Arriving by Bus: #7/12/63/80/175/197/851/960/980/NR7, Bustop Name: opp Bugis Junction, Bustop No.: 01112. Arriving by Train: EW12 Bugis MRT Exit C. Nearest Carpark: Bugis+ Carpark. continue reading
KungFu Paradise is a casual dining place for the young and combines influences of the East and the West. The cafe opens past midnight. It is specially designed for customers to relax so its interior is decorated in orange hues, with rows of booth seats. This allows for dining privacy while relaxing. Besides serving Hong Kong cuisine, they also serve popular Western picks such as pasta, sandwiches and toast. continue reading
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Gripping Grape Soup Noodle with Braised Beef Brisket
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Level4 2014-05-24
Iced Milk Tea - $2.90. Nothing went wrong with this drink. Tasted sweet and refreshing.Oreo Frappe (12oz) - $5.90. It was my friend's order. Another Oreo-based drink which was slightly pricey. But it's really good indeed. The grass is always greener on the other side hahaha.Chicken Cutlet Baberice - $10.90. It's not a typo. It was written like that on the menu: "baberice". Baked rice with cheesy tomato sauce and chicken cutlet. It was very fulfilling. The chicken was tender, crispy outside, and quite generous.Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice - $8.90. Beside chicken, there was also half boiled egg. It was quite tasty, the portion was satisfying for my hungry tummy. I almost left it unfinished, but it was too good that I finally tried my best to finish it hehe.Overall, the food we had for the lunch was all nice. Price is also reasonable. Will be coming back for other menus. continue reading
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Full review and photos at: http://www.uncletehpeng.com/2013/03/my-experience-at-kungfu-paradise.htmlHello hello! I'm back to blog about food again and I was recently invited for food tasting by Openrice. This time is KUNGFU PARADISE! I can't express how much I love Kungfu Paradise because they offer a WIDE SPREAD of food! They used to have an outlet at Tampines that I frequently visit last time. For food I love their pastas and their signature lava egg. Best of all they operate till after midnight so if you are craving for food why not head down to KP for supper!Address: 201 Victoria Street #01-13Bugis+Tel: 68847375( 5 mins walk from Bugis MRT)Entrance Of Kungfu Paradise Please wait to be seated! Love the adorable sign! HahahaSteady la! Look at the crowd that dine during lunch hour. Student value meals are available too! What exactly is Kungfu Paradise? The café is a comfortable space for diners to unwind with friends and family at any time of the day and week with its long operating hours until late. The extensive a la carte menu presents a wide selection of affordable dishes such as Truffle Fries, Flying KungFu Wings, KungFu ‘Master’ Salad, KungFu French Toast, and the popular Steamed Lava Custard Buns with a delicious molten centre of salted egg custard. KungFu Paradise is a great place for drinks any time of the day with a wide variety of hot and cold beverages, ranging from coffee and tea to smoothies, sodas and juices. Start your day with their signature, super creamy coffee - Kungfu Stylo Coffee – or enjoy a mid-afternoon treat like the KungFu ‘’Disciple’’ Frappe infused with coffee, peanut sauce and pineapple.Introducing the ALL DAY BREAKFAST MENU! KungFu Paradise Presents All-Day Breakfast Bonanza Promotion Now you can indulge in your favourite breakfast dishes all day - everyday! KungFu Paradise is pleased to launch a new “All-Day Breakfast Bonanza” promotion from 4 February to 30 April 2013 at three of its outlets at Bedok Point, JCube and Bugis+. Available all day throughout the week, the new breakfast menu features a range of comforting classic favourites for the whole family to enjoy!Item #1 - WaffleliciousTuck into these fluffy waffles topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries, fruit cocktail and strawberry sauce – a sure hit with both the old and young!My review: Personally, these waffles are one of my favourites, if you are looking for a lighter breakfast then thesse waffles would be enough to satisfy your cravings. The freshly cut strawberries and berries just blends in perfectly with the freshly hot waffles.Item #2 - Spanish OmeletteSlice into this chunky delish Spanish omelette with diced capsicum, onions, chicken chipolata and topped with tomato sauce Sides - rocket salad with balsamic vinaigrette. My review: Love the omelette! Generally, it was soft and the texture was just fine. Nothing beats but a simple breakfast in the morning. The taste was long lasting and although I'm not a fan of vegetables, I really like this dish! Maybe kids who do not like vegetables too can give this a try! Item #3 - Royal Rumble Scrambled Eggs Tumble out of bed and enjoy this Royal Rumble Scrambled Eggs that comprise croissant with scrambled eggs, turkey bacon bits and chives Side - Cherry tomatoes with pesto sauce and sautéed button mushrooms.My review:I ordered the royal rumble because I LOVE croissant! They are just delicious and goes well with any thing like butter, jam or eggs! The yellow/milkish scrambled eggs appeals to anything and you can smell the fragrant of the scrambled eggs from far. With fresh tomatoes and mushroom added at the side it makes a perfect breakfast. - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY ME! Item #3 - Croque MadamePep up your appetite with this decadent grilled ham and cheese sandwich that is baked in a rich mozzarella and cream sauce, using sliced country loaf, chicken ham, fried eggs, iceberg lettuce and sliced tomatoes Sides - sautéed button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes with pesto sauce and rocket salad with balsamic vinaigretteMy review:Very unique name. I really like the sunny side egg, I think that the bread is a bit hard to cut but it can be improved. I love how cheesy when you bite onto it! Again, tomatoes and mushroom are added at the side. Overall, I think it makes a filling breakfast. Item #4 - Kay's Breakfast ComboDon’t miss this ultimate breakfast combo that comes with the whole works: fried eggs, cheese sausage, turkey bacon and toasted white bread Sides - sautéed button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes with pesto sauce and rocket salad with balsamic vinaigrette.My review:Nothing beats but a simple breakfast with harshbrown, sunny side eggs, sausages and bacon. The bacons were extremely delicious, perfectly fried and crunchy. Sausage was abit "chao ta" but it was still good. Something that you would like to try if you are looking for something light. Always saving the best for the last! Item #5 - Eggs Benedict with Lemon Butter Sauce Perfectly poached eggs sit atop baked English muffins that come with crisp turkey bacon, ham and a delectable lemon butter sauce. Sides - sautéed button mushrooms, cherry tomato & rocket salad with balsamic vinaigrette.My reviewefinitely must try this! Tell me who doesn't love eggs benedict (unless you hate egg yolk lol). Love how the egg yolk juice just burst out and flows to the toast. The bacon was the best! Must try!!! continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-08
Decided to snack and drink after our Broadway Beng show at the Drama Centre and since that Kungfu Paradise is still opened, we decided to check it out. Alright, whatever should have still available and here comes the menu...Truffle Fries...a bit oily and hardHoneydew tea~ Great refreshing drink!Calamari~ Super crispy with huge serving..worth the money ya!It's indeed a cool place to hangout with friends and the crowd here are mostly students. Prices are not too ex and has huge variety. Seems like the place faces shortage of manpower as there is only 1 service staff assisting all the diners in the cafe, thus giving a 'pek chek' look and does not really bother when you called for his service. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-26
Kungfu Paradise, a HK style cafe, seems an unlikely place to have western food but trust me, you wont be disappointed. Since KFP scrapped their service charge and absorbed the GST this year, customers pay the prices displayed on the menu. For the western food prices are only $1 - $2 more than what you pay at food courts but your food is served to you at the table and the quality is much better.The fish and chips, chicken cutlet (deep fried) and chicken chop (panfried), at $9.90 nett for each dish, are all very good I decided to enjoy the best of both world with the chicken and fish combo $11.90 (see photo). A juicy chicken steak served with black pepper sauce, a crispy white fish fritter served with tartar sauce, green salad with a zesty dressing and a cup of french fries made for a very satisfying dinner, leaving no room for dessert. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-21
Had a quick dinner over here before our movie date! My friend ordered the Tom Yum Seafood Beehoon while I ordered the Chicken Chop Baked Rice. We didn't realize the little amount of time we had to our movie and so we were rushing through our food! According to my friend, she did not expect the tom yum seafood noodles to be so spicy and had trouble trying to finish it quickly :/ I took a spoonful of the soup and it was really spicy! As for me, I love the melted cheese on my chicken chop baked rice! So cheesy and yummy, totally devoured the whole meal! continue reading
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