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Level4 2013-08-27
My family and I went vegetarian this time and decided to order veggie dishes for dinner. This is the Homemade Beancurd ($16). It is a deep-fried silken tofu covered in brown sauce with corn, carrots, peas and chunks of prawns. Visually, it is aesthetically-pleasing and taste-wise, it is equally nice. The soft tofu melts in your mouth and the garnishes give a delightful crunch when you bite down on them. This is the Bai Ling Gu Mushroom with Spinach ($10). The texture of the mushroom was extremely smooth. Very delightful. The gravy was not too starchy so that is good.Lastly, we had the Chinese Spinach with Three Kinds of Eggs ($12). This dish also had some fried small fish and garlic slices. The spinach was cooked well. The eggs included salted eggs, egg whites and century eggs. Soup was a little cloudy but very flavourful. continue reading
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