Arriving by Public Bus: #5N/98/98M/99/157/185/187/198/334/502/NR5 (Bus Stop Number 28511 - Blk 463) Arriving by Train: Exit C - Yuan Ching Road (Lakeside MRT Station) - EW26 on the East West Line Nearest Carpark: Blk 462 continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-30
At Block 463 of Jurong West St 41, walk past a minimart and a comic bookstore: You’ll find Kim Lotus Dessert and probably a long queue too thanks to its great desserts at reasonable prices. While you’re in the shop, you’ll feel transported to the 1990s with that metal counter and television raised up near the ceiling, usually with Channel 8 on display. The self-service system ensures you don't have to wait impatiently to get the server's attention though the queue does stretch a little far especially on weekend nights. Much to my dismay, they were out of Burbur Hitam and Mango Sago so we had ice cold servings of Cheng Tng and Burbur Chacha instead. Nonetheless, no disappointments there!Kim Lotus certainly doesn't stinge on the amount of sweet potato and yam in the Burbur Chacha ($2.20), or any other dessert for that matter. The ingredients were fresh and blended well with the coconut milk in the shaved ice, not to forget the tapioca pearls that add on to the colourful mix in the bowl. Light with just the right amount of sweetness, the Cheng Tng ($1.70) was refreshing and just perfect for a humid evening with such a generous amount of ingredients. It sure tasted as good as it looks.Some other desserts available: Gingko Nut Barley, Mango Ice Kachang (tried and would recommend) , Durian Ice Kachang, Aloe Vera Peach, Soursop, Honeydew Sago, Mango Longan, Tau Suan, Red Bean Soup, Chendol, Grassjelly Drink. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-06
My sis bf recommended us to the dessert shop that is nearby to his house. We went there for dessert after a quick dinner. There is queue post barrier at the ordering area where we can see people keep flowing in to order for takeaway. Most of the customers are mainly heartlanders.The menu was displayed on the wall and we pick our choices from there.Dad ordered Ching Tng @ S$1.70 with the choice of hot condition. It served with generous ingredients such as longans, jellies, pong da hai and etc. He commented that it is not too sweet and it suits his taste bud.We ordered ice jelly with soursop @ S$2.20 . The shaved ice mixture with the generous soursop fruity taste gives the refreshing taste of it. Jelly is soft and smooth.Followed by Mango milk ice @ S$2.50 . Mango cubes are overflowing on the topping serving. The mango taste is slightly different from the one that we normally tasted in most of the dessert shop. They uses half-ripe mango instead.We also had sweet potato longans in hot condition @ S$1.40. The sweetness is just nice for the combination. Since it is self-service, we find the staff was quite efficient with the customer flow. The shop has minimal decoration and it has ample of seating in and outside, There is a mounted television at one corner of the shop. It is typical neighbourhood place where customers can just sit down and relax for dessert while watching television or chit chatting session. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-21
FoodNew on their menu, Mango Sago for S$2.50. The menu is printed on an A4 paper and pasted on the wall, not so prominent. A typical looking dish from desserts stall unlike from the Hong Kong Tim Sum, cubes of cut mangoes were included paired with some Red and green mini sagos. Condensed milk was poured over them. Pretty common,and nothing special.Many were also raving about the greatness of the chendol they served. It's worth dying for! Mild sweetness with a pool of ingredients beneath the "ice berg", a total refreshing treat for a hot day! Grass jelly,green strips of jelly and red beans were part of the condiments that make up this refreshment.ServiceService was quite fast and with queues well managed.AmbienceBright and spacious. One can actually peep through the window and see some commotions running in the kitchen. Near to the TV, you can see tubs of jelly being refridgerated and store in the fridge. Posters of HOSEN canned food were sticked on the walls, indicating that they had used them for the fruits.PriceI will say, you get what you pay. Portion matches pricing. continue reading
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Level3 2011-05-28
My favourite dessert shop of all time.Reasonable pricing and awesome desserts.My favourite dessert is bor bor cha cha.(I had a few encounters of desserts shop serving unfresh yam in the bor bor cha cha)Kim lotus desserts never disappoint me, their yam and sweet potato in the bor bor cha cha taste sweet and fresh, and not cooked till too soft.Other than bor bor cha cha, I've tried their chendol, ice kacang, ice jelly cocktail and almond jelly with longgan. All are good! continue reading
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