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Level4 2013-12-01
Was here for a Birthday celebration. This time, instead of going to restaurant, we went Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant for some tzi char food.First dish of the night - Longevity Buns, $16. Worst Longevity bun I ever had. It was dry & quite hard & tasteless. However, this is out-sourced by restaurant owner upon request, so cannot comply on the quality. The 2 Birthday girls. Mum & daughter's birthday is 1 day apartCold Dish, $60 This is also available only upon request. The dish consists of Fried Crab Claw & Scallop, which I find both are full of flour; Century Egg with ginger slice; Jellyfish in Thai chili sauce; Abalone slices & Scramble Egg with... Sharks Fin!Fried Mee Suah, $20 is full of ingredients. Pretty goodBlack Pepper Crayfish, $36. Personally, I find the black pepper too overwhelming I practically taste nothing else except black pepperCrispy Baby Squid, $15 is sweet but some of it are a little too chewyThe Signature Sambal White Promfet, $30. The sambal taste nice but somehow I find it taste a little too much like dried shrimp. Fish used is White Promfet & it's a little over fried. Also, I would prefer it if it's Black Promfet being used.Fish Maw Soup, $30. Although it's full of ingredients, it's kind-of tasteless & the soup is too wateryFried Beancurd, $16. Fiona was raving about this but I personally find it nothing to rave about. Crispy on the outside, but the texture inside is like "steam egg being frozen, defrosted & microwaved, then finally deep fried". The oil also has this "over-used" smell.Broccoli with Scallops, $20. Scallop & Broccoli are slightly over-cooked. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-24
Its our evil sista's birthday and she prefers to have cheap and good quality zi char food. So we made reservations at Lai Huat and pre-ordered Longevity peach buns and Cold dish.Cold combination dish $60This dish consist of sliced abalone, crispy crab claws, spicy jellyfish, century eggs and fuyong egg 芙蓉蛋. The fuyong egg has got chunks of sharks fin in it...very luxurious. I also liked the spicy jellyfish, the thai style sauce was very spicy and flavorful.Steamed Pomfret $30Large size pomfret cooked in Teochew style...the fish was extremely fresh and succulent, sauce was nice too.Sambal Belachan Pomfret $30Deep fried till golden brown and topped with spicy belachan chili...it lives up to its signature dish name. Despite being deep fried, we could still taste the freshness of the fish meat, and most importantly the sambal belachan was very good.Fried baby squid $15Very crispy and the sauce is sweet and spicy...best to eat with cold beer.Fish maw soup $30Thick soup with lotsa fish maw, mushroom and chunks of crab meat...not bad.Prawn paste chicken $16The chicken mid wings were very fragrant, skin is crispy enough...good.Fried Longevity noodle (mee sua) $10Loaded with lotsa seafood, pork slices and veggies...another yummy dish.Longevity peach buns 寿桃 $16This is not nice...bun is dry and filling is very small portion. The Boss said they got it from a supplier not made inhouse so they can't control the quality.Overall dining experience was good, food quality was great and prices are affordable. Great for family gatherings. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-27
For full review : http://dairycream.blogspot.sg/2013/01/lai-huat-seafood-must-try-sambal-fish.htmlLai Huat Seafood is a local zi char which started in Tyrwhitt Road in 1990 had moved from to Horne Road. It seems that there is another one at Rangoon Rd which claimed to have opened since 1963 . How they are related is not the main question but the food.It is no wonder that the walls are plastered with so many celebrity photos and newspaper report. the eatery is just next to the road and looking at the Sambal fish at every table, I know I am in for a good feast.Sambal Belanchan Pomfret ($28) Buried under a pile of Sambal belachan, the deep fried pomfret was super crispy or to put it clearer, Crunchy to the bones.Nothing beats the Sambal version here and is totally different from Sambal BBQ stingray. It was choked full of savoury dry fried hae bee (虾米) that is fried till fragrant, with the chilli oil soaked through the skin. When it was first served, I thought why so little Sambal? compared to the sole fish version ($20). But it was actually more than sufficient.It is so spicy and salty that it needs to go with rice , unlike Sambal stingray which can go without it.Stir fry Kailan ($6) This remained crunchy under the starchy gravy but could do with less salt. In fact, this applies to all the dishes we've had that day.black pepper crayfish ($18)This stings your tongue but is not too fiery. The meat became slightly tough because this was deep fried rather than stir fry. Skip this if you want to reduce the risk of "heat" stroke (assuming that one has ordered the Sambal belachan fish) but one certainly won't regret having this as well.golden beancurd ($8)For something lighter but not too much, the golden beancurd ($8) is not the average deep fried Chinese tofu or silky Japanese tofu. Mixed with some thing that resembles squid-like paste, the tofu is like a dense cotton that has a umami taste on it's own. It's good without the Thai sweet and sour dip but I prefer to coat some on it to cut through the greasiness.In short, although Lai Huat's menu items might be limited, at least each is of decent quality that explains why people from all race, flocked there every now and then to satisfy their sambal crave. The boss lady, Lao ban niang, who we thought was just in charge of taking drink orders, was actually a very friendly auntie and wished us gong xi fa cai before we left. Might be just a simple gesture but it was sure a sincere one that customers would remember. continue reading
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