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Kong Kee Seafood Restaurant serves a wide range of Malaysian, Singaporean and Hong Kong Style cuisines and desserts to suit the discerning taste-buds of all food lovers. They also specialize in making White Pepper Crabs, Deep Sea Giant Grouper, San Har Prawns, Home-Made Tofu… and a lot more! To cater for private and corporate events, the second level is air-conditioned to provide a more cosy dining experience. continue reading
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Deep Sea Giant Grouper KL Hokkien Mee San Har Prawn Sliced Fish Soup White Pepper Crab
Review (15)
I am pretty sure if i say KL Hokkien Mee and you will know what it is if u been to KL. The noodles are not the usual flat yellow ones that you eat in normal zi char stall but the long fat ones ( i am not sure about the color of the actual noodles though cos when i ate them, they are usually black due to the soya sauce).I have very high expectations for my hokkien mee. Seriously, it must be fried with pork lard (lotsa of them), the noodles must be not be too soft nor not too hard.most importantly, the ingredients must be very fresh! This is not the first time i been to Kong Kee seafood and i am not too sure if i did a review on their food. but this time round is after many mths i return to their restaurant for dinner lol. Not that their food is not nice, just that i dont really travel much to Geylang area nowadaysKong Kee SeafoodAddress : 611 Geylang Rd S389550 (Corner of Lor 31 Geylang)Tel : 6443 8221Hrs : 11:00am to 1:00am ( Mon - Sun)website : http://www.kongkeerestaurant.biz/Food : *** 1/2Price : *** 1/2Customer service : ***Overall will i come again ? Yes, despite i find that the price of the hokkien mee is a little too steep. on the other hand, i must applauded for their balachan chilli cos is really good. goes very well with the hokkien mee!their hokkien mee serving is really small. despite the noodles is quite good actually. of cos, nothing can be compared to those u have in KL street stall. their noodles is much more darker than this. fried with alot of pork lard ( my favorite), the noodles is well cooked and the ingredients is pretty fresh ( especially the prawns). i think we ordered the large size and we thought it will be sufficient for the two of us but sadly. we end up ordered 1 bowl of rice to go with our fish steam boat.their giant grouper fish steamboat. for this we ordered small size instead but we are quite surprised with the amount of fish in it. flooded with alot of veges and fish meat. The soup base is cooked with fish stock and the waiter is willing to refill the soup for us upon our request! the fish is super fresh.would definitely recommend to all. continue reading
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Just had dinner over @ Kong Kee in Geylang! After having some good ol' KL Hokkien Mee, have been craving for some in Singapore! I have been mainly satisfying my cravings by getting this black,gooey goodness from Simpang Bedok. Recently, i have heard some good reviews about the KL Hokkien Mee @ Kong Kee, along with some other good grub. Decided to go there today with my parents to check the place out. Looking at the menu, many of the items are super pricey!! The only cheap thing was perhaps the KL Hokkien Mee and of course we were gonna get it! We also heard that the Sang Har Sang Mee was good and decided to get it! It seemed that the smallest size was $20 and this was the only size available. My mum loves Dong Po Pork so we got a serving of that as well. The Hokkien Mee arrived first, and we dived into it immediately. We could definitely taste the Wok Hei and boy was this some heavenly goodness. What was most amazing about the noodles was the pork lard. Flavourful, crispy goodness! It literally exploded into our mouths and it was so, so crispy! Kudos to the chef for the freshness of the lard! The Sang Mee came after this and it was super huge we all got a shock! We were quite amazed at how much we were getting for just $20, it was quite incredible. However, my dad didn't really like it, and we couldn't really finish it by ourselves. In the end, when we got the bill, we realised that the Sang Mee was $40 instead! I was actually quite annoyed with the person who took our order! She clearly knew that there were only 3 of us, how on earth could we finish a medium sized plate of noodles that was that big?! Not wanting to make anyone unhappy, we just suppressed our annoyance and left. Nonetheless, the boss was really nice about everything. Although she wasn't there when we were settling the bill, she was clearly very keen on keeping her customers happy. My dad was busy finding a parking space for our car so he was slightly late and the food was slightly cold. Her kind act of helping us heat up the food was definitely appreciated! This was one simple gesture of enhancing our entire experience there! I would go back because of her and the Hokkien Mee! Affordable & Tasty! continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-18
A friend decided to buy me a treat so i recommended this place to him. The signature dish here includes the deep sea giant grouper, the dark colored KL Hokkien Mee, the ipoh Sar Hor Fun and the sliced fish soup. Good thing to note is valet parkign is also provided and that is a blessing since its super tough to find a lot around the area during dinner time. We had Hong kong styled steamed fish slices. Interesting texture i must say with it not tasting like fish, a little bit more rubbery and taste a little like frog leg actually. But glad the fish taste fresh, it does leave an interesting after bite feeling. The triple egg spinach was a let down though with those i had at Yi Jia South Toa Payoh totally thrashing it. The salted egg sotong was nice, not so much calamari style, but each sotong is fried to golden brown with batter. Finally the KL Hokkien Mee, it was nice to taste the wok hei but i found today's serving a little too oily. Total bill was $75 including 2 soft drinks. continue reading
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Level3 2012-08-12
This my second time to this restaurant,This time i tried their dong po pork with mantou,The dong po pork is very chewy ,heard from the waitress that they braised for 3hours.so is very soft & tender that the meat pulls apart easily,Their sauce was quite special too,can taste mild "dang gui",&rice winetotally goes well with their freshly steamed mantou Overall i rate 8/10 continue reading
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Level3 2012-07-27
This seafood restaurant is famous for the giant groupers dishes, however we didn't order any of them. What attracts us more is the KL style fried Hokkien noodles. The dark sauced noodles might not have glamorous look, but the taste is fantastic and authentic! The pumpkin tofu is very delicious and goes well with rice. The pumpkin puree sauce is slightly sweet, together with some crab meat and shrimps, it's very appetizing. The tofu is silkily smooth too. We also ordered some seafood. The fried flat noodles is covered with starchy egg gravy and topped with giant big head prawn, thumbs up! The prawns are super fresh and crunchy! The garlic grilled prawns is another recommended dish if you don't mind to have garlic breath. continue reading
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