name suggest, Kim Dae Mun Korean Food specialises in serving Korean cuisine. It is probably the most famous stall in the food court. I have heard many people raving about their food. Hence, after a period of procrastination, I decided to visit this food court on a weekday evening for dinner. It was easy to spot the stall with its distinct blue signboard. Moreover, with a queue of more than 10 persons, it would be hard to miss this stall. I was quite surprised to see the long queue considering that it was a weekday. I joined the queue and waited 20 minutes before I was able to order. After that it was another 5 minutes of wait for my food. To be fair, the staff were quite efficient considering the crowd. I ordered the Spicy Chicken Soup Set $6.50 which was widely raved about online. The set consisted of a big bowl of Spicy Chicken Soup served with a bowl of rice and a side. For the sides, customers could choose between kimchi, anchovies or cucumbers. I chose anchovies.The Spicy Chicken Soup Set was fill with generous amounts of ingredients such as chunks of chicken, beancurd, vegetable, korean (thick) vermicilli, spring onion, egg and onions. The soup was spicy and tasty - not salty (I doubt MSG was added). It was awesome combining the soup with the rice! In terms of the price, it was reasonable considering the quantity and taste of the food. If I am ordering this the next time I would request for a less spicy version (overheard a customer requesting this). Kim Dae Mun Korean Food is one of the few korean stalls in food courts worth a try. I will certainly be back. For the record, I seldom ordered Korean food in a food court. Besides the Spicy Chicken Soup, many others have raved about their potato pancake, tender beef sliced set and spicy shredded chicken. Did you know that their hotplates items are cooked with water instead of oil? Yes, you heard me right! A healthier choice! What are you waiting for?For full review and more photos, please visit http://foodiefc.blogspot.sg/2013/05/spicy-chicken-soup-set-at-kim-dae-mun.html continue reading
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