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Kinsa Sushi is the brainchild of a few ambitious young men who came together to share their love for authentic Japanese dining. As Japanese cuisine faces multiple fusion concepts in recent years, the men find themselves either settling with less authentic dining choices or spending lavishly on the occasional indulgence. Kinsa Sushi was born due to the belief that everyone can enjoy fine dining experiences. continue reading
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Review (4)
Level2 2016-11-06
這店是坐落一個neighborhood shopping centre, 中價,但勝在充滿特色。手卷頗有創意,味道比香港某名店出色。燒帶子芝士味香濃。魚生沒有雪味,上品。烏冬外軟,內有咬口,凍凍地,消暑佳品。魷魚燒到恰到好處,送酒佳品。 continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-20
More reviews available at www.umakemehungry.comBeing a regular visitors of HillV2, Weekdays night there may seem quiet but when its nearing the weekends, you start to see some of the restaurants were pretty packed.I'm rather surprise with a handful number of patrons waiting to queue at Kinsa Sushi as the place was full house. (It seems a good sign isn't it?)Just because of the crowd, I could not get a better seat deeper into the Sushi place but I was sitting beside those glass panels near the entrances.Ambiance was a classical Japanese eating place with wooden furnishing.As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will never miss the Sushi Bar Counter which is operated by a sushi conveyor belt under an attractive lighting. Value for money option? I would recommend their Set Meal. I had chosen their Kinsa Zen Set A at $25.80 which consist of a trio of sushi and sashimi together with hot soba, chawanmushi as well as 2 slices of fruits.Sashimi was rather fresh while chawanmushi was not too bad after all. I was rather surprise when i receive the soba in a bowl of hot soup with vegetables and their fish cake. The dish was straight forward and simple.Katsu Don came in two variation, the Pork or the beef and we had the "Buta" (Pork) version. Style was pretty much similar to a Oyako Don dish just that the meat was deep fried version. Eggs, mushroom and yellow onions were part of it. They had used too little gravy which result that half the bottom part of rice were too plain to be eaten. It would be good if the amount of meat can be increased too.Standard for the whole Ika (Squid) was acceptable. However we find that it was abit overdone with the dry surface. The dish as a whole is best not to be eaten alone like this, perhaps with some rice.Overall, the service was not too pleasing, there were extreme long waits between dishes which is not the usual speed of a restaurant practice in Singapore. Food wise, in terms of taste, standards and quality there were nothing much impressive. continue reading
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Level4 2015-05-07
Full Kinsa Sushi review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/05/kinsa-sushi-tasting-session.htmlFounded in May 2012, the owners behinds Kinsa Sushi shared a passion for the cuisine of Japan, and wanted to offer a premium Japanese dining experience, without the exorbitant price tag. Formerly located in Jubliee Square in Ang Mo Kio, Kinsa Sushi has since shifted its operation in May 2015 to a new outlet in the quaint HillV2 shopping mall, located in the Bukit Gombak area.Ambience at Kinsa Sushi is classical Japanese guest house, with wooden-esque decor and furniture. There is a minimalist approach here, the walls are mostly bare, with small focal points adorned with Japanese items such as fans. The main showpiece is the Magnetized Conveyor Belt for sushi plates, a new technology that is more visually appealing than the older metal conveyor belts due to coloured lighting, as well as being easier to clean.Service at Kinsa Sushi is down-to-earth casual, but efficient. Staff are friendly, seating guests quickly, and also quick to clear away empty / dirty plates and tables. They're able to offer basic recommendations from the menu, but may not always be able to describe the creation of dishes.Food at Kinsa Sushi is traditional, classic Japanese, prepared with fresh, good quality ingredients. Fresh seafood is imported from Japan, and delivered to Kinsa Sushi 3 - 4 times weekly. Individual portions are nicely sized and sufficient, although many dishes on the menu are designed for sharing. Recommended to visit Kinsa Sushi in groups! Prices here are described as 'heartland', and are affordable, comparable to a typical cafe, although the standards here are definitely restaurant worthy. Budget about SGD $28 per person for a meal.Despite the modern cocktail glass presentation of the Shake Ikura Yamakake / Salmon And Roe With Japanese Yam (SGD $6.90), this cold appetizer retains the traditional Japanese spirit with the use of Yamakase. The slippery texture of the yam gravy pairs well with the smoothness of the fresh salmon slices, while the taste complements the salty, briny, burst of flavour from the fresh salmon roe. A unique dish, with an acquired taste, worth trying!Freshness is the key component of the Kaki Ponzu / Oyster With Ponzu Sauce (SGD $7.90). This cold appetizer has a lovely, tangy yuzu vinegar / ponzu sauce, freshened with spring onions, and a fresh, plump, meaty oyster. Utterly refreshing and clean, very satisfiying, I downed it in 1 mouthful!The signature Wagyu Don / Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl (SGD $24.80), from the regular menu, is a house special, and is not to be missed! Unbelievably tasty, they've used a high quality, grade A4 Wagyu beef from Kagoshima, serving 60g of these divine, pan-fried medium-thick slices in a rice bowl, alongside a perfectly wobbly tamago egg, garnished with umami sauce and spring onions. Highly recommended! continue reading
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Level2 2014-10-25
This is a one of the restaurants that opened at Hillv2, a newly opened small shopping mall along Hillview Ave.The original outlet is at Jubilee Square, Ang Mo Kio Ave 8. The menu looks good, & I decided to give a good friend a birthday treat there.THese are the dishes we tried :Kodai sashimi $32Had originally wanted swordfish sashimi, as both of us love the firm, rich & buttery taste. The chef however recommended Kodai, a small japanese snapper, saying that it was very fresh, very good, just arrived from Japan, & after the sashimi, he would male soup, FOC, with the bones.So, instead of the run-of-mill sashimi, we agreed to his suggestion. The whole platter was so nicely carved & presented, with flowers, rosette sashimi + cavier. The flesh is mildly sweet. Not really fantastic. We would still have preferred the richer swordfish sashimi.Yasai Sarada $4.80This mixed vegetable salad is a good appetiser, with sesame dressing. Wagyu Tataki $26.80The wagyu beef is said to be from Kagoshima. Nicey done, lightly grilled on the outside & still rare in the inside. Wagyu Don $24.80I didn't enjoy this at all, as the don is too sweet. There was just a few pieces of the Kagoshima wagyu. For Wagyu beef lovers, I think a better choice will be to order the wagyu tataki & savour on it's own, or go with just plain rice.Sanshoku Dragon Roll $14.80This is fried king prawn reverse roll with avocado & mango, topped with flying fish roe. Very nicely presented. You get a nice crunch from the fried prawn when biting into the sushi roll.Ikura Chawan mushi $7.80Instead of the usual plain chawanmushi, we tried this one, which is topped with salmon roe. Chawanmushi is smooth.Complimentary Fish SoupThis was made from the Kodai bones. The broth, with it's dashi stock, is clean & refreshing. It is good that Kinsa Sushi made use of the bones & made a soup pot, FOC, as some other restaurants don't.We were also served 2 other complimentary dishes : - a tuna-daikon side dish, while waiting for our food- a plate of 2 wedges of oranges, for dessert.This is a restaurant that I'll go back again. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)