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Kkongdon in Korean language literally means best price value. With philosophy in mind the first Korean BBQ restaurant was opened in Sinchon, Seoul in January 2005. As Kkongdon provides high quality Korean BBQ at a reasonable price, thus it manages to capture the young generations who seek quality food at a chic and modern environment. continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-27
We were famished by dinner time and simply decided to head to Kkongdon since we were at Marina Square. Unfortunately, things did not really get off on a good note because we were told that:- The ginseng chicken soup takes a whooping 30 mins before it can be served- We can't request the kitchen to cook the BBQ meat for us- And service was really patchy because getting the attention of the waitresses alone was toughAnyway, we still decided to order the samgyetang and not to do BBQ ourselves (since we were too hungry to cook) and ordered something else instead.Although the banchan was free-flow, it was disappointing at best. The bean sprouts were too hard (not crunchy at all) while the radish kimchi tasted a bit odd. The lotus wasn't the usual sweet type I find in most Korean restaurants while the cabbage kimchi was only passable.We ordered the stir-fried kimchi with pork which does not come with steamed rice so you have to order it separately. The meat itself is OK, succulent and absorbed the flavour of the sauce. However, the kimchi failed to impress and frankly speaking, the sauce was too sweet for me. Most versions I've tasted so far tend to be on the spicy side with a slight sourish taste from the kimchi so Kkongdon's version should suit those who prefer this to be toned down on the spiciness.The kimchi hotpot was OK with quite a fair bit of ingredients like meat, mushrooms, kimchi, vegetables but given that it cost 20 bucks and that the meat was more fats than meat, it didn't feel like such a good deal. The soup was also rather diluted which I thought was a pity. If you want to order ramen, note that it comes separately at the price of $2.80 and it's just for one person. continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-03
Attractive shop design with individual table air filter. Great for a korean bbq place. Clean environment.Staffs showed us the table. However we find them not very attentive to the patrons.We had to raise our hands for a while before they see us. The waiting time for the food is also not too satisfactory.The food itself is yummy. We had the set lunch for two @$12.80/pax. This comes with a plate of beef+chicken, rice, korean soup for two, and free flow of the "salad bar". There is bean sprouts, seaweed, kimchi, lotus, etc in the side dish bar. However, we are surprised not to see the anchovies . Kimchi doesnt taste good to me. Bean sprouts and Lotus are nice. They also provide lettuce to wrap with the bbq meat. We are especially delighted with the korean soup.There is a variety of sauces for the bbq meat too. Overall, good food but service can be better! continue reading
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Operating under the umbrealla of the JP Pepperdine Group, Kkongdon Korean BBQ is their foray into the Korean barbecue market, with the promise to provide high quality Korean barbecue at reasonable prices. Sadly, I don't find this to be so.Ambience at Kkongdon Korean BBQ is rather good. Decor is minimal, as the custom built barbecue tables with attached exhaust vents take center stage. The salad bar is inconspicuous, located in a small corner, and I felt more could be done to highlight it. Furniture is functional, and I like that they use a novel induction cooking / grilling method, which makes cleaning easier. However, some of the table legs coverings are missing, exposing the sharp edges, which could cause injury to diners.I found the service at Kkongdon Korean BBQ to be quick and efficient, but brusque. Staff seem to be in a rush to take orders. However, while they were very helpful in setting up the table professionally, clearing tables is done rather slowly.Food at Kkongdon Korean BBQ revolves mainly around marinated cuts of beef, chicken or pork, and the typical Korean side dishes / salad bar, known as Banchan. Because Kkongdon Korean BBQ offers only sets instead of a buffet, portions are a fixed size. While sufficient, I find it difficult to justify paying around SGD $25 - $35 per person for a fixed set meal at Kkongdon Korean BBQ, when the same price could get you a buffet at other Korean barbecue restaurants.Quality of food at Kkongdon Korean BBQ is rather average as well. I like that the salad bar and banchan uses fresh vegetables, but the pickled items, especially the kimchi, are rather limp, and not that great. The meat quality is slightly better, but could be more well marinated. Overall, I probably wouldn't recommend Kkongdon Korean BBQ, as the experience was below average for me. For full review and more photos, please visit http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2013/08/kkongdon-korean-bbq.html continue reading
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JP Pepperdine launched its first outlet of Kkongdon Korean BBQ Restaurant at Marina Square (Marina Link). As most of you will know, JP Pepperdine started with the popular Jack’s Place Steakhouse in 1966. Since then, it slowly introduced other dining concepts into Singapore such as Restaurant Hoshigaoka, Brewbaker’s kitchen and bar, Eatzi Gourmet etc."Kkongdon" translates to "best price value" in Korean. With this philosophy in mind, the first Korean BBQ restaurant was opened in Sinchon, Seoul in January 2005. Providing high-quality Korean BBQ at reasonable prices, it has managed to capture the young generation who seek quality food in a chic and modern environment. Over the years, Kkongdon has grown and to date, there are a total of 67 outlets in Korea.The design of this restaurant is adapted from Kkongdon Korea. Another distinctive plus point here is that you can find individual retractable exhaust pipes installed at each dining table to minimize the BBQ smell.We BBQ the meat on our own and also cut it to slices on our own.As what the staff had recommended, we dipped it in the onion sauce to try it out first. Somehow, I felt that the pork belly were sort of "chewy". Be careful, the meat were rather spicy too. Make sure you have your water ready by your side.Beef Fingers ($16) were nicely presented on the plate. Beef fingers the parts at the ribs and these were very fresh. The beef served at the restaurant is chilled, prime steer cuts and natural-fed Beef that is directly sourced and shipped from N.Z. Silver Fern Farms. This beef is from the very batch imported and served at Jack’s Place restaurants. As such, the quality is not being compromised.It was an enjoyable lunch here with my hubby on a relaxing weekend.To read more about my invited food tasting at Kkongdon Korean BBQ, please visit my blog post at:http://www.ylyn-journal.blogspot.sg/2013/01/kkongdon-korean-bbq-marina-link.html continue reading
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Had the barbecue dinner set B for 2. From the picture, set B consists of pork cheek meat and beef skirt which are barbecue items, 1 individual serving of rice, 1 bowl of miso stew with tofu and korean rice cake with squid. By ordering this set, I get to try 2 different types of meat but the serving is not really sufficient for 2 people. The pork cheek meat is good, with it literally melts in my mouth but the beef skirt tend to be a bit chewy. The bowl of miso stew is a bit spicy with a variety of cucumbers, tofu and meat. The miso stew is quite nice. The korean rice cake with squid is so-so. Not forgetting the free flow of kimchi and korean side dishes. The standard of kimchi is not bad and the only other korean side dishes I know how to eat is the beansprout. Overall, the barbecue meat is good but the quantity is a bit less for 2 people. The sides weren't as good. Spent about $50 for 2 persons.credit: https://www.facebook.com/kkongdon.sg for photo continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)