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KPO opened its doors in 2010 after a dramatic makeover of the iconic Killiney Post Office. This impressive urban landmark was created to seamlessly house a post office and a spacious café bar. By day, KPO resembles a greenhouse with streaming skylight and greeney in and around the building - a perfect setting for events. At night, the energy changes dramatically with the city's most popular bands playing during Happy Hour and DJs spinning their tunes for after hour parties. KPO's kitchen offers an enticing array of authentic Singaporean dishes as well as Western favourites. continue reading
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Siew Yuk Fried Rice Hokkien Mee Salted Egg Fish Skins
Review (9)
Level4 2015-12-13
Killiney Post Office (KPO) Cafe Bar has been a favorite hangout of mine for a while. I enjoyed basking in the lovely ambience, impeccable service and listening to the fabulous live band belting out music of my favorite era, while muhching on good bar grub and sipping cocktails.The Chocolate Lah Martini (SGD$20.00) was concocted from Valrhona Chocolate, Absolut Vodka, cream and marshmallow - a tantalising drink packed with punch and luscious richness.The signature KPO Hokkien Mee (SGD$16.00) - the more luxurious version of our local delight, cooked the traditional way with pork lard, laden with goodness such as prawns, squids, pork belly strips, and yellow and white noodles. Every bite was tasty, filled with very sufficient "wok air" (aka "wok hey") - the quality used to measure a good zichar dish. The noodles were springy, and there was enough gravy to keep the dish moistened yet not soggy. Cravings for this kicked in the very next day onwards.Then Not-A-Ramlee-Burger (SGD$17.00) made its way to us, standing tall and bursting with delicacy within the toasted homemade sesame buns - the signature sliced Yorkshire pork was piled high with lettuce, fried over-easy egg, mayo, chopped pickles and a touch of Sriracha chili; fries were served on the side. It resembled the ramly burger in certain ways, but the Yorkshire pork upped the status of this huge burger. Tender, and exploding with different types of texture, making this an almost fun dish to devour; I especially loved how the distinctive "egg-y" flavour contrasted with the duller flavour of the pork, heightened by the Sriracha.The Wagyu Beef Cubes (SGD$32.00) were so good, we had two plates of them. 200grams of Wagyu beef cubes grilled to perfection and served with sea salt - the meat was nearly melty, utterly succulent and juicy; the natural flavour of beef was marked with smokey hints, and was especially becoming when dabbed with a little sea salt. Dessert was the Chips 'n' Cream (SGD$14.00), another innovative addiction made up of vanilla bean ice-cream, house-made fresh potato chips and salted caramel sauce. Between the crisps and the coldness, between the saltiness and the sweetness, every mouthful was exciting and a new experience. The house-made chips were crispy and yet fleshy- you would taste the potato goodness literally. Most of us fell head over heels in love with this dish.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/12/media-invite-dinner-and-drinks-at-kpo.html continue reading
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Before this bar’s existence in 2010, ‘KPO’ to most people probably referred to the Killiney Post Office that is located next to this bar today within the same building. KPO Cafe Bar is however not named after the post office. It’s located on the junction of Killiney, Penang and Orchard Road, hence the name.A popular hangout place for the office crowd at dusk, the bar is very strategically located in the heart of town (next to Orchard Central). It not only serves up affordable drinks and the usual pub grub but some Singaporean favourites as well as Western classics.Thinly sliced luncheon meat chips that were deep fried to crisp. What’s not to like? The moment this was placed on our table, a whiff of this household classic was almost impossible to resist. Perfect grub to go with the ice cold beer. Salty, oily and tasted meaty. Totally addictive!Home made potato chips were the best compared to packet ones. These were served fresh, hot and crispy with the right amount of seasoning but this wasn’t all.I loved the wide array of dipping sauces that came with the chips – tomato salsa, chilli sauce, nacho cheese, mustard, mayo and ketchup – so we could experience different flavours within one dish. This would be ideal for sharing in a group especially if everyone has a different preference for dipping sauce – spicy, non-spicy, etc. Kudos!Crispy fried chicken wings that were slightly over cooked and tasted a little bland. I still prefer the ones from Ice Cold Beer and Muddy Murphy’s.Sir Roti John that looked pretty much like our standard hawker fare but this was apparently made with ground wagyu beef. There wasn’t a lot of meat in the egg mixture so I really couldn’t tell the difference in meat quality but it still tasted good nonetheless. “Better than pasar malam’s standard”, said the husband. I would have enjoyed it more if the baguette was toasted longer.While KPO Cafe Bar is an ideal place to chill out after work over beers and chips, the food are probably not on par with their price tags. Will I return again? Probably not. continue reading
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Level4 2012-12-26
decided to come here with colleagues after work,since our office is just opposite.. how convenient it is..they are 2 levels high, comes with indoor and outdoor..outdoor is being covered by canopy, once the sky is dark,they will draw off the canopy and u get natural wind..for indoor, you can enjoy the music from liveband..we ordered seaweed french fries, hawaiian pizza and alcohol..the seaweed french fries is nice when eaten hot..it's very crispy, the seaweed powder which is being sprinkled onto it is not salty..as for the pizza, i'm simply in love with it!being a cheese lover seeing the pizza is coated with cheese,and your first bite on it, the taste of cheese just "burst" out..we ordered beer too, since it's happy hours,we are entitled to their happy hours promo..would like to emphasize that this japanese whisky is a leftover bottle by colleague..so we didn't pay for it..1 thing about the bucket of ice given to us is that it comes in 1 big cube,which will take longer time to melt, so the taste of the whisky will not be diluted so soon.total spending is about $60.. continue reading
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Level3 2012-04-04
I wanted to recommend this place as the music was good & the drinks were the usual!The DJ playing that night was great =) friday evening/night = Great music, mid week relaxation. went there aroung 6:30, sun set fast. Food wise, disappointing. What to do? I was hungry and I needed to stuff some food into my tummy before the booze. I had the nasi lemak which was highly overpriced. My friends got the calamari rings, and some of the rings were a tad bit too cold.I will come back again for the ambience but never again for the food continue reading
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Level4 2012-03-12
We went there for a dinner+chill up on a cool Friday evening. We wanted to book a reservation but unable to do so, KPO only allowed walk-in. therefore; we went there earlier to chop a place for 10. While waiting for the rest to arrive, the waitress prompted us for drinks and snacks. Ordered a glass of mojito, it just goes well with the fries we ordered. Their ordering system is quite funny, one has to wear an arm tag and all drink are charged to that account, credit card has to be surrendered. I can say this is an atas place, we left around 10pm. There is numerous branded car parking outside, valet parking available too. It is a cozy, nice and cool weekend chill up place. continue reading
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