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We were attracted to La Marelle cafe for its pink exterior, and off we went, up the stairs to its cozy 2nd and 3rd floor interior space. There was shelves of vintage and quirky doll figurines, card games (Sushi Go, Cards Against Humanity, etc) to play with, which was wonderful to kill time with a group of friends.I wasn't too hungry so my friend and I shared a bolognese pasta which was served oddly on a brown paper in a basket - smart way to save manpower and water. The bolognese sauce feels rather diluted, sour and without much herbs or salt to taste. For a cafe, it was lacklustre. We didn't try the other mains so perhaps this is a bad choice to order. The salvaging point is that it was a huge portion, and the cafe staff were really nice and patient people. continue reading
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Up on level 2 in the heart of Arab Street, La Marelle is a French fantasy themed cafe and boutique. It’s pink with whimsical decor and the cafe collaborates with over 40 international artists for their quirky, unique and beautiful inventory featuring bags, iPhone cases, necklaces and stationery. The permise is not halal certified but their suppliers are halal certified suppliers and most of their staff are muslim.La Marelle serves breakfast sets, selected bakes from Windowsill Pies, little cakes, and drinks at fairly reasonable prices. I ordered a Ala Ferme ($14.90) croissant with in house smoked BBQ chicken. Orders took some time to arrive but it was worth the wait. The croissant was good, crispy on the outside and yet so fluffy on the inside! They have free wifi too – perfect hangout place!Read more: http://www.misstamchiak.com/20-halal-cafes-in-singapore/ continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-08
La Marelle Boutique Cafe is one of many cafes located at the Bugis area, and one has to ascend the flight of stairs with pink walls before they are surrounded by a pretty, colorful room of a cafe highlighted by neon lights.La Marelle Boutique Cafe is a halal French cafe strewn in bright, cheerful colors of pink, purple and green, making the cafe very inviting to chill out at. The colors and clouds are cute and girly and simply happy in theme. A little too cute for my taste, truth be knownst.I started with a drink named Tropical Sunrise (SGD$8.90) - iced green tea with assorted fruits. The cooling green tea beverage was filled generously filled with peaches and pear cubes etc, giving the drink an extra touch of deliciousness.For mains, I had the Aglio Olio e Peperoncino (SGD$17.20) - pan fried spaghetti with garlic, chilli and turkey bacon in virgin olive oil. The pan-fried spaghetti was springy in texture, and the overall flavor was deliciously spicy, the way I love it. Yes, it was the most spicy aglio olio we had ever tasted, richly infused with the garlic and chilli flavors. The turkey bacon was tender as well. Our only complaint was that the pasta was a tad greasy.Finally, we had dessert of Lemon Tart (SGD$5.00) with a lovely, crisp tart and very sour center (no worries, we adore citrusy flavors). However, the filling was not the usual fluffy custard, but rather, a rather sticky filling texture that was more like kueh (sticky Asian pastry).For full review and more photographs, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/01/dinner-at-la-marelle-boutique-cafe.html continue reading
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When I first stepped into La Marelle, I thought a Candy Crush bomb exploded in it. Located on the second floor of a shophouse at Bagdhad Street (near Arab St), the bright airy cafe was adorned with colourful walls decorated with cloud and raindrops motifs, flowery paper lanterns, whimsical decorations and merchandise for sale. I went to La Marelle twice actually. The first time I was on my own, and the second time with two friends. It was surprising to find La Marelle rather empty on a weekend afternoon on both visits, which makes it a great place to hide from the over-populated cafes and hot weather.Iced green tea latte ($6.50+)Not for the cult fans of Starbucks' green tea latte. La Marelle's green tea latte was less sweet but I could still taste the matcha powder. A cool refreshing drink on a hot afternoon.Americano ($6.50+), Latte ($5.50+), Earl-grey tea ($4.50+) (clockwise from top)The drinks were average and nothing to shout about.Bonjour Singapore ($14.90+)My friends ordered the Bonjour Singapore, which comprised of a butter croissant, grilled chipolata sausages, scrambled eggs and a side salad.Something funny happened when my friend was ordering at the cashier. She asked to have the egg sunny-side up.Cashier asked the cook if he can do sunny-side up.Cook replied ok ... but after a few seconds, he asked, "How to cook sunny-side up?"Anyway in the end, she just told the cook to do it scrambled style.We were joyous when the scrambled eggs were successfully produced. Although they made it, they were not fluffy enough. As for the croissant which is supposedly their speciality, we could only say we had better ones. It would be better if the croissant was warmed before serving. The salad dressing was too sweet.a Lait et Olio ($14.90+)I didn't know how to pronounce the name so I could only point it on the menu to the cashier. Basically, it's spaghetti tossed in aglio-olio style and served with turkey bacon and cherry tomatoes. I find it too oily. There was too much olive oil until I could see a patch of it beneath. The turkey bacon was not bad though but would be better if there was more of it Crumble cheesecake ($8.20+)Hmmm quite expensive for a cheesecake. But actually it is more than a cheesecake. The top layer is made of sweet crumble topping that is dusted with sugar icing. The cheesecake beneath was creamy and cheese-intensive. But the thing is the crumble doesn't stick to the cheesecake and so I ate them separately. I love the presentation which had little pink, red and white sugar hearts sprinkled on top of chocolate syrup.Service was great and La Marelle was run by friendly Muslims who appeared to be relatives. No service charge but there is GST. Free wifi was available (ask cashier for password).Although the mains were a little over-rated and just average, I think La Marelle is still a good place to escape from the crowded malls on a weekend. Just go for the desserts instead of the mains.For full review and pics, please visit http://weekendeatwhatsg.blogspot.sg/2014/08/la-marelle-cafe.html continue reading
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Decided to check LaMarelle before our musical. Both cousin and I were attracted to the decorations of the cafe. Look at the exterior and stairway to the shop itself! Isnt it beautifully decorated? It feels like you’re back to the 80s. Those printed paper lanterns and paintings on the wall.So beside being just a cafe, it actually sells La Marelle products ranging from stationary, bags, cards, accessories and more. They have a second upper deck too!They sell a range of desserts, mains and drinks.The food is not very fantastic in general. I’ve ordered a mochaccino ($5.50) which is cappuccino with chocolate. Its not to my liking, could not really taste the chocolate, quite bitter and the foam is a lil too much compared to outside cappuccinos. It filled almost half of the cup. Then we ordered German Croissant ($12.90++) and French Classic Croissant ($12.90++). Both croissants are stuffed with scrambled eggs and salads together with nachos and salsa on the side. The beef bratwurst sausages for German Croissant are dry and wrinkled. It has a sourish taste. Their scrambled eggs are more like minced scrambled eggs, not as wholesome, runny and fluffy like the usual scrambled eggs.Then we decided to try their rainbow cake. Its not too sweet, moist generally the taste is quite ok. There’s some good reviews on their other food items so probably not too sure if i’ve ordered the wrong items that werent as good as i thought it will be in my opinions. Nevertheless, they have friendly staffs! I guess its a place for some desserts, enjoy the art pieces or work time on a weekday.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
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